Bringing Back Balance



Balance for me is defined as…

Good physical health, or the best I can make it, anyway.  This includes regular doctor visits right now, to have adjustments made to my spine and hopefully alleviate some of this sciatica pain.

Healthy relationships with others, devoid of drama and supportive as all get out.

Spiritual vibrancy, with time set aside to meditate, pray, and cast visions for the future.

Simple living, denoted by spacious quarters, less mess, and inclusion of only those things that serve a purpose or create joy.

Country air and exercise, accomplished by being outside as much as possible with my camera and the beautiful NEPA sky and surroundings.

Not taking on other people’s stuff, and not taking myself too seriously.

Travel. Up North. Rochester, here we come!


How do you define balance in your life these days?  What convinces you that you’re heading in the right direction in your pursuit of a balanced life?



Blessed Relief!!!!!!!!!!


Can I just say…last night’s sleep was blissful! 

After a quick visit with my sister-in-law and a bite to eat, I was in bed by 8:31pm.  When I at first laid down, I thought I’d just take a lil nappies and then get up and watch some TV before eventually heading to bed for the night, but that mattress looked so inviting and my eyelids were so heavy that the resurgence never came.

I was out for the count!  At 8:30pm!  Wow!!!

I credit my good sleep last night to the fact that Dr. N worked on me yesterday.  He’s the new chiropractor.  I had my first session with him yesterday, after work.  Ten minutes on the rolling bed thingy, followed by a few gentle and quick manipulations is all it amounted to, but what relief.  It did me good to go to that appointment.  Doc forgot to give me my stretching exercises before I left though, those exercises he stressed as being integral to the healing process. I will have to rib him about that tonight, when I return for my second visit.

Seriously, though, I would not have imagined that what he did yesterday would have produced the results it did for me last night.  Maybe it was a fluke, but I hope not.  I cannot remember having any numbness or sensations of prickly nerves in my leg or foot, and no back pain last night as I slept.  Woohoo!!!  This just might work!

Dr N has scheduled me to see him three times a week for 8 weeks.  He says he feels confident that he can relieve 85-90% of my pain issues with treatment, and then will create for me a maintenance plan that I can follow going forward.

Immediately following my session last night I experienced these symptoms:

A headache that went away after a few minutes.

The inability to sit in a chair comfortably (this was between the rolling bed and manipulation. Afterward, I sat for the ride home in the car and did fine).

Tingling in my right fingertips, not my affected side.

Pain in the toes attached to my left leg, which is where the sciatica pain shows up.  Hadn’t had that before, but it subsided pretty quickly.


The roll bed hurt, I will confess.  My problem area is L4 and L5, near my lower back and above my tailbone. The tailbone and pelvic region did not like that hard roller forcing it up and out of shape. I guess that’s to be expected. Doc says toward the end of the eight weeks, it will feel like heaven.  We’ll see.  That was the most painful part of last night’s visit, and well within the ranges of my pain tolerances.  Heck, I’ve waited nearly two years to seek help, so that bed, that was nothing!

Two big takeaway from this first visit at the Chiropractic office are these:  (1) Sleep without pain is the best. (2) Hope is returning to my weary soul.

When have you slept the best ever?  Do you see a Chiropractor, and if so, what part of the process do you love or hate the  most?

New Chiro

000chiroYesterday I went to my first visit with the new Chiropractic doctor near my work. I was impressed with him.  My initial thought when entering his outer office was that I was uncomfortable seeing patients lying on tables, getting something done to them where everyone and his brother could see.  It was off-putting and I thought, “Ugh, I so wanted this to work for me.”

See how negative and critical I can get when facing the unknown?

I’m a pretty private person, especially when it comes to my health care, so I didn’t have high hopes for the future of my care with this new practitioner after seeing those folks in the open area of the office.

“Why,” I thought, “would he put people out here in the open for their sessions?”  It was then that I remembered they did the same thing at PT and I had not died from the exposure then.  I wouldn’t die if I had to do this either. Besides, I’m past the point of caring who sees me get better–I just want to get better!!!

One thing I prayed about before going to this appointment was that me and the new doc would click.  Personality ranks high on my list of desired attributes for doctors.  The way I figure it, I’m going to get pretty intimate with these guys and gals, so I want a bit of rapport to take me there. Ya know what I mean?  This guy was aces in the rapport department. Whew!

Before I made my first appointment at his office, I had sent an email to the new doc through his website, inquiring into the services he offered. I was specific about what it was I was looking for, and what I hoped to accomplish by seeing him for my care.  I’m that girl:  Blunt, to-the-point, and very direct.  It was funny because he began the session by addressing that blunt email from me.  “Usually, when we get an email through the website, my secretary, Mary, handles the reply,” he started, “but when yours arrived Mary said, Doctor, can you come over here?  I think you need to see this.”

