5-Minute Monday Update


I wanted to log on again today to update you on my 5-Minute project this Monday.

Things went great when I cleaned out the coffee pot in the break room today.

Mind you, cleaning out the coffee pot is not my job, but when you work in small business in America you wear many hats.

I wear many hats!

This morning I decided to wear my helper hat.

A while back I bought this stuff can Dip-It.

Dip-it is specifically engineered to get the nasty stuff out of your drip coffee maker, making it easier to brew a smoother cup of Joe.  It works well.

To use Dip-it when cleaning out your pot, just pour some water into the reservoir on your coffee machine, dump in half a bottle of Dip-It solution, and run a couple carafes of water through the machine. Easy, peasy!  You can find Dip-it on the web, or at your local Walmart or Walgreens stores.

Today, I wanted to help the crew out at work by giving our coffee machine the cleaning it so desperately needed.  Hopefully, this week’s coffee will taste better than it has in a long, long time.

What did you do for your 5-Minute project today?   

Monday Thoughts


What, what, what, project can I tackle today?  Hmmmmm…


Welcome to 5-Minute Mondays, the initiative that tackles those jobs we’ve been putting off and gets them DONE!

Here’s the rules for 5-Minute Mondays.

1  Pick a job you want to do, but still haven’t started.

2  Decide what your jumping off point will be.

3  Set a stop watch or kitchen timer for 5 Minutes.

4  Go!  Get ‘er done.

Remember: We can do anything if we know we only have to do it for five minutes!

Be creative.

Make it fun!

Most importantly…

Get ‘er done!

When you’re finished, share with us what your 5-Minute Monday project turned out to be in the comments section below.  Now, go.  Do.

I believe in you!

My five minute project today is going to be to flush out the coffee pot at work. I put off doing this because I have to stand there and monitor the process the whole time.  This is not a “walk-away and come back to it later” kinda thing, but I can do anything when I know I only have to do it for five minutes.  So can you!

What will your 5-Minute Monday look like today?  Where will you begin?


It isn’t Braggadocio


This morning I had this niggling thought pushing at the serenity in my head.  Oh, no, its that inner critic again!  He has so much to say about what I think, what I say, and how I write.  Ugh. He is an annoying character, for sure.

What my inner critic was fretting about this time was whether or not my Three Goals Thursday post this wee had ventured into the area of braggadocio.  He insisted I think about it and draw a rational conclusion.

He is such an annoying character!

I did think about it though, because I can rarely shut him up until I do, and I did wonder if he was right, which confused me. He loves it when I’m confused.

What I decided in the end is that I know that achieving three goals I have set for myself each week is exciting for me.  It is encouraging, to me.  It is building confidence in me, and it is encouraging others to give goal setting a try.

If congratulating myself on a job well done is a form of hubris, then call me proud.  I don’t happen to think it is.

I believe I shared here about that talk I recently did with a MOPS ground in NEPA. I was asked to speak on confidence and how women can not only exist in this life, but flourish in the process of existing.  One of those I counseled with before giving the talk shared that, for them, confidence is built by planning to do good things in this world and then following through with that plan.  For this forty-something fella, speaking affirmations to oneself in the mirror was a usless attempt to feel confident in one’s self.  For him, the proof of confident was displayed through doing.

I loved what he had to say on the subject and agreed with him. It feels good to do something good in this world, and especially when that good is done to others.

All this to say that I hope my posts of late haven’t come across to my readers as braggadocio, but rather, as a growing confidence in my abilities to do good in this world, first in my life, and then in the lives of others.  As I share my three goals and my successes or failures with them each week, I am sharing as honestly as I know how one method for getting moving on the good things in life.

I’m sharing one way to stop procrastinating and start moving.

Please don’t mistake my confidence for braggadocio. I assure you I am smiling as I post about my goal setting and successes, and never smirking in the process.

I’d love to hear from some of you, how you’re smiling through life and accomplishing your goals.  If you have something to share, do good to this gal over here in the corner and share freely about it in the comments below.  Together, we can turn down the volume on the inner critics that keep us from doing good in this world.  Together, we can get better.

Change IS possible for as long as we have breath in our lungs.  Let’s get started with the good stuff today!

Do you have an inner critic that constantly complains about the things you say, feel, or do? How do you shut him or her down, and get on with the task of putting good things out there in the wide world around you?

1 Hope, 2 Migraines, 3 Goals

ThreeGoals-AlternativeAs I begin this post today, it is with a spattering of hope in my heart.  The scale is heading back down again after some changes in my eating patterns, and I couldn’t be more delighted to see the change.


At this time, my hope is that I can continue to see the number on the scale decrease, and that I can continue with the new eating patterns that are making this change possible.

