Me and Hubs in Lake George

I wanted to share a recent picture of my hubby and me at Lake George, NY.  This was taken on Prospect Mountain, high above the lake area.  We love the Lake George area during the off-season, and fall is the best time to visit, I think.  I like this picture.

DSC_1401I’m back to eating my oatmeal every day, instead of a bagel or something equally bread-y.  My body is responding in good ways. Also back to reporting my food to a friend.  Helps me be honest and make better choices.  Did an hour on the exercise bike last night.  Feel less sore today.  I have had a few really painful days the last two weeks.  What a relief to finally find some relief!

Relapse-where I’m at

Is it relapse, or is it a slip?  I’m not sure.

Recently I’ve been seeing the scale tip upward.  I’m not sure why.  One would think it was obviously because I’m eating too much, more than previously, but I’m not sure about that.  I did eat some carbs that I don’t usually eat when on vacation a week past, but I didn’t gain any weight on vacation.  I did visit my kiddos the weekend after I went on vacation and I attribute the weight gain to being there, with them.  I eat wayyyy too many carbs when I am with them, and I often obsess about foods when I am with them, but I also wonder if other things are in play here.

Maybe my sugar numbers are up?

Maybe the weight gain is from not getting as much exercise.  My back has been a problem lately, especially with the weather changes. I hurt, and when I hurt, I don’t want to get on the bike.

Today, though, I feel just plain defeated.

I’m beginning again.

First, the planning.

Then, the shopping.

Then, the cooking.

Then, the recording.

Next, the reporting.

Also, prayer.

I know there is an answer somewhere in all this confusion and excess calories or lack of exercise.

This is a constant battle for me.

I wish it weren’t.

That’s where I’m at today.  Just where I’m at…

Small Town Discoveries

Yesterday, I said to myself, “Self, get your butt out there and walk.  Take some time for yourself.  Sweat a little.  See some things. Enjoy this crisp fall day. Be present in your own back yard.”

I love it when I talk that way.

I took my advice and I went around town, seeing the sites with a new eye, one honed on small town tranquility. Here’s what I saw:

A park with a gazebo.


Flowers still blooming next to dried leaves in front of the library.


My favorite restaurant with a sign out front that advertises locally grown produce. Yum!


Some amazing architecture.


I will admit to being irritated by the number of telephone and electric poles that got in the way of some great shots.  I wish all cables of this type were underground. Why can’t they be.  😦

I also saw a very cool street lamp.


An American flag, a staple for every small town in America.


A small town vista.  This was taken in front of the small town theatre.  🙂


A pink house with unique markings. And did you notice that sky. Gorgeous!


A stone lion. Weird, I know.


A park bench that has seen much use.


It was good to get out there today and have some me time.  It’s been too long since I’ve done that.  I started out without my camera, but then went back to get it.  So glad I did.  Hello Fall!

Voter Lookup

I’m psyched about the November 4th elections this year.  I hope you are too.

Whatever else you’re doing on November 4, 2014, make sure to vote.

It’s your right. It’s your privilege!