Cozumel 2018

We recently went to Cozumel for the weekend.  Actually, we were there four days.  It was my first time flying, our first time outside of the US, except for long-ago ventures to Toronto, Canada.

My favorite part of the trip: The people.

My biggest disappointment: That we didn’t have 10 more days available to us!

That last picture is of my hubs refusing to leave.  We had a great time and would definitely go again.



Life without the Light


It’s dark here, so dark, and getting darker by degrees.

Darker than a well, ‘round with heavy metal walls.
Darker than our pasture when coyotes bawl.
Darker than sleet, quickly falling down.
Darker than the future for this love-forsaken town.

Darker than the traveling cookers, making meth.
Darker than the search for still-born breath.
Darker by far than ever I’ve seen.
Darkness that cuts like a guillotine.

John 3:19-20





An original piece by Lori H.  Copyright Feb 9, 2018


Friday Fiction-“A Tiff with Tiffanie”

“Okay, so what do you want me to do,” she sputtered from across the room, “tell him he can’t come over?”

“No, what I want you to do is have some self-respect!” Her mother’s retort was admittedly spoken at a volume she hadn’t intended to use.

“Fine!  If it’ll get you off my back, I’ll take ‘em,” Tiffanie said, referring to the capsules her mom had moments ago taken from her purse.  “They won’t stop me from loving everyone, will they?” she asked.

“No, I told you, they’re only going to help you be more selective in your choices for paring.”

“Selective, how?”

“Let’s try them and see…” her mom’s voice drifted off into a fantasy land of imagination where teenagers didn’t give sex away and parents weren’t forced to be gatekeepers for the rest of their lives.

Friday Fiction-Morning Coffee



She rolled over in the bed and moaned.  It was morning, again, but much too early to crawl out from under the covers.  The clock on her nightstand read 6:07.  That was a.m. and much too early!  A little self-talk might be needed to rouse her today.

“Come on, you can do it,” she whispered to herself, but her tone wasn’t all that assuring.  Could she do it?  Did she want to do it?  Everyone at the office was sick after their trip south.  They coughed. They choked. They sneezed.  They vomited. Some were said to have the flu.  Why go to work when this was what you’d get for it?

She rolled over and brushed against a bare thigh, nearly having forgotten that there was a man lying next to her.  Her man.  That guy who always made everything okay in her world.  Her hero and confidant. It’d been ages since she’d gotten up before him…made him coffee.  “Why not today?” she thought.

She started to leave the bed, but wasn’t out from under the sheets before he grabbed her wrist.

“Where ya goin’, baby?”

“I thought I’d make you coffee.”

What happened next convinced her that coffee was the last thing on his mind.  Yeah, it was going to be a good day!

Beginning Again

As much as it is in me, I’m beginning again…

New attitude.

No fear.


POE-formal plan of eating.


Self-care and self-love.

Spiritual connection, every day.


All part of the plan.

I’ve been lost.

Today I begin again.