Woohoo, I’m excited for the future.


There is definitely something different going on with me the last little while. It has become unpleasantly clear that my body is going through yet another physical change.  I have experienced 2 migraine headaches in the last two weeks.  No fun!  Both have included oral distortions followed by pain in my face and forehead, and that feeling of being fuzzy-headed the next day.  So NOT fun.  Yesterday’s headache came on during the final stage of our trip back from the Amtrak station in Rochester, NY.  Of course, I was driving when I began to experience vision problems.

I was shocked to have had another migraine this month!  I’ve only ever had three of them, with the first being atypical and without pain. That one happened about 7 years ago. Then on Wednesday, Feb 10th, my second migraine hit.  It was early, about 6:45am, like the other time. Yesterday’s migraine began with the crazy electric rainbow in my field of vision and was followed by the usual symptoms. Not atypical at all.  Ugh. One thing I know, I’m not liking the re-occurence of these migraines.  I think yesterday’s was linked to dehydration and eating out.  I have a salad at Bob Evans, with their Wildfire Salad dressing on it.  I went light on the dressing, but the chicken was glazed, too.  Yikes, maybe that was it???!


I’m going to make notes re: success levels for each goal that was on my list last week, letting you know how I did as I list them off today.

1 DONE AND DONE!  Send a special note to my friend this week, telling her how proud I am of her for what she’s planning to do and telling her honestly, from my heart, how much I will miss her once she is gone.

I sent the note, and she was blessed.  Yay, I love it when a plan comes together!!!

2 DONE, BUT THE VERDICT IS STILL OUT ON THIS ONE.  Bring concepts of faith and empowerment into the meeting I will be attending on Saturday, offering positive suggestions for the future and sharing my ideas about how we can be more inclusive with the community around us going forward.

I commented on this goal and its accomplishment previously.  You can read about that here.  I mentioned emphatic speech in that post and felt kinda weird about it later.  I’m not a big talker most of the time–I listen well. I hope everyone understands that I did not blast anyone at the meeting and my comments were civil. I guess I just judge myself harshly in this area of my life because my default setting is that of a people pleaser. 

3 YES!!!!! Exercise for 15 minutes each day, and use controlled fasting to cut back on calorie counts this week.

I accomplished this third goal every day this week and feel pretty good about that. Most of the exercise I did this past week was done on the bike.  I was just glad to get any of it done, since I am still kinda hurty, especially after having the wee ones in the house for 5 days last week.


1  Investigate small group options for getting together with some lady friends of mine in the near future. If I don’t make this goal, it won’t get done, but getting started on the project should be teeny enough that I can accomplish it.

2  Continue on with current eating patterns for one more week.

3  Exercise for 15 minutes each day this week.

There you have it–my list for this week. This list isn’t glamorous, but it does reflect a “steady as she goes” mentality, and that’s important to me right now.


I’m expecting this week’s goals to get smashed.  I’m expecting that outcome because of all the work I have already done with my lil goals.  I’m becoming more confident as I set goals every week.  I know I can do what I’ve said I will do.  I can do anything for one week, and so can you!


One final thing before I go:  If you have someone in your life who keeps expecting more of you than you can give, consider turning down the volume on them in some way this week.  Maybe email them less often. Maybe pray for them more often. Maybe look at why their opinion is so important to you.  Maybe open yourself to another dynamic right now.  It’s always good to change things up from time to time, and especially good to re-evaluate the things we are doing in our lives that are either working or not. Take a look at your “working” list this week, and be good to yourself by making some changes.  Change IS possible. I know, I’ve done it. You can too!

What changes will you make in your life this week?  What goal is out there calling to you, “..walk this way”? 


Goals Update


I’m smashing my goals this week!

Obliterating them!!!


What were those goals?  To 1. send a letter to encourage another, 2. take my concept of faith and empowerment into a meeting I would be attending on Saturday, and 3. Exercise 15 minutes per day, and use planned fasting to control calories eaten.

As of today, I have sent the note and received back a huge thank you for the recipient; I have attended the meeting and took as much faith and empowerment to it as I could muster, given that I don’t do well with administrative stuff.  Odd, since I am an office manager and deal with it all the time.  I have also exercised every day for at least 15 minutes, doing most of that on the recumbent bike, and have made a decision to skip breakfast this week as a part of my controlled fasting goal.

Yay, it feels so good to be making progress this week!


It funny, or ironic, that when I headed out to the meeting on Saturday, I did so with dread in my heart.  I’m a person who usually has exceptionally strong faith, and I am a huge fan of empowerment through communications, but I was weak going into this meeting and here is the reason why.

