Peace, permanent peace


Where are you finding peace these days?  How hopeful are you?

You for You!

My sister recently showed me pictures from a family gathering.

A family that was mine, but not mine.

I was in the picture, appearing to be maybe three years old.

Unaware of what would follow.

It made me sad. For all we’ve lost, for what might have been, for that disconnect that never healed itself; partly my fault, partly theirs.

This song reminded me of it.

Love the people in your lives. They need it, but so do you!!

The Shepherdess

Female-shepherd-leading-her-herd-of-sheep-and-goats-m2k34jHe stood there, staring with rapt attention as she approached the well where her sheep would water.

“Who is that?!” he asked the shepherd next to him.

“She’s Rachel, our master’s daughter.”

Does she own that flock?” he asked, still staring straight ahead, still unable to take his eyes off her.

“They are her father’s sheep. He is a rich man. She has done this always, as long as I can remember. At least these six years.  Before that, she was too young.”

“By herself?” he managed to get out before a droplet of his own drool slid down the front of his tunic.  He quickly brushed it away before a stain could set in.

“She has brothers. They are very protective. They came with her at the beginning, but now she needs no one. She has servants that go with her, but she does not need them to do the job. She is strong. Courageous. Beautiful, no?”

“Beautiful, yes!”

“She is also forbidden. She has a mark on her. Maybe it is her beauty, but perhaps an invisible brand. Whatever it is, no one dares ask for her hand in marriage.”

“No one?” he replied.

“No one. But maybe you? You look to be a wealthy man yourself. Perhaps you will capture her heart.” He said this not believing a word of it.

She was a shepherd, with her own flock. Jacob couldn’t imagine his luck in finding a jewel so exquisite here. In the wilderness. Beside a well. She needed to be in a palace.

Somehow, he knew he would have her. Must have her. Would, have her!

Friday Fiction-Morning Coffee



She rolled over in the bed and moaned.  It was morning, again, but much too early to crawl out from under the covers.  The clock on her nightstand read 6:07.  That was a.m. and much too early!  A little self-talk might be needed to rouse her today.

“Come on, you can do it,” she whispered to herself, but her tone wasn’t all that assuring.  Could she do it?  Did she want to do it?  Everyone at the office was sick after their trip south.  They coughed. They choked. They sneezed.  They vomited. Some were said to have the flu.  Why go to work when this was what you’d get for it?

She rolled over and brushed against a bare thigh, nearly having forgotten that there was a man lying next to her.  Her man.  That guy who always made everything okay in her world.  Her hero and confidant. It’d been ages since she’d gotten up before him…made him coffee.  “Why not today?” she thought.

She started to leave the bed, but wasn’t out from under the sheets before he grabbed her wrist.

“Where ya goin’, baby?”

“I thought I’d make you coffee.”

What happened next convinced her that coffee was the last thing on his mind.  Yeah, it was going to be a good day!

Friday Fiction


He loved wet hair!

I don’t know why.

Some say his mother gave birth to him on the streets of Rio during a tropical cyclone, but I was never able to verify that story.   What I know is that on those occasions when I longed for intimacy, craved closeness, or hoped to shut out a little of the white noise of the world through physical touch I simply wet my hair and appeared before him.

That smile; it spread across taunt, tanned cheeks like a wild fire, turning a deeper amber as his pulse quickened.

Salty, dripping, curly tendrils sticking to the nape of my neck and bouncing off my brow as I shook my head reminded me of a Labradoodle drying himself off after a walk in the rain, but for him…for him it was aphrodisiac.

Everything else waited while he attended to my needs.


Keeping Home Fires Burning

Slowly, I walked across the room.

Slowly, I looked him in the eye.

Slowly, he gave me that once over.  You know it-that look up and down, before settling on my chest.

Slowly, I grabbed his chin and forced his head upward, his eyes meeting my eyes and understanding for the first time that “that” is not what I came here to do.

Slowly, I smacked him on the cheek; a love pat. No wild creatures were hurt during the enactment of this scene.

Slowly, I put my hand out, palm up.  He moved his around back and fumbled for his wallet, retrieving it from his pants pocket.

“Tonight, Babe, you can fire up the grill while I fire up you,” I whispered, then pulled away.

He grabbed for me, but I was too quick.  As I headed out the door I blew him an air kiss and said, “See ya later, hot stuff!”  After forty years together, that one still gets him every time!


Back at the Office

000at the table

I’ve been gone from this blog for a week, and what a week it was.

While I was away our family celebrated! Boy, did we celebrate!!!

A birthday was remembered.

A family reunion was held.

A Galentine’s Day party was hosted.

Some wee ones were hugged.

Some travel was embarked upon.

Some coffee was drank.

Some books were perused.

Some encouraging took place.

One attic and one basement were emptied.

(2) 20 Ft dumpsters were filled.

A mountain of metal was recycled.

Another mountain of old furniture was picked through.

Some taken. Some left behind.

A donkey nibbled on small fingers while being pet.

Two horses found new homes.

(1) wee one rode a big horse all by himself and loved it!!

(1) wanted nothing to do with that gigantic animal (me, either, J!).

Pictures were taken.

Videos were recorded.

“Farmland” was visited.

Ice cream was eaten.

We all laughed, sweated, worked, and loved on each other!

The garden is huge.

The veggies are plentiful.

The skies are big.

We have no room to complain, so we don’t.

We count ourselves blessed and we express gratitude for all we’ve been given.

It’s a good day to be alive!

Name three things you did last week that made you grateful.  What has your favorite summertime event been, so far?