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How can it possibly be Thursday again already?  Wow, the days are speeding by and summer is being gobbled up faster than ever before.


Last week my goals were about eating right, exercising, and getting to bed early. I did pretty good at all three, but exercise was again the toughest of the three. This finding balance thing is not easy.   I must be horribly tipsy at this time. Kinda like the Eiffel Tower, constantly leaning to one side. Ugh!

This week has been full. Maybe too full.

I’m still working on the culling process, and this is one area where I shone this week. Taking that into account, and because I seriously need a win here, I’m going to switch things up a little this week.


1  Get to bed early at least twice this week.

2  Make my bed in the morning every day this week.

3  Dance with hubby in the kitchen for 10 minutes at least three times this week.

That last one should be wayyyyy fun and it qualifies as exercise.  Woohoo, a double blessing!

This week I’m going to do something a lil different that I think might help me make better progress.  I’m going to make a chart and SCHEDULE my activities. Pretty proactive of me, hunh?

I’ll let you know how it goes.

When has making a chart helped you stay on track?   Which is harder for you to commit to, eating right or exercising?

On Flying Right

As I go through this life, I try to fly right.

It’s easy to fly wrong, but flying right, that’s a bit tougher.  Still, building a right flying habit is worth the effort.

I’ve had a bit of a struggle with pride in my life. Not a lot, but a little, and I won’t pretend that I haven’t wrestled with kindness, too.

The good news: I get lots of opportunities to practice these “flying” habits!!!

Oh, heck, Tim McGraw says it way better than me, so this…

When have you found it hard to be humble and kind with yourself?  Conversely, when has it been easy to go easy on others?


This and That


We’re off to the fair tonight.  Hopefully, I can get some good pics to share with you.

In other news: Aren’t these conventions crazy?  Crazy, amazing!  Or is that amazingly crazy?  I can’t decide, but I will say I’m enthralled.

Today the weather is mild and decent in NEPA.  How is it where you are?

Express Yourself

000love note Sometimes, out of nowhere, I’ll get the urge to send this note to a friend or kiddo of mine:  Love you! Just sayin’…

Once in a while I will get that same message sent to me. Out of nowhere, and unsolicited, it comes.

It’s a lil thing, this act of love, but huge in scope.  It lets the receiver know they are on my mind, that they are loved, that they are thought of and that they matter. The best part of all:  no response is required.

When I send these, the ones who receive them know they don’t have to write back, don’t have to call, aren’t expected to do anything.  They know those words simply mean they are on my mind.

I wonder if the world would be a better place if everyone started this habit of sending little love notes with no strings attached to the people they care about?  I wonder the difference it would make.

Let’s test the theory today and see what the results might be.

This morning, think of someone you love but haven’t talked to in a while.  Send them “the” text or email, or write them a note or a card and slip the words inside. Everyone loves getting mail, even snail mail.  Everyone!!!

What little thing do you do with family and friends to express your warm regards for them?  When have you received a love note?


Keeping Home Fires Burning

Slowly, I walked across the room.

Slowly, I looked him in the eye.

Slowly, he gave me that once over.  You know it-that look up and down, before settling on my chest.

Slowly, I grabbed his chin and forced his head upward, his eyes meeting my eyes and understanding for the first time that “that” is not what I came here to do.

Slowly, I smacked him on the cheek; a love pat. No wild creatures were hurt during the enactment of this scene.

Slowly, I put my hand out, palm up.  He moved his around back and fumbled for his wallet, retrieving it from his pants pocket.

“Tonight, Babe, you can fire up the grill while I fire up you,” I whispered, then pulled away.

He grabbed for me, but I was too quick.  As I headed out the door I blew him an air kiss and said, “See ya later, hot stuff!”  After forty years together, that one still gets him every time!


TGT mast head


This past week my three teeny, tiny goals were these:

1  Eat oatmeal for breakfast several times.

2  Get to bed early at least twice.

3  Perform some kind of exercise every day.


Goal No. 1 EXCELLENT!  I ate my oatmeal several times this week. Not every morning, I’m still working on getting back to that, but several times.  I feel good about how I practiced this habit this week.

Goal No. 2  SCORE!!!  I was able to get to bed early two times this week, and boy, did I need it.  This hot muggy weather is killer, so I was glad to get in my jammies early, turn on the overhead fan, and snooze.

Goal No. 3 FAIL!  Other than moving around in an unorganized way, I have not exercised more than a few minutes this week.  I’m still experiencing a lot of pain in my leg and foot, some of it brought on by all the activity last week, when family was in town and we celebrated at our house.  This one will definitely be going on my list for next week. I need to do better.


Work has been tough.  A mixture of busy and boring, with some emotional stuff thrown in for good measure.  I’m not sure how I’m feeling about it all, but I’m trying to remain positive and help where I can.  We have several large projects in the works, with hard deadlines that always makes things interesting.  I sense that others are also, a little on edge.

The big news this week is that my co-worker won a cruise to the Caribbean that was GRAND PRIZE in a weight loss competition sponsored by our local gym.  She lost 34 pounds and beat out the second place entrant by a tenth of a pound.  Woohoo!  Regrettably, she has already returned to some of her previous eating habits. Still, I’m happy for her, and I’m hoping she can maintain the loss long-term.

I shared with you a few weeks ago that a spiritual development group had been recommended to me, didn’t I? I think I did.  Anyway, this group comes highly recommended and will be meeting through the fall and winter of 2016, and into the early spring of 2017.  I’m excited to think about the possibilities with this group, and will be sharing what I learn as I go along, so stay tuned for that.  We begin Sept 12th.

I’m going through another shedding phase with my hair!  My stylist mentioned it to me the other night when I got a trim.  I had noticed it myself, too. She asked that age-old question: Have you been feeling stressed lately?  Well, goodness, yes.  Haven’t we all?  The difference is that sometimes, because I’m so good at pushing the pressure back, my stress levels are only revealed through a loss of hair.  Ugh!  Remedy as I know it:  More early sleep nights, more culling of negativity from my circle of friends, more veggies in my diet, and more water throughout the day.  I think that spiritual reconnect I’ve been looking for from the group scheduled for this fall will help too.  I’m looking forward to that!

Frustration re: Passports.  I’ll finish this update by saying that I found the passport applications and photos I had misplaced, but still have not found our birth certificates.  Where is the world are they?  Only God knows these things.  In the meantime, I wait and keep searching for them. I know I put them someplace. Where, oh where is that place???!!


1  Eat oatmeal for breakfast several times this week.

2  Get to bed early at least twice.

3  Perform some kind of exercise every day.

When have you found something tucked away in an unexpected place?  When has frustration found you?