Young Love

Had I had a father while growing up, I imagine his reaction to my dating the hubs would have been like this.  Funny how the years change us.  My mom was totally opposed to my choice as a young bride. Now, she loves that mister that is son of her heart.

Amazing how life changes us.  Amazing!

Thanks to Encouraging Life for posting this music video so I could borrow it today.  Great stuff–Young Love!

Meatless Monday–Fruit Smoothie

I’m trying to switch things up a bit in the morning, and get back to the benefits of eating raw, including less calories consumed and more fiber and fullness to carry me through the day.  Meatless Monday seems the perfect day to highlight one of the yummy drinks that are available for boosting metabolism.  I haven’t tried this one yet, but I will, soon.  If you try it, let me know how you found it.  I’m looking forward to getting back to basics and lots of raw fruits and veggies this spring and summer.  Yay!

Frosty Banana-Apple Green Smoothie
Yield: 2 1/2 cups, 2 servings

000banana green smoothie-1

This smoothie is so sweet, you’ll hardly believe it’s loaded with dark leafy greens. Think of it as a green milkshake.


2 frozen bananas, thawed for 5 minutes
3/4 cup water
1 apple, unpeeled and chopped
8 leaves kale, chopped

Break the bananas into 2 or 3 pieces. Put all the ingredients in a blender and process on high speed until smooth. Serve immediately.

Recipe by Jenny Cornbleet of Raw Food Made Easy

This Weekend

I’ve waited all week for tonight’s girl’s night out with my sister.  We’re going to see Angel Street, at the Cider Mill Playhouse000Angel St

I’ve not been to the Cider Mill for a production before, so I’m excited to go tonight.  As I understand it, this play is spun-off from the 1944 film, Gaslight, starring Ingrid Bergman.  I never saw the movie, so the mystery will remain intact as the curtain rises for this gal tonight.  I’m so excited!!

On Saturday, I’m hoping to disassemble a chair I have at home.  My mom has said that she will work with me to reupholster the chair.  She used to reupholster furniture for a living, years ago, but doesn’t have the upper body strength to do it these days. She had breast cancer at 53 and a radical mastectomy that took with the breast tissue lots of muscle and all her lymph nodes on her right side.  Since then, her strength has been greatly diminished in that arm.  She still has the know-how to get the job done, though, so me and hubs will be here strength, while she plays project manager. This should be fun, since I know nothing about upholstering furniture and I cannot sew.  Lucky for me, though, this project doesn’t require sewing.  It will need new springs.


Should be fun. I will share pictures as I have them available.

My frame on my chair looks something like this, but not exactly the same:


After the chair is done, I’m hoping to paint some of my living room furniture.  I have a house full of hand-me-downs and antiques that I never wanted to touch because I feared they might lose their value on the antiques market.  Pish posh is my response to that concept these days.  I have a few things in the house that I won’t touch, like hubs antique chest that inherited from a special uncle, but most of my stuff isn’t anything anyone would care about anyway.  The painted items are getting a new look as soon as I am able to open the windows and allow for some cross ventilation.  Until then, I sit and dream about what I will do with those pieces slated for a re-do.

I have a few other projects planned for the spring that mostly required outside work.  I think we are set to plant a few more trees this year, along with some berry bushes.  It would be nice to have blueberries in the yard that we could go out and pick for breakfast each day.  My mom loves blackberries, so we will probably plant some of them too.  We tried blackberries last year and they didn’t take, so this year we will try a different spot.  It’s hard to know where to buy the bushes so that we will get the best chance of fruit next year.

What spring and summer projects are you planning for around your house?  Have you ever upholstered your own furniture?


When I started my journey to recovery from food addiction and overweight, I did it because I wanted more than anything to change my life and have a chance at a future without bondage to food. 

I have not reached my goal weight yet and my progress has been slowed with changes in my body brought about by age and injury, but I am so much better off today than I was when I began.  So. Much!!  100 lbs lighter!  Yay!  Each day that I live well, I am well, and I learn a little more about what it takes to survive and thrive while dealing with food addiction.

My life changes a lil bit every day and with every attempt to let go of the food.

Through God’s mercy and my efforts, including some humiliating admissions of powerlessness, I have seen change take hold in my life. But, it wasn’t just us two (God and me), who worked that miracle change.  I eagerly admit that without the help of others I could not have done what I have done, but the greatest change and victory in my fight has come as God has listened to my pleas, sent others to assist me, and tweaked what needed tweaking inside in order for me to get better.

A lot needed to be tweaked inside in order for me to get better.

The following clip is about change that comes of a combination of things:  our willingness to reach out, the talents of others, their willingness to help, and God’s great love for those who cry out to him.

If you have been one of those who has helped me, and many have–THANK YOU!  I can be a handful some days. 

If you are still looking for the recovery you seek, please be encouraged today and keep fighting for you.  God hears, He cares, and He answers. Watch this video and then get to work asking for the help you need.

Change IS possible!

Learning to be Patient and WAIT

We’ve got a mini schnauzer at home. His name is Mauser.


