5 Minute Monday

5 Minute Mondays first started to publish on this blog on January 18, 2016.

It all began with a lil idea I had while I was meditating.

5 Minute Monday was designed to work like my Three Goals Thursday challenges, but having been broken down into even teenier and tinier success modules that TGT.

5 Minute Mondays are designed to challenge me and others to do those things we are: 1. convinced we could never do if we had to do them for more than five minutes; or 2. face down those assignments we’ve been putting off, waiting for the right time to begin.

Things Like…

Jumping rope or doing squats

Starting that poem you’ve been meaning to write

Putting together your budget for summer vacation

Talking to a new neighbor over the fence

Taking a walk around the block

Researching some plant-based recipes

It’s time to quit stalling and starting moving!!!

What I’m hoping to accomplish for myself with 5 Minute Monday is a series of WINS, which you all know I love, and a sense that together, we all can do those things we might not have thought we could do, especially when we know we only have to do them for a mere 5 minutes.

We can do this!!!

So, starting on Monday, January 18th, I invited my to a new 5-minute challenge, and then set about working with them to see it done.  They did theirs, while I finished mine.

5 Minute Monday works on the premise that there is something we’ve been putting off, and now is the time to do it. 

Note: This challenge was never intended to be “about” doing dirty jobs–there’s another guy out there who owns that shtick, and he’s way more entertaining than me.

No, 5 Minute Monday is about getting motivated, moving, and ready to make one teeny, tiny goal at the beginning of each week, then following through with that teeny, tiny plan in order to build a series of teeny, tiny, but potentially life-changing scenarios wherein we WIN, again and again, and again!!!

Are you with me? 

Let’s crush this thing.

Let’s own Monday!!!