Me & My Baggy Pants!

Attention Ladies:  If you want to feel good about yourself all day, wear baggy pants!


I’m smiling as I pen this post, because this morning I did something silly.  Thinking I had grabbed the right slacks for my day job, I actually put on slacks I had pulled from the dresser last week when sorting through clothes looking for an old shirt to do a dirty job.

These slacks are two sizes too big!

You might think, “Well, how in the world did she not notice they were two sizes too big when she pulled those slacks on this morning?”  Good question!

The reason I didn’t recognize that my slacks were too big this morning is because I’ve returned to my habit of eating only veggies for lunch each day.  Because of this return to what worked for me in the past I have lost a couple pounds, making my slacks fit more loosely than in recent days. When I put these slacks on this morning, I did notice they were loose, but I attributed the fact that I didn’t have to suck-in-my-breath-to-get-them-on to better eating habits and losing weight again.

Ha!  The jokes on me!

The worst part of this silly mistake is that these pants are really, really saggy and baggy and I have to wear them all day long. Ugh!  They feel ridiculous on me, and I’m sure they look ridiculous, too.

Oh, well, like the Mr says, “There’s no point in being dumb if you don’t show it once in a while.”  I’m not sure where he got that rather self effacing concept from, but the thought kinda fits his Mrs today.  I do look a lil dumb in these slacks.

Maybe its time to cull through the old clothes again, and at the very least box up some of these bigger sizes and store them away.  I hold onto them for comparison, but maybe its time to give up on that. Maybe.

What crazy thing did you do in your recent past that made you feel foolish?  Do you hold onto clothes that are too big for you? Why?

5 Steps to Weight Loss and 1 Magic Elevator

000changeispossible-growth and change

When I first began to lose weight and get healthy, people noticed. Some were happy for me.  Others were not.  Some supported me, while others thought my methods were insane.  Some tried to sabotage my efforts.  Others watched silently, probably thinking, “give her enough time and she will gain it all back.”

To be sure, I had lost and gained back weight a hundred times before. 

To their credit, these others had no idea that my thinking was different this time. I wanted more than to lose weight.

I wanted to walk up a few stairs without stopping.

I wanted to play in the yard with my kids.

I wanted to exercise without becoming instantly discouraged.

I wanted to escape problems with GERD and reflux disease.

I wanted to stop being tired all the time.

I wanted to reclaim my life.

Before, I kept waiting for the time to be “right” to lose weight.  Now, I was done with waiting.

Before, I imagined in my head that the motivation to lose weight would come to me like a magic elevator that comes to your floor in a make-believe hotel.  I would wait and wait, and wait, and one day the elevator would stop on my floor and I would get on.  When it did, losing weight would be a breeze–as easy as riding down a few floors on that magic elevator.  As the floors rushed by, the pounds would miraculously melt off.

That was before I lost 100 lbs!

What I know now is that weight loss doesn’t come to you by magic means.

You go to it!

You make it happen! 

You help you to grow and learn, and do.

Using that dream I had about the magic elevator to make my point, imagine that a weight loss elevator has become your mode of transportation from where you are now and where you want to be.  Even if you had a magic elevator, there are still a few things you would have to do to make that elevator work for you.

5 Necessary Steps to Weight Loss Success with a Magic Elevator  

  1. Decide you want to leave your floor.
  2. Know where the elevator can be found.
  3. Push the button to call the elevator to your floor.
  4. Get on the elevator.
  5. Stay on the elevator until you reach the lobby.

Before, I thought weight loss was 99% motivation, so I waited patiently for motivation to find me.  Now I see that getting healthy, becoming strong, and growing up to be someone who is determined means setting a course for myself that brings long-lasting results and does not depend on passive waiting.

Action turns motivation into results! 

What will you choose, plan, or do today to make sure you realize your goal of getting healthy and staying that way?  In what areas do you need to grow your confidence to make your dreams a reality?

Are you putting off decisions that have to do with your health, your weight, or that plan you have to “get back in the game”?

Dr. J had a few things to say about health procrastination and it’s consequences over at calorielab this week.

His post is worth your time to read…a message I need to let sink into my marrow.

Thank you, Dr. J!

What’s standing in the way of you getting better?  What teeny, tiny step will you take to move away from procrastination and toward recovery today?

Hitting a Brick Wall?

000brick wallBrowsing the internet yesterday, I found that the staff over at had shared some reasons why my weight loss might have slowed. They were writing this for me, right?

I’ve had some problems getting my weight to move lower down the scale in the past. Who hasn’t?  Anyway, I thought I’d check their insights out and then blog about them. This is my attempt to address which of their reasons for a slow-down in my weight loss I found valid, and why.

