3 Goals-Oct 13


1  Stay on track with daily exercise and oatmeal.

2  Mindfully eat and write.

3  Create a list of things that fuel joy in my life and share that list.


Goal No. 1:  Okay.  I rank this goal as just okay because while I ate oatmeal half the week, the other half I ate other things for breakfast.  I did do all my exercises all week, however.  I also switched back to a veggie heavy food plan, eating only vegetables at lunch time and concentrating on lots of veggies and little meats and breads at supper time.  I’m feeling better because of the change and I  have less pain.  Woohoo!  A good choice for me and something I will continue this week.

Goal No. 2:  Okay. I’m ranking this goal just okay because while I was mindful about my food intake this week, and switched up things with my POE (plan of eating), I did not write much about the changes.  I’ve decided to restrict some foods right now, and minimize the amount I digest of others.  It seems to be working for me.

Goals No. 3: Rocked it!  I worked on my joy list all week and posted as I went.  Some items on the list were more personal than others, but they all have been known to incite a sense of joy in me.  I was surprised by the amount of items I added to the list throughout the week.  If you want to see what makes me joyful, check it out here.

I’d love to hear about what makes you joyful, too. Include your thoughts in the comment section below.


This week I have decided to concentrate on a three-fold approach to my goal list, all involving a conscious decision on my part to turn away from self and trust my Spiritual Mentor for help more often in my life.  I’m one of those creatures that has learned to operate under the assumption that if I work harder or longer, or more fervently, more things will be accomplished.  Problem being, I’m getting older each year and less inclined to push, push, push all the time.  My body is rebelling, and insists I listen.  While my natural inclination is to push through the pain, this last year has convinced me that is unwise.  I do better when I remember to pray, meditate, and graciously accept God’s help for setting boundaries around my time and energy expenditures.  This week my goals will reflect my new vision of not having to do “it” all on my own, and the challenge to rely on God and others more to help me find balance in life.

This three-fold goal list focuses on self-power, self-protection, and self-provision.


1  Create a list of PROS and CONS associated with self-protecting behaviors I’ve employed in the past. When did they work, and why did they not?

2  Meditate on the benefits/detriments of powering through life on my own, and as time and inclination allow, address how self-powering attitudes might be a set-up for isolation on my part and confusion for others.

3  Look at ways I’ve pushed back on the tendency to provide for myself apart from the help of my Spiritual Mentor, God.  When have I decided to “get it on my own,” instead of waiting for it to be provided?


It’s hard for the hard-working to not work hard!

It’s good for me to think about new and maybe better ways of interacting.

I have more triggers for joy than I thought I did.

I want a heart that’s a work of art.

Pete the Cat is sooo cool!

Politics are a sticky wicket.

I’m ready for this election to be over, already!!!

What goals will you work to achieve this week?  If breaking big projects down into smaller steps is the way to achieving our goals, how come we don’t walk that way more often?






Goals and Observations

Clear strategy and leadership solutions

I Googled the words “goal setting” and this is what Dame Algorithm sent me: 

Goal Setting is an important method of deciding what you want to achieve in your life. Separating what’s important from what’s irrelevant, or a distraction. Motivating yourself. Building your self-confidence, based on successful achievement of goals.

Note: there is no mention of size, nor duration, in this definition of what goal setting.

What that says to me is that it doesn’t matter how big or small, long or short, or dynamic (or not), your goals might be so long as they give you a better idea of what it is you’re looking for in a successful outcome and help you stay motivated enough to see that outcome become a reality.  I like that!


1 Pursue a path of recovery with the new chiropractor, doing all he asks me to do in order to help myself in the most effective and efficient way.

2  Continue to learn new methods for paring down, in order to minimize my propensity for indecision.

3  Eat as cleanly as I can, incorporating as many veggies as I can and as much water as I can into my Action Plan for the week.


GOAL NO. 1  Excellent!  I have done everything the Chiropractor asked me to do this week.  I can happily report that this goal was met.

GOAL NO. 2  Good!  I only rank the achievement of this goal as good because I wasn’t able to tackle many de-cluttering projects this week. A few were done, but not many.  Still, of those attempted I had great success and I feel like it is getting easier to make decisions about what I want to do, and what I don’t.

GOAL NO. 3  Okay.  I have not actually put pen to paper to record an Action Plan for this week, which is part of the reason why I mark this goal just OKAY.  I have made a concerted effort to include more color in my diet, and I have drank more water, so that’s good.  My body loves it when I pay attention to these things.


