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This past week my three teeny, tiny goals were these:

1  Eat oatmeal for breakfast several times.

2  Get to bed early at least twice.

3  Perform some kind of exercise every day.


Goal No. 1 EXCELLENT!  I ate my oatmeal several times this week. Not every morning, I’m still working on getting back to that, but several times.  I feel good about how I practiced this habit this week.

Goal No. 2  SCORE!!!  I was able to get to bed early two times this week, and boy, did I need it.  This hot muggy weather is killer, so I was glad to get in my jammies early, turn on the overhead fan, and snooze.

Goal No. 3 FAIL!  Other than moving around in an unorganized way, I have not exercised more than a few minutes this week.  I’m still experiencing a lot of pain in my leg and foot, some of it brought on by all the activity last week, when family was in town and we celebrated at our house.  This one will definitely be going on my list for next week. I need to do better.


Work has been tough.  A mixture of busy and boring, with some emotional stuff thrown in for good measure.  I’m not sure how I’m feeling about it all, but I’m trying to remain positive and help where I can.  We have several large projects in the works, with hard deadlines that always makes things interesting.  I sense that others are also, a little on edge.

The big news this week is that my co-worker won a cruise to the Caribbean that was GRAND PRIZE in a weight loss competition sponsored by our local gym.  She lost 34 pounds and beat out the second place entrant by a tenth of a pound.  Woohoo!  Regrettably, she has already returned to some of her previous eating habits. Still, I’m happy for her, and I’m hoping she can maintain the loss long-term.

I shared with you a few weeks ago that a spiritual development group had been recommended to me, didn’t I? I think I did.  Anyway, this group comes highly recommended and will be meeting through the fall and winter of 2016, and into the early spring of 2017.  I’m excited to think about the possibilities with this group, and will be sharing what I learn as I go along, so stay tuned for that.  We begin Sept 12th.

I’m going through another shedding phase with my hair!  My stylist mentioned it to me the other night when I got a trim.  I had noticed it myself, too. She asked that age-old question: Have you been feeling stressed lately?  Well, goodness, yes.  Haven’t we all?  The difference is that sometimes, because I’m so good at pushing the pressure back, my stress levels are only revealed through a loss of hair.  Ugh!  Remedy as I know it:  More early sleep nights, more culling of negativity from my circle of friends, more veggies in my diet, and more water throughout the day.  I think that spiritual reconnect I’ve been looking for from the group scheduled for this fall will help too.  I’m looking forward to that!

Frustration re: Passports.  I’ll finish this update by saying that I found the passport applications and photos I had misplaced, but still have not found our birth certificates.  Where is the world are they?  Only God knows these things.  In the meantime, I wait and keep searching for them. I know I put them someplace. Where, oh where is that place???!!


1  Eat oatmeal for breakfast several times this week.

2  Get to bed early at least twice.

3  Perform some kind of exercise every day.

When have you found something tucked away in an unexpected place?  When has frustration found you?











Rules and Advice


There are so many rules in life.  Do this, don’t do that, and don’t forget about the other thing.  So many rules!

Life is also full of advice.  Do this, don’t do that, and don’t forget about the other thing.

So much advice-everywhere!

Some  might find all these rules and all the advise off-putting, but not me.  I find it comforting to have boundaries established and publicized, and I love advice offered in a spirit of cooperation.  I have profited aplenty from the good advice of good people who wanted to help me.  I have also profited from the advise of others who wanted more to criticize what I was doing than help me find my way.  Both channels of information are valuable, and both can be used by me to get me further along the path to recovery, if I have ears to hear and can sort the good from the bad.

Today and last week I begin again to eat only veggies at lunch time.  Lots of veggies!  This is a POE (plan of eating), that has profited me in the past.  Its working now, too.

My advice to my readers: Eat more veggies! They’re good for you!  That is all for now.

Eat More Veggies!

What is your plan of attack for lunch time these days?  Are you eating enough veggies?

Goals for June 5-11

000less sugar

This past week has been a wild one.  Mr and me celebrated together one birthday, one anniversary, and one prayer session at a friend’s property after his barn rebuild collapsed.  We attended one bridal shower, one feeding-of-the-geese at the lake session (goslings included), and hosted our first church-at-home service, a one-time event that fit the circumstances on Sunday.  It’s a long story, but a blessed one.  All in all, I would say it has been a banner week for us, having family in town and celebrating our youngest wee one’s birthday with family, including water balloons and catching up on all the family gossip.  Family..Family…Family!  I learn so much from my family and friends!

The mention of learning brings into focus my goals for this week.


