“I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life; I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.”  
                                                                                                   ― Theodore Roosevelt 

A Lil Something, Something

Okay, readers, I need a lil something, something…a lil encouragement from you to help me get my goal list done this week.

I still have not de-cluttered my kitchen cupboards a second time, and I only have two more nights to do that. I have meetings tonight and Wednesday, so really that leaves Tuesday only to accomplish this goal.  Yikes! I could stretch it out until Thursday night, and do my reporting on my goals later in the day on Thursday.  Hmmm, should I though?  Will I be able to get ‘er done?

I don’t know!

I also have not yet researched writing resources for the future.  I do have some time this afternoon to do that, so maybe I can get one or two done today.

I have made a Gratitude List I’ve been adding to as I go along this week.  You can check that out here.  I think in tough times it is triple hard to think positively, so the list is helping me get there.  I will continue adding to it until Thursday, when I report my progress.

I’m a little pressed for time lately, but I love to reach out to my readers and sharing some of what I’m experiences is a stress-reliever for me. That being said, I wanted to pop in here this afternoon to say that I’m thinking about my list, and  you, and planning to do as much as I can to complete it before Thursday.  Oh, and I wanted to share some pics I took recently.

This is Northeast PA in all its glory. Enjoy!

A pond adjoining our property…


The view from the top of my driveway…


A lake just around the corner from us…


A misty morning outside my front door…


Flowers on my front porch that survived the early frost…


What do you think, can I get my goal list done this week?  What goals have you set for yourself this fall? 


TGT mast headThree is a good number for me usually, but not today.  I can’t think of three good things to do next week that have the potential to push me forward with my objectives in life.

Maybe I will start this by defining those objectives:


Warning: these may seem sappy to some, so if they do to you, just skip over the sappier ones.  You were warned! 

To live happy, joyous, and free.

To have more vitality and strength this year than last year.

To travel with Mr more than in the past.

To draw to myself a small but nurturing group of individuals who will share the challenges and successes of my life along the path of recovery.

To strengthen my ability to hear my Friend in the sky speak to me wisdom that has been true through the ages, and to apply that every day instead of just once in a while.

To bank encouragement for those days when I will need to make a big withdrawal.

To write more and enjoy reading the writings of others.


  • Continue on with exercise and oatmeal every day.
  • Inventory pantry and throw out expired products.
  • Finish reading Smarter, Faster, Better and write a review.


I ate oatmeal and I exercised all week. Yay!

I inventoried my food pantry/closet and threw away lots of expired products, organized the whole thing, and got kudos from my house mate, who noticed and was impressed.  Yay x 2!!

I did not finish the book, but in my defense, I was cleaning, sorting, and throwing stuff away, so I was busy.  This goal will go back on my list for the week ahead.


1  Take a chance.

2  Finish Chuck’s book, Smarter, Faster, Better.

3  Log my food.

Making this week’s goal super simple and super easy, so I get to win again.  Feels good to do three teeny, tiny things each week, but most of all to feel like I have accomplished something I set out to do.

Do these goals support my lifetime objectives?  You decide, then make your own goal list.  Make them teeny, tiny.  Make sure you WIN, and make sure you tell me all about it in the comments section of my blog.  I love you guys and all your encouragement!  You Rock!!!

Lori out!

What one lifetime objective do you have that you are willing to share with my readers?  Why is this objective important to you?



Goals Update


I’m smashing my goals this week!

Obliterating them!!!


What were those goals?  To 1. send a letter to encourage another, 2. take my concept of faith and empowerment into a meeting I would be attending on Saturday, and 3. Exercise 15 minutes per day, and use planned fasting to control calories eaten.

As of today, I have sent the note and received back a huge thank you for the recipient; I have attended the meeting and took as much faith and empowerment to it as I could muster, given that I don’t do well with administrative stuff.  Odd, since I am an office manager and deal with it all the time.  I have also exercised every day for at least 15 minutes, doing most of that on the recumbent bike, and have made a decision to skip breakfast this week as a part of my controlled fasting goal.

Yay, it feels so good to be making progress this week!


It funny, or ironic, that when I headed out to the meeting on Saturday, I did so with dread in my heart.  I’m a person who usually has exceptionally strong faith, and I am a huge fan of empowerment through communications, but I was weak going into this meeting and here is the reason why.

My mouth!

Yep, you heard me right.  I have a desire to be helpful in this world and in these types of meetings, but it is often the case that my emphatic ways of making my point come across as hostility.

This habit I have of being emphatic at planning meetings has gotten me into trouble in the past, so these days I do two things to avoid the problem being emphatic can cause (for me).  1.  I don’t attend planning meetings unless I absolutely have to, and 2. I sit on my hands and try to zip my lip while I am in meetings I don’t want to should not attend.

Some days neither solution works for me.

Prior to these meetings what usually happens is that someone will nonchalantly mention the meeting to me and say, “You should go.”  I change the subject.  Then someone else will grab me and say, “We need you in this meeting. I know you have an analytical mind and I respect you as a person. Won’t you please join us?”  Of course, I say yes to these kinds of requests. I’m a sucker for anyone who says they need me.  Ugh.