Your weight loss might be stalled if:

1. You have a wimpy breakfast. We’ve heard this one again and again, EAT YOUR WHEATIES! I eat breakfast every morning and most mornings it consists of measured amounts of grains, protein, carbs, and coffee. This is not the reason why I’m stalled in my weight loss attempts.

2. Cardio is your go-to exercise. True, but I’m not working all that hard at any exercise at this time. I ride a bike most nights for 30 plus minutes. I do no weight training. I gave up my gym membership when I hurt myself and haven’t been back since. I live in NEPA, which doesn’t help. It has been months since I was outside moving around. This could be one reason for my weight loss slow-down.

3. You only use light weights. I use no weights, other than my hefty self, which I drag around with me everywhere I go. I don’t go much of anywhere. I’m an office manager by day and a critical observer by night (read: I watch too much TV and read most nights). I’m older and less mobile than when I had toddlers running around that I had to chase, so that’s a factor, too. This could seriously be one reason why I’m not losing as quickly now.

4. You don’t eat before you work out. This one was interesting, because the story I read said that some folks avoid protein before working out and that is absolutely the wrong thing to do. The only thing much wronger, I guess, is to not eat anything before exercising (see how I made up that word I wanted to use? that was a goal for this year’s blogging: make up more words). I have noticed that when I eat protein before I exercise (approximately 30 mins before), my legs seem to endure the ride better. I’m able to stay on the bike longer, and my recovery in the knee region is quicker after the ride.

5. You only work out on your own. The article I read talked about the importance of a support group, both for exercising together, holding each other accountable, and for other weight loss needs. I concur. Doing this with a buddy or two keeps me engaged and motivated. This is not why my weight loss has slowed. I have a support group.

6. You stress yourself about the scale. Shut up, I do not! 😉 But seriously, I might have done this years ago—made that number on the cold steal thingy a god in my life—but no more. For some time now I have seen the scale as a friend who lovingly reminds me that cheese cake three weeks in a row might not be good for me. I don’t eat cheese cake three weeks in a row, and I am not shy about stepping on the scale, so this is not my problem. I monitor without fear daily, and like it that way.

7. You down diet soda. Nope, not me. I “might” drink a diet soda once a year, but I have no affinity for it. The last time I had one was at the office Christmas party, where I drank half the can then tossed the rest. Before that, I can’t remember, it’s been so long. This is not a contributor to any weight loss difficulties I have.

8. You skip dessert, but not the bread bowl. Not my problem. I do admit to eating out too often, but I rarely order dessert. And occasionally I eat from the bread bowl, although I was proud of myself for passing it up a few days ago when hubs took me out to eat. I do love my bagels, but more often than not I am pulling the stuffing out of my hoagie roll or grilled Panini, and eating only the goodies inside. Too much bread is not my problem.

These things are specific to me and might be my problem:

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Ice cream is my kryptonite. If I have a problem with food, it’s that.

I can see that I have a problem with getting enough exercise and activity in general. Like I said, I sit in an office chair all day and type, and take calls, and act as an executive secretary to my CEO, and direct the flow of my administrative staff members, so my life is pretty sedentary.

I’m not going to gym right now.

I keep putting off joining the local Tai Chi classes, though I have been asked to join numerous times.

I don’t walk outside in the ice and snow because of a fear of falling (did that last year, and took a full-grown adult male down with me, no fun!).

I also wonder if some of the meds I am on are stalling my efforts. I’m going to talk to my PCP about that next time I see him. See if we can switch some things up, maybe do an herbal, instead of a pharmaceutical for my slow thyroid. It occurs to me that might be slowing my progress.

I’ve notice that I don’t lose as quickly as I did even two years ago. Maybe age is creeping up and I need to be more ruthless with my intake.

Lately, I have seen a few pounds depart, as I have taken up my time with some DIY projects.  That has been great!

Which of the above insights most often affects your efforts to lose weight? Which one of these are you willing to work on improving, going forward?

here’s a link to the article I read.

New Life for an Old Lamp

DSC_0470Today’s picture features some old and new items from around the house, but is really all about the lamp.

This floor lamp is a used-but-new-to-me recent addition to our living room. 

Side bar:  Have you priced lighting options lately?  Wow, I was shocked to find that a small lamp at a discount store runs about $45, and a floor lamp: $125 to $200! And that’s not even for quality stuff.  What?  I wasn’t paying that much, since the lamp I wanted was going to be a second lamp for the living room, and not our primary lighting source.

Enter Volunteers of America.

Someone mention to me recently that the VOA in our area had some nice stuff and I should check it out.  Since I’m embracing my country roots of late and looking for more country/cottage/bungalow type furnishings for my redo of the house, I thought a visit to the VOA was a good idea.  Turns out it was!

