One Thing, and some Goals

TGT mast headIf there’s one thing I have struggle with this week, above other things I have struggled with this week, it’s time management.  Things have been hectic here in NEPA.  With several after work appointments this week and cleaning being done for the shindig we are planning on the hill on Saturday, there hasn’t bee much time to catch up on my goal list, or with my friends.  That being the case, I will report my progress (or lack there of), I’m planning to leave the same goals in place for another week.


1  Continue on with intermittent fasting (IF-g) my way through the week, fasting at least twice this week and eating only veggies for lunch, twice this week.

2  Try again to get those passports in the mail.

3  Ride the bike or walk three times this week.


Goal No. 1:  FAIR.  I fasted twice this week, but didn’t feel really satisfied with that.  I’m not sure why. It was a long week and a busy one, and maybe that played into my less than satisfactory feelings about my food habits this week.  I will try again next week and hope it is better.

Goal No. 2:  FAIL! Sheesh, how many weeks in a row have I had those passports as a goal and still haven’t gotten them in the mail?!  I will do better.  I will get this done!

Goal No. 3:  OKAY.  Most of my exercise this week was of the cleaning variety, which I gotta say was pretty intense.  I did ride my bike twice, but I wasn’t all that excited to do it, and I did not walk at all this week.


I’m not feeling all that confident these days, and I noticed several times this week that my enthusiasm for cooking healthy meals at home after a hot day at work had waned.

I’m not sleeping well again, which really derails my program and drains me of energy at night.  I’m able to keep up the pace during the daylight hours, but when I get home after work I wilt.  I have had several mornings this week when the birds outside my window were merrily chirping at 4:20am.  Really, birds?!  Once they get going I’m awake, and it is hard, so hard, for me to fall back asleep.  I need total silence, total darkness, and total comfort to sleep. Otherwise, all I do is roll around in bed.  Ugh!


Something that occurred to me this morning is that I can re-jigger my life any time I want.  I can also call upon the practices of the past to help me in the present. Whatever worked before will probably work again.  When I face difficulties or pitfalls, I can stop, re-group, refresh, and begin again.  I can do this anytime I want to do it.  Woohoo, I needed that reminder.


1  Fast for at least two meals this week, preferably breakfast, since it is the easiest meal for me to skip and provides the longest rest for my digestive system.

2  Contact the courthouse for copies of birth certs for passports application process.

3  Ride the bike or walk two times this week.

When you need to make a change, do you wait until Monday to do it or get started right away?  What brought about the biggest transformation of your life?

I need a Joy Loan!

000great-joy-quotes-7Recently, I was introduced to Marie Kondo’s method for bringing joy into life by sending “stuff” out the door.  Kondo suggests that when you clean and de-clutter, you ask yourself this simple question with every item you touch: Does this bring me joy?  If whatever you are holding in your hand when you ask the question does not bring you joy, you throw it to the side and begin creating a pile of “stuff” that can be donated to Good Will or The Salvation Army, or some other worthy organization after your purge.

I tried Marie Kondo’s method recently, and I have to say this gal is onto something!  Following Kondo’s suggestion, I filled two plastic bags with gently used items, including one never-been-worn-red-killer sweater. Once I was done sorting my clothes, I quickly sent them to the Salvation Army for recycling.

It felt good to get all that stuff out of my dresser and closet, and into someone else’s hands.

It brought me JOY!

This coming weekend I’m hosting an event that is making me anxious.  I’m always anxious to one degree or another whenever I’m in any way asked to play the hostess, but this is an all-family event that depends on the weather for success, along with the mingling of several families, the planning of some entertainment for the kiddos, and coordinating food dishes and grilling options for the chow.

This shindig has many moving parts, so my anxiety levels are rising with each passing day.

Usually my habit for dealing with stress brought on by this kinda project would be to micro-manage the heck out of it, pulling other “willing participants” into the crazy, self-imposed vortex of darkness and gloom that would eventually brighten and become our family picnic.  Sounds like fun right? Something you’d want to get involved in, right?


In fact, hubs has been threatening for weeks now to leave early on picnic day and go fishing until after everyone has gone home. No chance of that. I intend to hide his truck keys the night before so he can’t slip away unnoticed.  I might also have to hide all of his shoes. Then again, Huck Finn went fishing without shoes, so maybe I need to re-think that part of the plan.

Anyway, this morning the question of whether or not this event and the way I was going about it brought me joy popped into my head.  The quick and definite answer was, no. Emphatically, No!  Something needs to change for me to get from hesitant (my current state of being surrounding this event), to joy.

As of this posting I have not figured out what that “something” might be, but I think I’m on the right path.  Maybe you have an idea??  If so, please say so in the comments below.

Right now, I’m looking for a JOY-loan. Can you help me out?

What makes your family events and all the details that go into organizing them joyful?  Are you ever hesitant when it comes to hosting events at your house?

Four Years. FOUR YEARS!!!

Today, WordPress notified me that I have been blogging here for FOUR years?


pink blurbWhere does the time go?

In celebration of this anniversary, I invite you to read my very first post on Change is Possible Blog (not all that catchy of a title, is it?)

Don’t worry, that first blog post wasn’t all that inspiring either.  But hey, we’ve come a long way since then. Let’s just celebrate today!


A day late-Not sure about the dollars

TGT mast head

Things have been crazy, crazy over here in NEPA.  So crazy I did not have a chance to post a goal update yesterday.

Big sigh!

The hectic pace continues today, but I did want to get something up about my goals, so here goes the briefest goal list update ever by me!


1  Continue on with IF-g my way through the week, fasting at least twice this week and eating only veggies for lunch at least twice.

2  Try again to get those passports in the mail.

3  Ride the bike or walk three times this week.


1  OKAY. Fasted twice, but did not hit my goal for eating veggies.  Solely at lunch; just once.

2  FAIL.  Still no passports in the mail. Can’t find the birth certs, and can’t find time to get to the courthouse to get new ones.

3 AWESOME, INCREDIBLE, BEST YET!  This one I hit squarely on the head.  Did it, four times this week.  Felt great!  So giddy over this one.


Same as last week.  Let’s see how I do this time around.

See, I told you it would be brief!  You didn’t think I could do it, did you?  Ha! I WIN, again!!

When have you refused to give up, even when the whole world was against you?  Did you eat more veggies than junk this week?

Why such thin skins?

000thin skinCan you please tell me why everyone is so thin-skinned these days?

Every statement if picked apart.

Every declaration digested.

Every opinion put under the microscope…

…and everybody has hurt feelings!


I think we all need to toughen up a lil bit.

Just a lil bit!

Well, everyone but me…  😉

When have you dealt with someone who was notoriously thin-skinned?  Do you think people are too easily offended these days?



Great devotional over at The Seeds 4 Life today, and the place were I got my inspiration for this post. Check it out here.

Walter Cronkrite.  A handsome man doing an honorable job!

Walter Cronkite at News Desk

Promotional portrait of American broadcast journalist Walter Cronkite, mid 1950s.

I mean, come on…look at that penetrating stare.  Can you even imagine what is going on behind those eyes?

I love the name Walter, or Walt.  My grandfather’s name.  It old-fashioned, sturdy, firm.  He was a renaissance man, my grand-dad. A jack-of-all-trades.  Master of some–mostly pinochle and motor boating.

He was out-spoken and loved to argue.

Oh, that man loved to argue, but he was principled, loving, smart, hard-working, and in his hay-day and career years at IBM, resembled this image of Mr. Cronkite. What a guy, I miss him!

If the world had more men like Walt and Walt, we’d be a whole lot better off.

Who are you missing today?  What trade are you a Cracker Jack at?