Crazy Sane

The last few weeks I haven’t felt liking eating. It’s Christmas cookie baking time, but I don’t feel like baking Christmas cookies,either. I have baked some Christmas cookies, but I haven’t felt much like eating them.  I have given away most of the cookies I’ve baked.  I just don’t care about them this year.  Imagine that!

What joy!

This is the time of year when I usually feel like trying new recipes.  This year, however, I’m not all that excited to spend my time mixing, measuring, cutting, rolling, baking, fussing and cleaning up all the dishes I dirty when I’m on a baking tear. This year, I want to exercise more, see the number on the scale go down, and find a few good books I can read that will help me to make even better food choices in 2013.

Am I going crazy?  Or am I crazy sane?

I don’t feel like I’m going crazy, but I do feel like I’m changing. 

My food journey through 2012 seems to mimic the lyrics of the gospel chorus, I Have Decided To Follow Jesus:  “No turning back, no turning back.”

What I once cared about most of all, save my family, was food.  I still care about food now, but not in those same insane ways.  Today, any food will not do.  I want good food, nutritious food, dense food and colorful food.  I want real food, raw food, barely cooked, al dente food.  I want food that tingles my taste buds, and I want food that settles my stomach, instead of disturbing it.  

Since I’ve made a conscious effort to eat better, I no longer take prescription meds for acid reflux. I don’t need them.  I don’t eat the kind of food that gets the acid churning, which is a wonderful change for me.  I’m happy to tell anyone who will listen that eating better has healed my body.  It may seem like a crazy statement to some, but it’s true.  I’m amazed how quickly it has happened and how much better I feel.  It seems like a dream, but it really is happening. 

I’m getting stronger and stronger, and my body is reacting better and better to the exercise I introduce to it.  If this is crazy, I want to be insane forever.

What insane changes have you made to your eating plan this year?  Will you be stepping on the scales on Christmas day?  What would you like to do most in 2013?

Merry Christmas, everyone.  May God bless you, one and all!

Up and Moving Again

My last post talked about calcium supplements I was taking and how they were affecting my system. I’d been finding everything in my body slowing down, almost to a stand-still and as a result, I was not feeling well. In pondering my digestive woes and remembering that I had dealt with this problem before, I reached out to a friend for advise. Did she think that the calcium supplements I had been taking were causing my digestive system to stall?

If you’re like me, you understand that when you’re trying to lose weight and get healthy, about the last thing you need is a slow down in your digestive system. I want to eliminate those things that are not feeding my body as quickly and efficiently as possible, without using chemical laxatives. When things slow down for me, I feel bloated, logy, and uninspired to move. After talking with my friend about my calcium intake and slowing metabolism, I stopped the supplements.

Right now, I refer to myself as a Flexitarian.  I define my flexitarian food plan as 80% vegetarian with 20% flexibility concerning animal proteins. It’s working for me. Not only have I lost weight and kept it off, but I feel better than I have in years. I am healing quicker, my sugar levels are all in normal ranges, and I have the energy I need to do just about anything I want to do, except dancing.

I have never danced and since my family has a notoriously bad track record with knee maintenance, I probably never will, but I’d like to dance.

Today, my digestive tract seems to be back on track, which makes me happy.  Going into the Christmas baking season, the last thing I need is a body that holds onto every fat globule it takes in, refusing to process like it should.  I’m grateful to be back on the road to recovery with proper digestive abilities.

Do you ever experience a slow down in your digestion?  What do you do to speed it up once again?  How are you eating differently these days, to avoid digestive slow downs?

Calcium Slow Down

Calcium: have you ever had a problem with this supplement?

I’ve recently started taking Calcium supplements again, and the results have not been good. I don’t know if this is a problem common to others, but whenever I put additional calcium into my body, my digestive system slows to almost a crawl.  What’s with that? 

A few days ago I talked to a friend about the slow down.  She knows that I have switched to a whole, raw foods diet and gotten away from processed foods, well, for the most part.  We talked about what was happening with me, and possible options.  In the end, it seemed like stopping the calcium supplements was the best choice for me, so I did. 

I worry about all the potential health affects of not getting enough calcium into my body.  And I worry about the different types of calcium I might ingest, chemically created calcium, that is,  not from plant based or animal based sources.  I worry that I will get osteoporosis.  All women have to worry about calcium intake, right? 

I am really struggling with the thought of taking these supplements again.  Can’t I get enough calcium from the plant/animal based foods I eat, to keep me healthy and growing strong bones?

What do you think about supplements?  Do they ever affect you badly or slow down your digestive system?  What supplements do you take on a daily basis?