Amy Schumer


Have you seen the new nudes, or nearly-nude photographs, of Amy Schumer?

Amy has apparently decided that she’s going to let the world see what real, average, hot and sexy womanhood looks like.


Cuz I’m thinking that when Annie Leibovitz is behind the lens, the image produced is a far cry from real.  You can do a lot with lighting and expensive equipment, not to mention a small amount of chutzpah–which Annie has in spades!

I’m pretty sure we are still not being exposed to the real Amy Schumer.

On the other hand, if the image Annie has created of this celebrated and brassy blond is helping women come to terms with their own flawed, feminine body parts, then I’ll applaud the effort.

Amy’s bare bod on a calendar is no different than the years of beef cake we’ve seen promoting EMTs and Fire fighters, right?  And hey, who doesn’t appreciate a master at work?  Ya gotta give it to Leibovitz–she has mad skills.

Have you seen the Schumer photos for the Pirelli calendar?  Would you ever pose for a calendar project?

Focusing on the positives…

Sometimes hard.

Sometimes a challenge.

Love helps us get there.

I’ve always wondered at the way my husband sees me. Totally not as I am.  More beautiful. More devoted.


I’m so happy for the vision he has when he looks at me.


So. Very. Thankful.

Biggest Challenge:  Letting go of image to embrace love.

I saw the clip below and was reminded what a treasure real, honest love can be.  Today, I’m one thankful girl.  Enjoy!

Fortnight Fitness Challenge begins May 1st

I think I’m ready for another challenge.  This time, one that involves exercise.  It’s beginning to look like spring in NEPA, so time to get outside and get my walk on.  Despite the mud puddles and the deer ticks, I’m up for this challenge, mostly because it means I get to bring a significant other along with me on the walking trails.

000walkingMay 2015 Fortnight Fitness Challenge

The challenge: Walk 30-60 minutes each day

Duration:  two weeks

Starting Date:  May 1st

Stipulation:  You must have a walking partner with you to count.

Prize: TBD, will be announced before challenge begins.

I hope my partner for this challenge will most often be my hubs, but it could be any one who wants to move more in May.

If you want to be a part of this walking challenge, add a comment below.  I’ll post more info as the challenge start day approaches.

Together, we get better! 

Fashion Hides Flab

It’s true, what they say about fashion. Accessories count. Look at these two comparison pictures, taken on the same day, about 5 minutes apart, and in the same location.


Sorry for the resolution/quality of these photos.  I am not a photography nor an artist, but this works to make my point.

Which image of me do you think looks better?

On the right, I have my hair down and no vest, and I look a little bit slumpy, frumpy, and chubby.  I am a bit chubby, but tons lighter than when I began this journey.  On the left, with my hair up and my vest on, I definitely look thinner, right? Taller, too, right? Even slimmer in my legs, right?


It’s amazing to me that the addition of a simple vest could make that much overall difference in how I look in this picture.

I will definitely be playing around with accessories in the future.  If fashion can disguise that much of me, I need to give it more of my attention.


Get the Picture?

Lori now and then

Me, now, and when I will have hit my goal weight.


It’s fun to have a visual of what it will look like when we get where we are going.  I’ve still got a ways to go, but day by day, decision by decision, with the help of others, I’m getting there.

Here is a copy of what I looked like at the very beginning of my adventure:

Lori 315

As you can see, I’ve come a long way already–over 100 lbs lost. Yay!

I’m encouraged by this simulated image of the thinner, healthier me.  It’s fun to peek into the future, especially on those days when I feel like I’m the biggest thing on the planet.  Today is one of THOSE days, so looking at this comparison was a blessing.

I found this tool at

I think everyone ought to use this fun model making option for encouraging their weight loss at least once.