I’m Impatient!


Today I’m having a tough time with silence.

I’ve done what I need to do on a project of importance to a group dynamic and I’ve shared what I did with other from the group, asking for feedback.





I hate to wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The last few weeks I’ve been writing more personal things.

Things about life problems.

Things about how I handle life problems.

Things about how I handle other who don’t handle life problems.


What I’ve discovered about myself relating to life problems is this:

I’m sometimes impatient.

My impatience often leads to anxiety.

Waiting SUCKS! And that’s my word on the matter on a Friday afternoon, after three days of waiting and three reminders that I’m waiting, and now some whining.

Anybody else hate waiting? What do you do when you’re part of a group project and others in the group are NOT “all in”?

Finally, Kitty Wisdom Prevails!

black cat.jpg

We have a kitty. Her name is Jingle Bells. She thinks she runs our house, and that illusion is only upset when she goes exploring at 4 a.m. and starts knocking things off the counters or clawing at the rug in front of bedroom doors. Then it’s out!

Out into the winter cold.

Out into the winter dark.

Out into the winter pine tree that acts as her sometimes condo in the yard.

When she is quiet until 6 a.m., she gets to stay in.

In, where the furnace is running.

In, where the couch is comfy.

In, where her food and water are provided for her.

In, where we love to have her, when she is quiet in the wee hours of the morning.

It seems that finally, this week, our kitty has learned that the cold winter outdoors is connected to jungle behavior in the house. She has finally stopped jumping all over and knocking things off, in favor of maintaining her warm and comfy lifestyle indoors.


I don’t know about you, but I think dogs are much easier to train than cats. Cats think they own us!

Do you have a cat?  Does she stay in at night?

Slow Down!!

rear end collision

See photo above…

This is what happens far too often outside my office window!  This morning I thought I was going to be one of those unfortunates experiencing a wrenched neck and a stiff back after being hit by a series of cars traveling too fast down the stretch of county highway near my work place.

Making left hand turns can be tricky no matter where you are, but on this stretch of US Rt 6E, its ten times more dangerous.  That’s why I ALWAYS signal early, hit the brakes in rapid succession a lot before moving off the highway, and slow down longggg  before getting to my turn.  This usually works for me, but today I had three cars behind me, all moving too fast and all only inches from one another’s bumpers.

As I prepared to make my turn this morning, I sent up a little prayer to God, and thankfully, I walked away unscathed this time.


Looking back on what happened to me today, and what has happened to many others who were not so lucky as me on this same stretch of highway on previous days, I have a little advise I’d like to share.  Please remember these few points as you get behind the wheel of your car, truck, or RV today:

Life is short.

Broken backs are forever.

Damages are costly.

Lives can be saved by slowing down and driving with others in mind!

I’m grateful to be sitting in my office in one piece and without injury today.  My outcome today means I’m not lying on a table in the ER somewhere, or worse yet, the morgue.  You, however, might not be so lucky. Slow down, please!

Thank You, Lord!