Keeping Home Fires Burning

Slowly, I walked across the room.

Slowly, I looked him in the eye.

Slowly, he gave me that once over.  You know it-that look up and down, before settling on my chest.

Slowly, I grabbed his chin and forced his head upward, his eyes meeting my eyes and understanding for the first time that “that” is not what I came here to do.

Slowly, I smacked him on the cheek; a love pat. No wild creatures were hurt during the enactment of this scene.

Slowly, I put my hand out, palm up.  He moved his around back and fumbled for his wallet, retrieving it from his pants pocket.

“Tonight, Babe, you can fire up the grill while I fire up you,” I whispered, then pulled away.

He grabbed for me, but I was too quick.  As I headed out the door I blew him an air kiss and said, “See ya later, hot stuff!”  After forty years together, that one still gets him every time!