Once I’m in the meeting and trying to be a silent observer, those around me will notice that I am being unusually quiet and will say something like, “Lori, we haven’t heard from you yet. What do you think?”  Of course I feel obliged to chime in then, and in emphatic ways.

You know those people who say they only know two speeds, slow and stop. I’m kinda like that in reverse with my speech in planning meetings.

This week, during this meeting, I wanted to possess an unusual amount of faith in my ability to perform well at the meeting, and I wanted to feel empowered while we met.  I can’t say I felt that way during this meeting–sheer will power was not enough to equip me with the strengths I needed to get the job done.  Still, a wonderful thing happened.  Others approached me after the meeting, saying how empowering the meeting felt to them, how the meeting met so many needs, and how much hope they have that initiatives discussed at the meeting will actually be implemented.


Could it be we all took a lil bit of faith and empowerment into that meeting, and when mingled together it was enough to get ‘er done?  Maybe.

Today I am feeling stronger and more empowered in my life.  The scale is moving down again, after making some changes to my eating patterns and that feels incredibly empowering.  I have more energy than in a long time, and I feel like I’m getting some intuitive answers to the problems I’ve been facing. Especially problems related to emphatic speech.

I hope you are feeling full of faith in yourself this week, and that you’re smashing your goals and kicking butt in your journey to recovery. I know I am feeling encouraged, and it’s only Tuesday!  I’ll be back Thursday with another update and a new week of goals.  Until then, take care of yourself.

When has emphatic speech hurt you? When has it helped you?


Professional Affirmations


Yesterday, I made a trip up north to see my dermatologist.  Being Nordic, I have fair skin that is prone to problems, so I’m good about getting annual check-ups.

Have you noticed that there is a shortage of skin doctors in your area?

There for sure is in NEPA.

I had to travel for an hour to be seen yesterday because the clinics closer to me aren’t scheduling appointments at this time, but it was sooooo worth it!  Not only did my doc not find any noteworthy problems with my derma, but she asked me about my weight loss journey.  She told me she thought I looked like I had lost weight since I saw her last.  I hadn’t.  I think what she was seeing was all the toning that has occurred because of the morning exercise I’ve religiously done the last few months.

Thank you, Three Goals Thursdays!

Honestly, I’ve been pretty bummed lately about my progress with the whole body image/weight loss/getting healthy process.  I read a lot about losing weight and exercising, and it seems like I’m falling behind the pack.

Like I’m losing ground and don’t have the energy or the mental fortitude to do more than I’m currently doing.

Sometimes I seriously think I could benefit from a stretch in food rehab; some place where I could get some one-on-one, tailored planning and counseling on food addiction.

Today was a breath of fresh air; a chance to chat with a professional who affirmed me in my efforts and hailed the progress I’ve made and how I’ve accomplished what I have.

Doc was excited by the amount of weight I’d lost and how I’d kept it off, and when I confessed that I’d struggled lately, she encouraged me.  She didn’t say, “Why haven’t you done more, or why have you quit?”

She did say, “Give yourself a break, you’re not a super hero. You’re a real human with a real life, and you’re doing great.”

Seriously, I could have cried…

I don’t know how many of you reading this are struggling with a goal you have for yourself and feeling defeated in the process.  I don’t know how many of you might feel like you’re going backward, instead of forward.  If you do feel that way, let me encourage you. You are you. You are human. You are loved, and you will get there!  You are not super human. You are mortal. Be kind to yourself today, and be okay with the progress you’ve already made. Celebrate what you’ve already done, as well as what you’ve attempted.  More successes are on the way, if you don’t give up.

Never give up!

I believe in You!

When have you felt defeated by a lack of progress?  Who needs to be encouraged by you today?


If days were books, and we, avid readers, the men and women of the world would have so moistened their fingers with saliva last week, that they’d have been “prunny” from flipping through cut pulp pages of a volume entitled, 2016.

Given the choice, would your copy of 2016 been a cookbook, filled with award- winning recipes, three-hole punched illustrations, and a chart meant to teach young cooks the precise amount of time needed to properly stew a chicken to juicy perfection?

Maybe your copy of 2016 would have been a travel guide, full of insider information about how to “save big” while traveling through Istanbul, Scotland, or Singapore.

If your copy of 2016 turned out to be a tell-all celebrity biography, you’re probably either fuming or blushing about now, and rightly so. Celebrities do the strangest things and with TMZ on the job their antics are captured digitally for the whole world to see (or in your case, read).

My copy of 2016?

It’s a how-to manual designed to help novice builders construct balanced and beautiful walkways through woodland lots, while losing weight and reclaiming their health.

Why, out of all the books in the world, would I want to spend the next year reading about the best way to build pathways to paradise?

That’s simple.

Of all the great, grand, and glorious things I might do in 2016, discovering how to move even a teeny, tiny bit closer to my goals appeals the most to me. If I can figure out how to do that, everything else will be a breeze; like reading the Sunday comics.

What book will you read this year? What do you hope to achieve over the next twelve months that can get you a teeny, tiny bit closer to your goal?