I think I shared last week that I’m keeping a Gratitude Journal right now. The journal is working to keep me focused on what’s right about my recovery, and not what’s wrong about it.  Some days I find it hard to think of more than a few substantial reasons to be thankful, but as I keep at it they come.  I will continue this practice a little longer because I feel like we all have reason to rejoice over the various good things going on in our lives. Me, too!

My anxiety about having treatment in a communal room at the chiropractic office, is waning.  At this point I’m all about getting better, however that has to happen.  This is a big step forward for me.

I have realized over the last couple of weeks that it is really HARD to shut down my brain.  It wants to think, think, think, and process all the time.  I have had to concentrate quite a bit to find any kind of significant escape from the white noise of the world. How do you all get there from here?

I have been putting off tackling the mountain of paperwork I have at home that needs to be dealt with to gain freedom from paper clutter.  If there is one area of this process that has me spooked, it’s this piece of it.  I need to pray and meditate more to find the courage I need to tackle this project.

A little side benefit of the new simpler living strategy I’m employing at this time is that it’s allowing me to eek out some additional time to do the things I love most.  Time reclamation was part of the allure for this whole experiment for me.  Less cleaning, cooking, sorting, stacking, buying and storing means I have more time to enjoy the people that live with me and make me feel whole.  I’m loving having the extra time to actually sit with people and converse.  Oh, the things I’m hearing!  It’s GRAND!!!


I’m going to stick with the same goals again this week.  They seem to be working for me!

1 Pursue a path of recovery with the new chiropractor, doing all he asks me to do in order to help myself in the most effective and efficient way.

2  Continue to learn new methods for paring down, in order to minimize my propensity for indecision.

3  Eat as cleanly as I can, incorporating as many veggies as I can and as much water as I can into my Action Plan for the week.

How do you spell motivation?  What lights your fire and keeps you moving forward with your goals?

End of September Goals

TGT mast head

Have you ever tried to tackle two really big projects at once?  Yeah, disaster.  Neither of them gets done well, and you walk away feeling like a cheat to either one or the other, maybe both.  That’s how I felt this week as I tried to balance three projects at one time.

  • Three Chiro appointments, each one involving some degree of pain; more after the fact.
  • Three Goals, one of which included following Chiro instructions to the letter.
  • De-cluttering my living space/life, and learning more about minimalism (also a TGT goal).

When I look over this list, just typed, I’m thinking, “Give yourself a break, Lori. You’ve hit 2 of your 3 goals with your weekly projects.  You’re doing okay.”


1 Pursue a path of recovery with the new chiropractor, doing all he asks me to do in order to help myself in the most effective and efficient way.

2  Continue to learn new methods for paring down, in order to minimize my propensity for indecision.

3  Eat as cleanly as I can, incorporating as many veggies as I can and as much water as I can into my Action Plan for the week.


I’m happy to report that I was able to achieve stellar results with both Goal No. 1 and Goal No. 2!!!  I have done everything the new doc has asked me to do regarding my back.  I have iced it through the day at the office, and I have continued to ice it at night, at home, while relaxing. This is what he asked me to do, while he does other things.  Yay, SUCCESS!!!

I have also continued to learn new methods for paring down and tackling deadly indecision.  I’ve made several decisions this past week, all of them involving de-cluttering practices and reading about minimalism, in order to have a better understanding of what I’m doing with this experiment.

I have enjoyed reading the blog a commenter suggested last week.   I started reading with Julie’s December 2014 postings, since here 2015 posts are those that deal with a simpler life, the project that has most piqued my interest this summer.


Goal No. 3 has also been on my mind this week and I have taken action to achieve it.  Last night, I made a pan of baked oatmeal, my first in a while, and all week long I have been concentrating on getting more veggies into my body.  My body, as always, has responded nicely to the veggie buffet and the whole grain additions to my diet.  Why do I ever leave this kind of eating?  Who knows?  I have also made it my goal to drink more water.  GOAL NO. 3-A WIN!!!


On my way to achieving my goals, I finished up a few projects which just happened to include sorting through the many cook books in my cupboard and donating a few of them before throwing away a bunch of loose recipe sheets I had printed off the internet.  I never used any of them and they fell out of the cupboard every time I reached for one of my regular cook books, so out they went.  I’m going to write about that more on Tuesday of next week, but for now I thought I would share a few shots of my clean space and those cook books I love so much.