“Your email was so specific and direct.  As I read it, I shook my head and said to myself, this woman knows what she wants, and what she wants we can do.  Your timing is a little off, though, because you’ve asked for help from our on-staff dietician and she is having a baby and will soon go out on maternity leave, but that doesn’t mean we can’t include that in your care. It just might mean some email exchanges have to replace face-to-face sessions.”

I like that, a man who can think on his feet–a creative problem solver!

The rest of the visit was pretty typical. Xrays of the spine and neck taken, medical history completed, physical exam of the spine performed, instructions about what ought to be done before our next visit given.  I also liked that he said to me, “I’m going to look at your MRI results and previous xrays and then I’ll determine if I can help you.”

IF I can help you?  Who says that?  In this commerce-driven country who ever says that?  Most guys say, “Sure, I can do blah and blah, and then we’ll try blah and blah and everything will be fine.”  Not this guy.  He will see if he can help me.


One other thing happened while I was with doc.  He shared with me that he believes his dad to be a food addict.  Well, what do you know. I am a sugar addict, so we had something personally in common. We talked about my approach to the addiction, and he was interested in it. In me. In helping his dad.

Again, impressed!

While I was waiting for my next appointment, the best part of my visit occurred.  My very favorite part, which I shared on another blog today.  Doc had two wee patients come in while I was waiting my turn to check out. He started their session by challenging them to a race. They lined up against the furthest walls from his office and when he said go, he ran behind them as their arms and legs flailed and their giggles filled the outer office. At the end of their running, the girls willingly settling in for their adjustments. He won me over in those moments!

I’m hooked, because he cared enough to be silly with two little girls.

I’m anxious to return next week and begin on a journey of recovery with the new doctor–IF he can help me.  I’ll letcha know how it goes. Next appointment is Tuesday, Aug 23rd. In the meantime, I’m icing my back side every day.

What is it that initially won you over with your doctor, and/or convinced you to continue seeing him when at first you just weren’t sure?  


TGT mast head

Goal:  The object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

My regular readers know that every Thursday I blog about the goals I have set for myself the week before and in that update I include the good, the bad, and the ugly truth about this journey I’m on to health.  I’m trying to recover from the effects of a childhood ignorance regarding how food obsessions get started and where they take the unfortunates caught in their clutches.  Most of the time I find my goal list inspiring, but there are days when I’d like to punch it in the face.

I’m not a violent person, mind you, so I don’t really punch anyone or thing, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to, if indeed goal lists could be hurt in this way.

I like goals because they fuel my ambition and bring me results.

I dislike goal lists because they hold the potential to make me crazy.  😉


  1. Read three chapters from a current healthy-living type publication and blog about what I learn there.
  2. Continue on with my IF-ing experiment, IF-ing at least 3 x per week.
  3. Report my current weight as a coded message in at least one blog post this week.


I’m pretty excited about my progress this week.  I fasted during breakfast three days, and I also reported my current weight as a coded message on Friday.  If you didn’t see that post, check it out here.

Yes, I do have a sense of humor, and

No, I do not want you write me to ask which of those numbers is my true current weight.

Some things a gal has to keep private, right?

I did not do so well with Goal No. 1 on my list this week.  For some reason, I have been finding it difficult to do all the things I want to do in a week for a while now.  Reading has been one of those things that has fallen by the wayside. The good news about that is that I have been getting to bed earlier in the evenings in lieu of reading into the wee hours.  An earlier bedtime is part of my continuing effort to bring some of the things that are out of whack in my life back into balance.  I don’t sleep well most nights, so an earlier bedtime helps me to get somewhere near 8 hours of shut-eye every evening.

Since I did not get Goal No. 1 done this week, I will put it back on my goal list for another week and see if I can accomplish it in the next seven days.


  1.  Read 3 chapters of a current healthy-living publications and blog about what I’ve learned.

2.  Continue IF-ing this week, for at least three days.

3.  Focus on bringing the balance back–with food, with fun, with family, and with my future plans.


My hope?  Same as yours—to feel better and to live a balanced and happy life.  Isn’t that what we all want?  Wish me luck this week. Weee, here I go…

What are you doing these days to bring the balance back to your life?  What one thing are you willing to do this week to help you meet a teeny, tiny goal you’ve set for yourself?