Mauser is a salt and pepper Schnauzer whose more salt than pepper.  He has a salty disposition sometimes, but we love him all the same.  When Mauser was a pup and I was taking him to obedience training, my son wanted to teach him a few tricks.  One of the most impressive to our instructor was the ability to WAIT.  He’s really good at this waiting behavior.  I wish I were half as good, as he.

I HATE waiting!


Mauser never lets himself be distracted once the treat hits the floor and the command to WAIT is issued.  His full attention remains with that liver treat until he has won the prize.  Look at that concentration!  He really, really wants that treat, but he knows he can’t have it until I say OKAY.


Isn’t that look on his face pathetic?  I think I must look that way sometimes when I’m waiting for my next treat.

So deprived.

So unhappy.

So impatient.

But I have learned that waiting is good.

Waiting builds character.

Waiting makes me stronger.

Waiting increases my desire.

Waiting teaches me that good things come to those who wait.

Here’s a happy picture of pup, taken moments after the snack was delivered.


Then again, maybe this is a picture of expectancy and cuteness that is banking on manipulation to win him another liver treat.  🙂

There is value in waiting, I know, but it doesn’t make me like the waiting exercises any better.

I hate waiting!

Are you good at waiting for your rewards?  What do you use instead of food as a reward for your own good behavior?



Heidi Swanson on a Meatless Monday

I love pesto!

I salivate just looking at most of the recipes in my Heidi Swanson cookbook, Super Natural Every Day. This cookbook is packed full of vegetarian dishes that are colorful, flavorful, and nutritious.

I adore Heidi’s recipes.

One of my favorites from Heidi’s cookbook is the white bean and cabbage dish she makes with parmesan sprinkles. Sooo good!

000white bean and cabbage

Today, I wanted to shard Heidi’s recipe for Orzo Brocolli Salad. 000orzo brocolli

The bad thing about the orzo salad is that the pine nuts are crazy expensive.  I bought a small bag of pine nuts over the weekend for $10 and change.  Yikes!  They are good, though, and I love pesto, so I had to have them.  I have a recipe for whole wheat baking powder biscuits that also call for pine nuts.  I will use these several times, and we will be glad for them, $10 price tag or not.

If you haven’t tried some of Heidi’s recipes, you should.  This gal knows how to cook and in a way that is oh. so. delicious.


Eating Out

Ugh!  Can I start a post with frustration?

Last night I met a friend for what was to be coffee, but turned into dinner. A horrible dinner.

Don’t get me wrong, the company was great, but the food was lousy.  Lousy and salty, and cold when it should have been warm/hot.  That meal was sooo frustrating,and full of calories I don’t need.

I’m learning from these experiences with eating out, but I will admit that my education is slow going.  Or should I say slow coming?

I need to develop a strategy for these times when I get together with friends and those “get-togethers” include food.  I’m seriously considering packing a sandwich and eating it at the table while my friend orders an entrée, but is that rude?  Will the eatery allow it?  They should, after the food they served me last night.  Who cooked that?  Certainly not the cook.

Seriously, I’m ready to go full on rebel on this eating out stuff.

What do you do when you have to eat out?  Does your restaurant meal always turn out to be a salad?


000cop-blowing-whistle-200x300I read police blotters.

There, I said it!

I, Lori, pour over the names of all those unfortunates who, by virtue of their bad behavior, have their names recorded in the section of the paper labeled : Court News. In this section of the paper I find people admitting to all manner of crime, including misdemeanor theft, misdemeanor harassment, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of drugs, and assault with a deadly weapon.

In addition to these pleas, the Court News cites the names of individuals who were sentenced without having entered a guilty plea. These are those who refused to admit to wrongdoing, but were found guilty anyway. This second group was involved in indecent exposure cases, indecent assault cases, retail theft, obstructing administration of the law, driving under the influence, and criminal mischief, along with other less glamorous crimes. One might ask why these things interest me?

They interest me because:

1. I’ve done some things in my past, and they weren’t all laudable.
2. I have friends still living rough lives.
3. I want to know what my neighbors are up to, even if after-the-fact.
4. I want to be forewarned if trouble is headed my way.
5. I’m plain nosey.

While reading the Court News this week, two things occurred to me.

First, I’m shocked that the court still pays to advertise the outcome in criminal cases, what with the shocking regularity with which crimes are committed these days.

Secondly, I’ve noticed that crime is no respecter of age. Some of the individuals showing up in the police blotters are 54, 59, and 69 years of age. I guess a thief is a thief is a thief, no matter how many times he or she has blown out the candles on a birthday cake.

I’ve heard it said that to the pure of heart, all things are pure. Perhaps it’s true then that for the criminally inclined, there’s always a reason to skirt the law.

Why is any of this noteworthy, or fit fodder for today’s blog post? Only because as I was looking through the police blotter last night I realized, “If eating more than one needs to live were illegal, my name would be in the Court News section of the paper on a repeating basis.”

I need to do better.

I’m glad overeating is not yet illegal in my county!

Are you a repeat offender with junk food? What have you done to curb your urge to eat in nearly criminal ways?