Here is what the cupboard now looks like, decidedly less cluttered after the culling.


And here is a shot of those cookbooks I love and use all the time.


That Better Homes and Gardens, yeah, I have had that a long time…

Look at that cover. Well worn! Tattered and Stained! Yuck!


I need to clean this baby.  It has been splattered on for decades without a good shower.  Look at these graphics and design/fashion suggestions from the book. Ha!  Certainly not today’s everything white minimalistic look.


Look at that copyright date.


Just keepin’ it real, folks.  I have used this cook book again and again, and really, all the time. I have a new BHAG cook book, but it’s not the same.  Many of the old recipes aren’t there.


Last grimy picture, of my gram’s Chocolate Mayo Cake handwritten on an index card years ago—always a crowd pleaser and it contains no milk, so works perfectly for my nephew, who is allergic. Also, a typed and printed sheet for School Boy Jumbles, a sugar cookie recipe—the BEST soft sugar cookie recipe in the world!!  No competition here!  Hands down, the B.E.S.T.  I don’t eat many of these nowadays, but once in a while, when the occasion warrants and there will be plenty of folks around to gobble these up, I do make them. They are out of this world delicious!  Really good comfort food!


I’m going to keep my goals the same for yet another week.  Why mess with success, right?  Plus, these teeny, tiny goals are accomplishing great things at my house.  I’ll go with them another week and see where it leads.

What goals have you set for yourself this week?  Did you make sure to make them teeny, tiny and write them down?



Goal Settin’ Time!


As you might remember, I didn’t set goals last week because I was in too much pain.  Heck, I could barely think straight, let alone project into the future to determine what I wanted to DO next week to move my life forward.  When that much pain takes over, you can forgetaboutit as far as the goal setting goes.  It takes all my energy in those moments to show up for work, be half-way productive, and not crumble into a pile of despair on the floor and cry myself to sleep.  I kid you not!

Today, I feel better!  I don’t hurt as much.  I’m more optimistic.  Encouraged, even.

Today, I’m going to set some goals, but they won’t look like those I’ve set in the past.


I’m currently on a mission to de-clutter, clear away, donate and rid myself of those things that I see as bringing an imbalance to my life.  I have so much stuff!  I want it gone.  At least I want gone that part of my stuff that is not serving me or my healthy living objectives.

Living minimally, as I understand it, begins with the material stuff. As I’ve moved further into this movement, though, I’ve found a desire to rid myself of other stuff too.  Stuff like junk mail, projects that are not the least bit interesting to me, obligations that tie me down when I want to fly, and relationships that continually lack joy.  In actuality, I ‘ve been culling out those relationships for a while now, I just didn’t see that as minimalistic in nature.  Now I see the value of having less in my life, and I’m already seeing it help with my struggle with indecision.  The more I have, the less able I am to deal with it.

I don’t think that’s a problem for everyone, but it is for me.  I want less stuff. I want less choices.

I’ve even been thinking about how the concept of minimalism can be applied to my diet and the food I bring into the house.  Thinking…thinking…thinking.


All this thinking about minimalistic living has filtered down to my goal list.  What I’ll share with you this week is just the tip of the iceberg of the many goal lists I make in my head, on the job, and in my scheduling for outside interests each week.  I have many, many lists. I want less of them.  One way I have decided to minimize the stress and strain on my goal-listing self is to make a pledge this week to have less lists.


This week I’m going to try something different.  One list with three goals that should be easy to achieve, and leave me wiggle room.

1  Pursue a path of recovery with the new practitioner, doing all he asks me to do in order to help myself in the most effective and efficient way.

2  Continue to learn new methods for paring down, in order to minimize my propensity for indecision.

3  Eat as cleanly as I can, incorporating as many veggies as I can and as much water as I can into my Action Plan for the week.

These goals are wider in scope and allow me wiggle room I need to tackle the “stuff” that I think can bring balance back to my life, without making me list-crazy.  I’ll letcha know how it goes.

What goals do you have for yourself these days?  Are they wide and deep, or narrow and focused? 



Thursday Takedown!

TGT mast head

It’s Thursday and I’m feeling fine!!!  No, scratch that. I’m feeling better than fine; I’m feeling good, really good!

What makes this Thursday different from previous Thursdays is that this week I’m taking down the food demons using Intermittent Fasting, and IF-ing my way through dealing with my feelings regarding hunger.  Dr. J over at Calorie Lab has often suggested I try IF to deal with my stagnant weight experience, but you know how we gals are—we have to “feel it” before we “try it,” and until now I wasn’t feeling it.  Sorry, Dr. J—just being honest.


