Magnesium: Still trying to figure this out

This is part two of my series on Magnesium supplements.  I didn’t mean this to turn into a series, but whatever…

I have a problem.

My problem is:  I don’t know how to use this crazy lotion.


I have been told I need to use it.

I have been told I will benefit from using it.

“Almost everyone has a magnesium deficiency.”

Problem is: I don’t know HOW to use this lotion.

Seriously, there are no instructions on the bottle, ANYWHERE.  I’ve checked.

Is a dab too little?

Is a smear too much?

Can you overdose on this stuff?

Can it be used in conjunction with other medications?

Is it harmless, or not???

I paid $21 for this bottle of lotion, but its no good to me if I can’t figure out how to use it.

Guess I’ll have to do more shopping around on the internet.  This is what has to say about it:

  • One teaspoon contains approximately 185mg elemental magnesium.
  • Rich in organic plant moisturizers including coconut oil and shea butter, this lotion soothes and hydrates without leaving your skin feeling waxy or greasy.
  • Formulated for even the most sensitive individuals, Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion is designed to deliver magnesium through the skin, direct to the cells.
  • Completely free of Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, and Fluoride.

Does this mean one dose = 1 tsp?  I can’t tell.

A quick look at WebMD advises that magnesium supplements may be a problem with some medications.  I think the wise thing to do before I use this lotion is to consult my MD.  I’ll get back to you on what he says.