June Goals

July is a busy month for me. I have two birthdays happening this month, one for hubs and one for hubs bro, and a big family gathering the first week in August that I have to clean and shop for, along with my full-time job, my Monday night meetings, and various other avenues of entertainment that are going to be sliding across my plate this month.  Add to that some writing and babysitting I’m doing and you can clearly see that July will be a month full of activity, starting with a visit from the kiddos either tonight or tomorrow, lasting through Sunday.

Whew, I’m already exhausted.

One of the most exciting things I am doing this month is working with another friend to develop an eating plan. Most folks know what they ought to eat to lose weight, and I do too, but in the summer staying on task becomes a whole lot more difficult and I need the extra support and encouragement a detailed eating plan provides. Family picnics can be killers if my heart and head aren’t in the right place. Nuff said.

This month, I will incorporate an “Action Plan” as I like to call it, into my goal list for this month; a list I am hoping is more reasonable and doable that past months. As a recovering type-A perfectionist—no, that does not mean I am anywhere close to perfect, it just means I have incredibly unrealistic expectations for myself—I tend to go too fast, too far, and too furiously for my own good. To offset this tendency, I have to be actively reminded to slow down, take it easy, let go, and let God direct my recovery from food obsession. I need to be reminded of this A LOT, which is why a written plan of action is helpful. I can look back at it, compare my real behaviors to it, and evaluate how I am doing in light of it—all good things!

Here is my list of goals for July 2014

  1. Develop and work an Action Plan that supports proper nutrition and veers away from compulsive behaviors around food, especially high calorie/high fat items.
  2. Wash all the windows in the house at least once.
  3. Find a local venue for kayaking and make sure to take advantage of it at least twice.
  4. Plan a picnic with my hubs, some place relaxing and not too far from home.
  5. Consider opening my home to my support group for a group picnic at some time during the month.

Okay, so that’s it for this month. I want easy, I want flexible, and I think the Action Plan and developing my own uniquely designed food plan for summer use will be enough for me to focus on with everything else going on during July.

What are your goals for July this year? How do you handle picnic foods? What are some strategies you have to staying on task with your food plan during the summer months?