What prompted me to consider IF this week was the outcome I experienced after a weekend jaunt to the north country, where my son and daughter-in-law eat very differently from the way I eat on a daily basis.  I watch, watch, watch my sugar intake at home, and I try very diligently to veer away from processed foods, which cause me physical pain (although I did eat at a Chinese restaurant last night and am regretting that today).  Sometimes, due to social convention and family obligations, you just find yourself there. When that happens, this girl does what she needs to do, and tries not to obsess on her food plan too much, but I always know I will pay the price the next day with increased pain in my joints…

…back to my explanation concerning IF and changing up my eating patterns.

I have used fasting before as a spiritual discipline and have found nothing gets my head cleared sooner and more effectively than prayer and meditation, so I am no stranger to the technique. However, I have never used the discipline to lose weight, and I don’t feel like I am doing that now.  Rather, I am using IF as a way to put food in its proper place in my life and to reduce both my intake of calories and the fluctuations of BGLs in my body.  I see this as being my body’s best friend and doing what is right for it.  The results of my IF-ing, is that I am feeling more invigorated, more energetic, and more clear-headed, which of course, I knew would be the results of this exercise.  I just needed to be in the right place to put this practice in place before I began, and that weekend in the north country made it happen.  Pain is a great motivatior!!


Because it’s Thursday, I am here to post some new goals for the week, and to talk about how I did with last week’s goal list.

I did GREAT!!! Yahoo!!!

All three teeny, tiny goals were met, and I think I already shared that the financial goal for the sale—The BIG SALE—was met too:  $3,450.00.  Woohoo!!!!  All that money goes to help struggling individuals in our community. ALL of it!  I love that Sale!

Other goals for me for last week were to get back on the baked oatmeal train, and to follow-up with that SD I had contacted, seeking some objective feedback and guidance to help me reach beyond my mental borders at this time.  I did both!

Two big wins!  Yay, Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As I embark upon another day of goal setting, I do so with a wider net to cast.  The goals need to be teeny-tiny in order to be easily achievable, but they don’t have to be a list of mundane activities. They can be more expansive. Heck, they can be whatever I want them to be, but the one thing they must always be is teeny, tiny.  That means if you’ve come here looking for earth-shattering goal setting behaviors, you’ve come to the wrong place.  Little, easy, achievable, relevant—that’s what I’m shooting for, and I’m hoping to encourage others to see what I’m doing and devise their own plans for doing something different themselves.  We are all role models to someone, right?  I want to be a goal-setting role model to someone, maybe you…


  1. Read three chapters from a current healthy-living type publication and blog about what I learn there.
  2. Continue on with my IF-ing experiment, IF-ing at least 3 x per week.
  3. Report my current weight as a coded message in at least one blog post this week.

Yikes!! That last one will be tough.  Can I do it?  I can!  Check back and keep me accountable this week for my goals.  Moving back into a more health-centric goaling frame of mind these days.

Wow, I really do feel good today!!!

What do you think of goal-setting habits?  Do you have an opinion on IF-ing to take charge of your health and life?



Update on my 5 Monday Minutes

I wanted to pop in this morning to say that my 5 Minute Monday project of spending FIVE minutes at the water cooler, networking with my co-workers went swimmingly.

I enjoyed it soooo much!

Isn’t it funny how FIVE minutes, just five minutes can make a difference in our whole day?

I’m loving this reminder on Mondays that I CAN do anything for FIVE minutes, and I can enjoy it too!

Woohoo!  Another project finished–another Monday done!

What did you do for your 5 Minute Monday challenge this week?  What will you do next week?  Share in the comments below.

Staying Loyal

000changeispossible-loyalty to goalsToday I did nine minutes of exercise before I did anything else.

I ate oatmeal with walnuts and apple pieces in it for breakfast.

I drove to work and sat at my desk, and did what I’m being paid to do.

I thought about why its hard for me to count calories, or cut back on what I’m eating, and how I can do better in the future.

I prayed for people I knew were struggling.

I did all these things because goals matter to me.

Developing sustainable habits for living healthy far into the future matters to me.

Commitment matters to  me.

I am a goal-chaser!

What has been eating at you, asking you to begin…begging you to put it on a teeny, tiny goal list?  If not now, when?