Great Cause! Great Artist!

Star Wars Geek Alert!!

I know an artist from cow country NEPA who is planning a trip to Haiti. She will be part of a short-term project on the island. She’s hosting a fund-raiser today, and if you are Star Wars geeky, like some of my fam is, you don’t want to miss this event.

The Auction begins today and will continue through Sunday.

I would encourage you to stop by Lindy Packard‘s Facebook page and bid on her art.  She’s psyched to help others. Let’s help her this weekend!

Disclaimer: Lindy and I are not related in any way, and I am not benefiting in any way from the sale of her artwork. I am supporting her efforts because of my appreciation for good art and a desire to help those with a heart to help others.

Here are some examples of the art offered on Lindy’s page today, shared with her permission:

Master Yoda.

000star wars 2The Dark Master, Vader:

000star wars 3The bot, C-3PO:

000star wars 5The Furry Friend, Chewbacca:

000star wars 4See what I mean?  These are great and home-grown, right here in NEPA.

Here is the link to connect with Lindy on Facebook:

Lindy, I hope the auction brings in lots of money for your trip. Thank you for serving others!

Are you a Star Wars fan?  What is your favorite character from the movies?

Three Goals Thursday

00030 to 60 mins

Today is Thursday, so its time again to report on my three teeny, tiny goals for this week.  Before I do though, I wanted to comment on the graphic attached to this post.  I wanted to say how grateful I am to have found a way to exchange temporary discomfort for long-term health.

I call that “way” HABIT!

Through planning and practice, I am finding a way to make my dream of getting healthy a reality.  It was hard at first to change my lifestyle–can still be difficult sometimes, I won’t lie–but lil by lil I feel like I’m gaining ground and learning to live for the long-haul, and not some string of temporary food “highs”.  I’m psyched about the habits that are forming in my life and encouraged to try new things every day. Who knows, that exercise I try today may become one of my favorite forms of movement tomorrow.

Who knows, indeed?

My three teeny tiny goals for this week were to eat oatmeal every day for breakfast, exercise for 10 minutes each morning before doing anything else, and meditate for 5 minutes each day while seeking a better understanding of why I am resistant in some areas of my life and program.

I feel pretty good about the progress I have made this week.

I ate oatmeal five out of seven days this week.  I exercised for ten minutes every day this week, and I meditated for five minutes in the morning every day, as well. In fact, some days I both exercised and meditated longer than planned.


One thing I am finding as I’m eating the oatmeal is that my weight has gone up a lil. Is that because of the oatmeal with walnuts every morning, reflective of other eating I am doing, or mere water retention???  Let’s hope it is not due to inflammation caused by the exercise.  I don’t think it is. One thing that has always stumped me in the past is that whenever I begin an exercise program I seem to GAIN weight.  What???!!!!  You heard me right, every time, and it is discouraging, but…

I will not give up!

Repeat: I will not give up exercising every morning.

Even though I have gained some weight over the past few weeks (3-4 lbs depending on the day), I also know that my clothes are fitting looser and I am more energetic, in part because I begin my morning with blood rushing through my veins.

Also, kinda ironic, but chuckle-worthy is the fact that our message at church this week was on hearing God.  I smiled when I heard that was the topic, because not only had I put meditation on my list of goals this week, but we had talked about it in our discussion time before service.  Was that message just for me? I doubt it.  I think many found it relevant and timely, even if they had not included meditation in their Action Plan or Goal List for the week.

My Three Teeny, Tiny Goals for this week:

1. 11 minutes of exercise each morning.

2. Oatmeal for breakfast each morning.

3. 7 minutes of meditation each morning.

Additional Observations:

I think that the success I am seeing with my goals, teeny tiny as they may be, is that I am accomplishing them first thing in the morning each day. When I started these goals, I knew I needed to get up earlier each day if I was going to do this, but I was hesitant to leave my bed before I absolutely had to in the morning. I’m still that way.  Maybe that will change down the road, or it might not, but I am convinced that it is the habit of getting these things done early in the day that is helping me meet my goals each week.

I toyed with the idea of not doing these things first thing in the morning, but that has been a problem for me in the past. The longer I delay, the less likely I am to do what I have said I will do, so early mornings it is, for now anyway.

Do you find yourself waiting to tackle those nasty jobs each day, or do you like to do them first thing?  What is your favorite time of day, and why do you like it more than other times?

Morning Has Broken


Part of my Tuesday morning commute in God’s Country.DSC_0692These pictures were taken from my car, while I was driving. 

I know, I know…

Disclaimer: Pictures should not be taken from car while driving in heavily populated areas.  Don’t try this at home.

Exception:  Pictures may be taken while driving in cow country.  Ask any farmer, they will tell you that folks from Bradford County are multi-taskers and pretty darn good drivers.  😉 

Besides, I couldn’t let the opportunity to capture this sunrise slip away, not when I had my camera with me. 

I usually hate driving to work in the fall/winter, because the sun is “in your face” the entire time. There have been days when I couldn’t see a foot in front of me, as I tentatively toured over the top of a ridge on some lonely country road.  Good thing the road was lonely. Scary!

Tuesday the traffic was at a minimum, and the red sky at morning was spectacular. I only wish my lens could capture what the human eye sees. Then you would know how truly blessed I am to live in NEPA!

What’s that they say about red sky at night?  Sailor’s delight!

Red sky in the morning; sailors take warning. 

Luckily, no sailors live in our neighborhood!

Have you ever snapped pictures while driving?  What do you see when you look out on your favorite vista?