I bought that lamp in the photo for $5.  That’s right: FIVE BUCKS! Shade and all.  What a find.  It was in great shape, but it had one defect that I was hoping my hubs could heal.  It did not have a three-way switch.

I luvs my mood lighting, what more can I say.

I thought hubs could fix this lamp for me, and I was right.  He’s not very mechanical, usually, but he’s done work with electrical dohickys in the past, so off to Lowe’s we went to get the three-way switch and the new three-way light bulb we would need to get this lamp humming.

In this picture you’re seeing the lamp before the new switch was installed.  I don’t have a picture of the lamp after installation, but have found that squinting as I look at this picture makes it possible to imagine the reduction in glare-value the three-way switch provided.  Is that what you call it when a lamp no longer gives off as much glare as it one did–“glare-value”? I dunno, but that’s what I’m going to call it.

Mind you, before the switch was replaced, that baby was beacon light in the harbor bright.  Whoa, so bright! Burn your retinas out bright. No kidding!

After the installation of that three-way switch, I was one happy camper, but there is one more thing I want to do with this lamp before I’m finished with it and that’s going to be my next DIY project.  I’m going to tear pages out of one of my books at home. I’ve pretty much decided which book it will be.  I’m going to take some of my favorite passages and paste them to the shade that came with this lamp.  I’m hoping it turns out the way I want it to, since the shade that is on it now is a nice one, but not something that I would say I am in love with, if you know what I mean.

It just needs a lil somethin’, somethin’ to make it perfect.

Other items in the picture are an old beat up chair I am planning to recover (DIY No. 3), my Valentine’s Day potted plant that I bought at Wegman’s for $3.99, and an old wooden hound that hubs bought when we were just pups ourselves.  He’s ugly, but loveable.  No, I’m not talking about hubs. He’s a lion in winter, but sexy as all get out.  Raaar!

Oh, and the throw my sister gave me for a Christmas gift.

Sooo warm on these bone-chilling nights in NEPA.

I’ve been loving the time I’ve spent thinking about decorating and DIY projects the last few weeks, and I’ve been less obsessed with food because of all the planning I’m doing.  I’ve lost 3 lbs in the last month, but probably 1 of those lbs was water weight.  Oh, well, I’ll take it!

Spring is only a few weeks away, and then we can all get outside and take a walk or hike a bit.  That will make a difference in my weight, I know, but for now I’m going to keep looking at my old worn out stuff as if it has potential, and keep dreaming about my next DIY project.

In other news:  I also bought two old Pyrex cooking dishes at the VOA. They are painted apple red on the outside.  Red is my favorite color.  I’ll have to share a picture here soon.  $3 for both of them. What a steal!!!

What have you found in unexpected places lately, and how did it make you feel to hold that treasure in your hands?  When did you come across a deal that you couldn’t resist?



Struggling with ANOTHER Weight Loss Plateau


I know I am not the first person to say that I’m baffled by a plateau.

Wait, let me rephrase.

I’m not baffled by my current weight loss plateau, but I am confused about why my weight isn’t going down right now.

That sounds dumb, even to me, even as I’m typing it.

Of course, my weight is not going down because I’m either…

1. Eating too much


2.  Not burning enough calories

I accept that, but what I cannot seem to grasp is why what I’m doing isn’t working now, when it did two years previously.

Is it simply because I’m two years older?

Is it the stage of life I’m in, making two years more of an impact than I anticipated for my weight loss program?

Is it that I’ve let little things back into my diet that were once not there?

Lil things like adding creamer to my coffee, eating less veggies at lunch, eating more bread at dinner???

I WANT a QUICK and EASY solution to this problem, and there are NONE!

Ugh. Frustration. Fear. Worry. Redoubled efforts. Regrouping. Redressing.

Trying to find the key to this maze of confusion.

I hate this!!!

I HATE this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you hate about weight plateaus and the constant self-examination that it takes to stay on track?  What tracking programs do you use?

Get the Picture?

Lori now and then

Me, now, and when I will have hit my goal weight.


It’s fun to have a visual of what it will look like when we get where we are going.  I’ve still got a ways to go, but day by day, decision by decision, with the help of others, I’m getting there.

Here is a copy of what I looked like at the very beginning of my adventure:

Lori 315

As you can see, I’ve come a long way already–over 100 lbs lost. Yay!

I’m encouraged by this simulated image of the thinner, healthier me.  It’s fun to peek into the future, especially on those days when I feel like I’m the biggest thing on the planet.  Today is one of THOSE days, so looking at this comparison was a blessing.

I found this tool at

I think everyone ought to use this fun model making option for encouraging their weight loss at least once.