Early May Goals

TGT mast headLast week I set some new goals. It’d been a while.  It felt good to get back in the rhythm of things, but the week passed quickly. Sometimes I can’t believe how quickly the time passes!  Can you?


1  Set a time for meeting with new spiritual director.

2  Finish reading another chapter of  The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, and write another review.

3  Finish up PR for sale at church, getting signs updated and posted in the community.


I did pretty well this week meeting goals number 2 and 3–completed them both.  Yay!

It was kinda difficult getting those signs done and out the door for the church sale.  It rained the days I did it.  Doesn’t it always rain the days you have to do outside work?


Goal No. 1 was a bugger this week, and I did not get it done.  I’m not sure why I didn’t get it done. I think I might be hesitating starting up with this fellows, just because my hope is to delve into some of the problems I’m having with hesitation in general these days when I meet with him.  So long as I can put off the initial meeting, I don’t have to deal with the rest of the work, right?  That’s what my slacker brain keeps telling me, anyway.  I have decided to put this goal back on my list for another week and try to get ‘er done. I really need some time with someone unconnected and impartial, who can assist me with some of this hesitation I’m dealing with right now.  Back on the list it goes…

Speaking of rain:  it has rained nearly every day this week in NEPA. The good news is that the rain has been mild and no flooding has occurred. I live on top of a NEPA nob, so flooding is not an issue for me, but I have friends in the lowlands and they have been put to the test the last few years.  I’m glad I don’t have to deal with those kinds of troubles.

Oh, and I finished the book the big bosses from far-off land asked us to read.  I posted about The Five Dysfunctions of a Team last week, but I didn’t do a final summary of the book. That’s on the way, so please look for it and bug me if I don’t get it done.


1  Make that call and set a time to meet with my new spiritual director.

2  Make final arrangements for workers on Sale Day this Saturday.

3 Search for a special THANK YOU card to send to my friend in return for her gifts to me.

Well, that’s about it. This week the goals are purposefully teeny tiny.  As we all know, teeny, tiny goals make for winning scenarios, and winning builds strong habits.  If you’re wondering about this philosophy I hold, check out the explanation of my Three Goals Thursday emphasis here.

Until next week, set some goals, keep ’em tiny, and keep moving forward!

What teeny tiny thing could you set as a goal this week that when completed will make you feel like a winner?  What is the great goal you’ve ever achieved?


TGT mast headThis morning was a rough one.  I did not want to get out of bed.  I did not want to do my exercise.  I did not want to think about posting three goals and getting started on meeting them. I did not want…

What did I do when I didn’t want to do anything?  I just did it!

I got up anyway, albeit reluctantly.

I did my exercises anyway, although not with as much gusto as in previous days.

I packed my oatmeal anyway.

I praised the Lord that I have another chance to fight this fight against the status quo another day and I began my day, any way!

Why did I do all the things I didn’t want to do today?

I did them because habits are built when we repeatedly do those things that support our goals, and I want to support my goals.  Moreover, I want to achieve my goals. I may not go at them with the same gusto every day, but dang, I am committed to seeing them completed for the week.  Part of my commitment comes from You.

Yep, you heard me right. YOU keep me on track.  On those days when I don’t want to do what I ought to do I think of my goals, and I think of the habits that still need to be built, and I think of You, those beautiful, wonderful, brilliant, and loving musk oxen out there who I am accountable to each week when another Thursday rolls around and I once again post my results from last week’s goal setting session.


You are one piece of my three prong approach to health and wellness–that community that means so much to someone struggling to get better.


1. Buy new shoes for work.

2. Embrace the future at work with excitement and joy by being receptive, creative, and fun to be around this week.

3.  Continue on with exercise, oatmeal, and embracing a healthy lifestyle. 

I gotta say that overall I did pretty well with my goals this week.  Better than good. Better than average.  I tackled some long-standing procrastination with my goals and got things done.  Yay!  I’m excited at how things turned out.


Goal No. 1 was for me to quit procrastinating and buy new shoes.  I did that. Woohoo!!!  I got the shoes on sale and with a gift card that was given to me, so they cost me NADA.  That’s a great price to pay for long-lasting, above average, pricey, but needed work shoes.  The shoes have not come in the mail yet, but they soon will. I will let you know how they feel on my feet once they’ve arrived. They are an exact match to the shoes I have now, but with new outer soles, new insoles, and new, shiny uppers.  I can’t wait to celebrate with a good fitting, good feeling new shoe!