My mouth!

Yep, you heard me right.  I have a desire to be helpful in this world and in these types of meetings, but it is often the case that my emphatic ways of making my point come across as hostility.

This habit I have of being emphatic at planning meetings has gotten me into trouble in the past, so these days I do two things to avoid the problem being emphatic can cause (for me).  1.  I don’t attend planning meetings unless I absolutely have to, and 2. I sit on my hands and try to zip my lip while I am in meetings I don’t want to should not attend.

Some days neither solution works for me.

Prior to these meetings what usually happens is that someone will nonchalantly mention the meeting to me and say, “You should go.”  I change the subject.  Then someone else will grab me and say, “We need you in this meeting. I know you have an analytical mind and I respect you as a person. Won’t you please join us?”  Of course, I say yes to these kinds of requests. I’m a sucker for anyone who says they need me.  Ugh.

Once I’m in the meeting and trying to be a silent observer, those around me will notice that I am being unusually quiet and will say something like, “Lori, we haven’t heard from you yet. What do you think?”  Of course I feel obliged to chime in then, and in emphatic ways.

You know those people who say they only know two speeds, slow and stop. I’m kinda like that in reverse with my speech in planning meetings.

This week, during this meeting, I wanted to possess an unusual amount of faith in my ability to perform well at the meeting, and I wanted to feel empowered while we met.  I can’t say I felt that way during this meeting–sheer will power was not enough to equip me with the strengths I needed to get the job done.  Still, a wonderful thing happened.  Others approached me after the meeting, saying how empowering the meeting felt to them, how the meeting met so many needs, and how much hope they have that initiatives discussed at the meeting will actually be implemented.


Could it be we all took a lil bit of faith and empowerment into that meeting, and when mingled together it was enough to get ‘er done?  Maybe.

Today I am feeling stronger and more empowered in my life.  The scale is moving down again, after making some changes to my eating patterns and that feels incredibly empowering.  I have more energy than in a long time, and I feel like I’m getting some intuitive answers to the problems I’ve been facing. Especially problems related to emphatic speech.

I hope you are feeling full of faith in yourself this week, and that you’re smashing your goals and kicking butt in your journey to recovery. I know I am feeling encouraged, and it’s only Tuesday!  I’ll be back Thursday with another update and a new week of goals.  Until then, take care of yourself.

When has emphatic speech hurt you? When has it helped you?


My Five Minute Monday Poem

Remember folks, this ain’t literature, it’s my 5-Minute Monday poem and stress-reliever, so take it as such. 😉

So. Much. Fun!


It’s Monday.

Fun Day!

My week can begin.

It’s Monday,

not Sunday.

I’m ’bout to dig in.

The week is before me,

potential galore.

A plethora of choices,

a passel or more.

I could mop the kitchen.

I could trim the shrubs.

I could bake some cookies

His feet, I could rub.

It wouldn’t take long to change out burnt-out bulbs,

or maybe…

just maybe…

Oh, could I?  Yes, please!

Get out in the sunlight and stroll in the woods?

I would, if I could, and I can.

“It’s all good!”

Ready, Set, Go…


I almost forgot!

Today’s the day we start and finish our 5-Minute Monday exercise/project/treat/opportunity.

5-Minute Mondays are all about blocking off FIVE MINUTES at the beginning of our week and using that time to do one of the following:

Treat Yo-self!

Finish up a belated project.

Get started on a new project.

Dream, meditate, walk, sing, write.

Do anything that your heart leads you to do, (but not evil things). 

Maybe you’ll grab a quick bit of intimacy with your love this morning.

Maybe you’ll make a call and ask a friend to meet you later for drinks.

Maybe you’d like to kick back and read something inspirational for five minutes.

Or perhaps you want to begin cleaning out that closet, going through your sock drawer, or putting the dishes away.

You might write a note you’ve been putting off.

How about scheduling that appointment?

Have you been waiting to try that easy, peasy recipe for baked oatmeal?  Now is the time!

Whatever it is you want to do, begin this morning with FIVE MINUTES of dedicated zeal.  Nasty procrastination can be pushed back.  It only takes FIVE minutes to do it.

When you’re done, share your 5-Minute Monday outcome in the comments below.  Encourage us all with your proactive determination to get ‘er done!

You can do This!  You will do THIS!  It’s only FIVE MINUTES out of your day.  Take it and be glad.  I’m rooting for you!!!

I’m going to write some poetry during my five minutes today. I’ll share what I produce later.  Love this challenge, it gets me going first thing each week.

Be Intentional!

What crazy, hazy, but fun project have you been putting off for too long now?  What will you do with your five minutes today?