Professional Affirmations


Yesterday, I made a trip up north to see my dermatologist.  Being Nordic, I have fair skin that is prone to problems, so I’m good about getting annual check-ups.

Have you noticed that there is a shortage of skin doctors in your area?

There for sure is in NEPA.

I had to travel for an hour to be seen yesterday because the clinics closer to me aren’t scheduling appointments at this time, but it was sooooo worth it!  Not only did my doc not find any noteworthy problems with my derma, but she asked me about my weight loss journey.  She told me she thought I looked like I had lost weight since I saw her last.  I hadn’t.  I think what she was seeing was all the toning that has occurred because of the morning exercise I’ve religiously done the last few months.

Thank you, Three Goals Thursdays!

Honestly, I’ve been pretty bummed lately about my progress with the whole body image/weight loss/getting healthy process.  I read a lot about losing weight and exercising, and it seems like I’m falling behind the pack.

Like I’m losing ground and don’t have the energy or the mental fortitude to do more than I’m currently doing.

Sometimes I seriously think I could benefit from a stretch in food rehab; some place where I could get some one-on-one, tailored planning and counseling on food addiction.

Today was a breath of fresh air; a chance to chat with a professional who affirmed me in my efforts and hailed the progress I’ve made and how I’ve accomplished what I have.

Doc was excited by the amount of weight I’d lost and how I’d kept it off, and when I confessed that I’d struggled lately, she encouraged me.  She didn’t say, “Why haven’t you done more, or why have you quit?”

She did say, “Give yourself a break, you’re not a super hero. You’re a real human with a real life, and you’re doing great.”

Seriously, I could have cried…

I don’t know how many of you reading this are struggling with a goal you have for yourself and feeling defeated in the process.  I don’t know how many of you might feel like you’re going backward, instead of forward.  If you do feel that way, let me encourage you. You are you. You are human. You are loved, and you will get there!  You are not super human. You are mortal. Be kind to yourself today, and be okay with the progress you’ve already made. Celebrate what you’ve already done, as well as what you’ve attempted.  More successes are on the way, if you don’t give up.

Never give up!

I believe in You!

When have you felt defeated by a lack of progress?  Who needs to be encouraged by you today?

5 Steps to Weight Loss and 1 Magic Elevator

000changeispossible-growth and change

When I first began to lose weight and get healthy, people noticed. Some were happy for me.  Others were not.  Some supported me, while others thought my methods were insane.  Some tried to sabotage my efforts.  Others watched silently, probably thinking, “give her enough time and she will gain it all back.”

To be sure, I had lost and gained back weight a hundred times before. 

To their credit, these others had no idea that my thinking was different this time. I wanted more than to lose weight.

I wanted to walk up a few stairs without stopping.

I wanted to play in the yard with my kids.

I wanted to exercise without becoming instantly discouraged.

I wanted to escape problems with GERD and reflux disease.

I wanted to stop being tired all the time.

I wanted to reclaim my life.

Before, I kept waiting for the time to be “right” to lose weight.  Now, I was done with waiting.

Before, I imagined in my head that the motivation to lose weight would come to me like a magic elevator that comes to your floor in a make-believe hotel.  I would wait and wait, and wait, and one day the elevator would stop on my floor and I would get on.  When it did, losing weight would be a breeze–as easy as riding down a few floors on that magic elevator.  As the floors rushed by, the pounds would miraculously melt off.

That was before I lost 100 lbs!

What I know now is that weight loss doesn’t come to you by magic means.

You go to it!

You make it happen! 

You help you to grow and learn, and do.

Using that dream I had about the magic elevator to make my point, imagine that a weight loss elevator has become your mode of transportation from where you are now and where you want to be.  Even if you had a magic elevator, there are still a few things you would have to do to make that elevator work for you.

5 Necessary Steps to Weight Loss Success with a Magic Elevator  

  1. Decide you want to leave your floor.
  2. Know where the elevator can be found.
  3. Push the button to call the elevator to your floor.
  4. Get on the elevator.
  5. Stay on the elevator until you reach the lobby.

Before, I thought weight loss was 99% motivation, so I waited patiently for motivation to find me.  Now I see that getting healthy, becoming strong, and growing up to be someone who is determined means setting a course for myself that brings long-lasting results and does not depend on passive waiting.

Action turns motivation into results! 

What will you choose, plan, or do today to make sure you realize your goal of getting healthy and staying that way?  In what areas do you need to grow your confidence to make your dreams a reality?

8 Ways To Break a Plateau

000weight-loss-clinic-los-angeles-australia-plan-eating-127198The following has been borrowed from a lil book I have by Jonny Bowden PhD, CNS, entitled:  The Best of the Rogue Nutritionist, Vol. 1

8 Ways to Break a Plateau

1. Be a calorie detective.
2. Change up your calorie count.
3. Exercise a temporary ban on certain foods.
4. Kick it up a notch, or three (talking about exercise).
5. Revisit strength training.
6. Up your protein intake.
7. Try a gentle detox.
8. Do a personal inventory.

Numbers 1-6 above seem pretty self explanatory.