Goal No. 2 was easy this week.  I often try to stay positive at work, and have been complimented on that ability when things get negative around there.  One thing that helped me to embrace the future with this new company this week is the sense I have that our old owner/founder (who by the way is going to be around for a while, after receiving a 5-year contract to remain as facility president), made the right move when selling the company.  In this economy and with the new Obama Care program taking hold, it is getting harder and harder for small corporations to compete and stay profitable. The company that bought us is a good fit for our culture and creativity, and they have resources and capital we don’t, plus, an exciting vision for the future. I’m excited to see where we will go in the next five years and all the things we will see on our way there. I hope I can stick around for the ride. It’s gonna be a wild one, I’m sure.

Goal No. 3 was met with enthusiasm by me this week. I called my insurance company and found a gym that I can join for three months for FREE. Score!  I also ordered an exercise DVD that arrived in the mail last night, also FREE (with that handy-dandy gift card, I received).  I’m looking forward to beginning with the new tape this week. Woohoo! Things are looking up over here in NEPA.


  1.  Continue on with my oatmeal and exercise in the morning.

2.  Try my hand at counting sugar intake this week.  I need to get a better handle on that piece of the puzzle.

3.  Be more intentional about checking my BGLs.

I had a bit of a scare this week and a lil reprimand.  When I went for my annual eye exam, my doc talked to me about blood levels because he saw that I had a bit of a darkness over one eye upon initial inspection of the ole peepers.  After adding drops to dilate the eye and get a closer look, he said I had the very beginnings of a cataract.

Woohoo, and WHHHAAAAT?!!!!

Stupid golden years, anyway. What good are they to me?!

Still, this got my attention!!!

Doc talked about the back of my eye looking like a paradise and he had no recommendation beyond getting new glasses for the new year, but I heard what he said about possible damage due to T2D, and I took it seriously. This week I am making a concerted effort to keep better track of my levels and my diet. That will be my goal, along with trying out that new exercise video.

I’ll stop back during the week and let you know how it goes. Until then…

What teeny, tiny goal do you need to set for yourself this week, that will keep you moving forward in life?  Do you have a big goal that needs to be whittled down to size?  How will you do that this week?


Three Goals Thursday-Nov 19 2015


Three goals is what I’m here to share with you today. Well, not really three goals, but rather, my progress with three teeny, tiny goals I set for myself for the month of November.

How am I doing with my November Goals?

I am doing well!

In fact, very well.

In fact, I am doing well with my goals in spite of…

–A continuing disconnect with a friend that has challenged me emotionally.

–Daylight Savings Time changes in NEPA, which have wreaked havoc with my sleep patterns.

–A pupper who continues to itch, scratch, and fuss because of what I think is a skin allergy, and in doing so is driving me crazy!

–Temptation’s allure to sleep in, skip my routines, or go at them at half speed and with lil enthusiasm.

As you might remember, I am making Three Goals Thursday a regular part of my routine these days in hopes of developing some eating and exercise habits that will unconsciously serve me in the future, and as a way of convincing my brain that when I set a goal in place, I WILL WIN!!!

The secret behind this training with the brain is the setting of teeny, tiny goals that are EASILY achievable. Setting such goals has become a habit for me, and the result has been that I am WINNING on a regular basis.

Woohoo, it feels good to WIN on a REGULAR basis!  🙂

This week I achieved my goals by…

Eating oatmeal for breakfast every day but today, and it is my plan to eat it for lunch today.

I exercised for 12 minutes every morning, before work, save one. On that day I was running late, so I exercised 6 minutes at home in the a.m. and then took a long walk about work. It was a beautiful day, albeit windy, and I enjoyed finishing my goals of 12 minutes of exercise before the sun went down.

I also read and meditated for 5 minutes every day this week, except today. I will do that at lunch time today.

One of the facets of success for me with my goals has been to perform the actions attached to them early in the day. That way, I don’t lose steam or give in to temptation to not do them that day. I allow myself the latitude to do them later in the day if need be, but for me, achieving my goals early is the secret to continuing success.

So, there you have it—My Three Goals Thursday report. I’m happy to say that keeping the same goals through November has worked well for me. I was afraid it would not. I was wrong.

000change is possible blog-time to make a change

What I am learning this week, as a result of my goal-setting?

–Even when I don’t feel like it, I can do those things I have promised to myself I will do.

–I am a WINNER EVERY TIME I complete a goal I have set for myself, no matter their size.

–I don’t have to allow feelings to rule in my life, because yeah, they are not dependable, AT ALL!

–Setting goals makes me 100% more likely to attain them, than not setting them.

–Forward movement demands a plan and action—so I plan, plan, plan, and then do, do, do!

Have you begun setting any teeny, tiny goals for yourself? What discoveries have you made about yourself, as you have been working diligently to achieve your teeny, tiny goal list?