Numbers 7 and 8 are about fasting, and other things that interfere with weight loss, like lack of sleep, too much stress, and some medications you may be taking.

This lil book is full of practical information that is helping me to change things up with my routines.

What’s your number?  What did you do to break through a plateau you experienced in the past?

Stubborn Change, but Change Nonetheless

000fast foodThis morning I logged my food eaten over the weekend and yikes!



Bamm!!!  Not good.

Okay, now I understand why I am at a stand still with my weight.

I HATE counting calories, but it seems my ability to eye-ball them is defective.  I can’t tell how many whopping calories there are in foods.


Simply am not capable in my present state!

That’s okay, it just means I need to develop a plan for eating on the weekends that is more vigilant than the one I have for week days.

It all makes sense now.


Reminding myself…

Change Is Possible, and the more I want it, the quickly it will come to me.

Today is a new day.  Time for a new plan.  Ready for a new tomorrow.

When have you had to recalculate in order to triangulate a course that will produce a better outcome in the future?  What one or two habits have you adopted for making this process easier?

Three Goals Thursday

Is it really Thursday again, so soon? Really? Where did the week go?

Before I log my three goals for next week, I want to talk about those goals I achieved this week. I had a goal to bake egg muffins without grain and I did that. Yay! They were good–like lil mini quiches. Yum!

I also had a goal to try a morning shake one day this week. I did not meet this goal, but I will be trying again in the future, maybe next week, to make a morning shake. I’m just not sure how much fruit to include in it, so I’ve gotten a lil stymied with the recipe part of it and lost track of the goal.

I made a goal last week to exercise with a friend on Tuesday night. That exercise actually happened last night, after a rather extensive dental appointment (Yikes),and included walking a trail in the full sun, so I counted that as my other exercise that would make me sweat. LOL Exercise with a friend is always better, don’t you think? Even better when your jaw is numb. 😉

My third goal was to take part in some form of food prep and planning, for one hour this week. I reached this goal, if I include the meal prep I did prior to fixing our evening meals. I shall. All told, it was a pretty good week and I feel good about the goals I had and the progress I made creating some win scenarios.

It feels good to win! Yay!

One other thing I did this week that brought gang-busting results was switch up my breakfast. I had been eating half a bagel sandwich and was not seeing my weight move down at all. I switched to baked oatmeal, something that has helped a lot in the past, and wonder of wonders, it worked again. Why don’t I learn these lessons about my body? Scratch that. I am learning these lessons about my body. I will take up the oatmeal regiment once more. My body is going to be so very happy!

Three Goals for this week:

1. Continue to dedicate 1 hour to food planning and prep this week. I really want to develop a habit for this sort of behavior, so you may see this one on my goal list for a while.

2. Eat baked oatmeal for breakfast every weekday this week. It’s amazing how much my body prefers this to a bagel. Amazing!

3. Exercise for at least five minutes every MORNING this week, upon rising. Do it first, so you can forget about it after that, Lori. This will be in addition to my Tuesday walk with a friend and my bike rides on the recumbent bike I share with Dr. J. (note: we have the same bike, he and I, but they are located on different ends of the east coast. Hee, hee).

I have found that I’m waking up at 5:20 or 5:30 every morning these days and at first it was consternating to me. This morning, though, I thought, why not get up when I wake up and use that extra time to do something physical? I think it might be a good change for me, the lay-about who hits her alarm button six times before dragging herself out of bed each morning. I’m the only one who does that, right? 😉

What are your teeny, tiny goals for this week? Are you creating win scenarios that are helping you achieve those goals? If not, why not?

Telling the Truth

000to tell the truthI won’t lie, sometimes this weight loss journey I’m on frustrates me.

Some days its tedious.

Some days I get depressed with my slow progress.

I know I need to step it up.

I know I need to do better.

I know I need to journal, count calories, eat less carbs, be more attentive to exercise, push myself a lil harder.

I know all that, and I do some of it some of the time, but I am not a machine.

Is it okay to say that?

I’m not a machine.

Is this diet fatigue I’m feeling, or just a need to get away?

What I know is that I’m a human woman.

I work full-time.

I have projects to attend to outside of work, too.

I have people depending on me.

I have deadlines and relationships, and cooking, baking, cleaning, and shopping to do.

I have weight to lose. I carry it around all day every day and I’m tired of it!

I’m in a chair, on my bum, five days a week from 8am to 4pm. Not many calories being burned during those hours. I do get up and walk around, sometimes I even take an exercise break, but basically the work I do ties me to a chair.

It is what it is, for now.

While I’m whining, can I say that the aging process is no fun.

It’s not.

Today, I’m tired, and I’m frustrated and I got out of bed on the wrong side, and toyed with not getting up at all.

Seriously, I did!

But then, I got up.

I got dressed.

I got in the car and made the commute I make every week day.

I’m at the desk.

I’m upright.

I’m here, but I’m also far away from here.

I think I’m ready for vacation.

Truth be told, I was ready weeks ago!!!

Just being honest…

Where will you go for vacation this year? Are you ready now?