1  Read 3 chapters of a current healthy-living publications and blog about what Ive learned.

2  Continue IF-ing this week, for at least three days. IF=Intermittent Fasting

3  Focus on bringing the balance back–with food, fun, family, and future plans.


Goal No. 1 was a fail AGAIN this week!  Ugh!  Conclusion:  My mind and my ambitions are not set on reading about what other people are doing to get healthy right now.  That being the case, I have decided to quit this goal.

Reminder to Self:  A fail doesn’t mean we quit the whole of the project.  Just that it’s time to prioritize a lil better.

I found my greatest success and focus with Goal No. 3 this week: Balance.  High motivation here!  This goal stayed with me all week and I feel like I accomplished a lot while working on it.  This goal stayed front and center in my mind.  That’s a good goal!  I will be putting this goal back on my list for another week, as I try again to bring back the balance between fun, family, fitness and future plans.

Goal No. 2 also went well!  I was able to IF 3 times, even though the week was a hectic one with a crazy schedule attached.  I have also reintroduced a vegetables-only policy at lunch, which profited me greatly a few years ago.  I feel so much better when I eat more veggies!


You can stand strong even when life has tried its best to knock you down.  Scott and Lydia, we continue to pray for you as you work on your property to restore what we taken by fire.

Hosting an event at my house makes me grouchy.  Am I alone in this?  Stressful!

Bringing back the balance to my life means I have to look more closely at three areas:  Diet, Exercise, and Relationships.

Splenda makes my kidneys restless and stressed.  Seriously, I am looking HARD at this substance when considering balance in my diet going forward.  I must have gone to the ladies room every hour the last two days, and I wondered why??  No big influx of sugar in my diet, so why was I peeing so much?  Then I remembered that I had the coffee shop put a lil cream and Splenda in my coffee on Tuesday and Wednesday morning this week (something I don’t usually do, but wanted to treat myself for all my hard work lately–when will I quit using food as a reward???).  Yikes, I was running to the bathroom all day those days.  What’s up with that?  Back-to-black  for this gal today, and I am seeing a world of difference, re: bathroom frequency!


1  Continue practicing my IF-ing plan, 2-3 days this week.

2  Bring back the balance in life by intentionally planning better with regards to fun, food, family, and future planning. We go to get our passports tomorrow. Yippeee!

3  Walk at least 3 times this week.

I have noticed that the time I have put into planning to walk and walking has been smaller and smaller lately. That needs to change!  I will be spending more time walking this week, as well as trying to exercise in other ways.

What teeny tiny thing have you learned about yourself this week by intentionally observing your routine?  Does Splenda make you run to the bathroom?

Three Goals and Charles Duhigg

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It’s Thursday again, and time once more to look at those habits I’m building into my life through repetition.


I’ve heard it said that repetition is the only form of permanence we can attain in this life. I think it’s true.  Change is ever nipping, nipping, nipping at our heels, and much of what we face in life we are powerless to control, but we are not helpless.  We can control ourselves.  One of the fruits of spiritual connection is the promise that we will master our urges.

Surrender to a plan, a program, my God, and a teeny, tiny bit of commitment to stay the course and keep focused on my goals will get me there.

We all have goals.  My teeny, tiny three show up here on my blog every Thursday.  Yours may show up on pages in your journal.  Maybe you share your goals with your significant other, or a support group, or a trusted friend.  Wherever we share our goals, no matter how formally they may be shared or not, we all have something we are striving to attain.  For me, it is creating winning scenarios that build confidence.


I’m currently reading Charles Duhigg’s genius book, Smarter, Faster, Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business, and I’m loving it. I have often hawked his previous best seller, The Power of Habit, here.  I love, loved that book and this one is just as informative.  I’m a big fan of HABIT and all the good it can do, especially as it unconsciously moves us through life, but it does seem to have a down side.  Doesn’t everything?


What does Charles Duhigg’s book have to do with my goal list this week?  Just this:  In this newest book by Charles, he talks about the ugly downside of goal setting.

What is that downside?  Closure!

You’ve all heard the word “closure” and probably most often in the sense of ending relationships or the death of loved ones, especially those taken from us suddenly or by violent means.  But closure as Charles refers to it in the book is all about that “Ahhh” moment one gets when a project is finally finished.  It is a feeling I know well.

I am very goal oriented and very methodical, so much so that I adore the “Ahhh” moments of life.  You know them, right? They are what you feel when you’ve read the last page on a good book, or written that final stance of your poem. They come when the ironing is done, the cake is decorated, and the baby is bathed with clean jammies on, laid down for the night, and finally off to the land of nod.  “Ahh,” you say, either consciously or unconsciously (and you might pour yourself a glass of wine).  That sigh you let escape your lips as you fall back into the bed stead after performing mattress gymnastics–its all part of closure.

Charles said that “Ahhh” moment can be good, but it can also be bad. 

The “Ahhh” moment is bad when it becomes your single most loved motivation for what you’re doing. It’s bad because it clouds your judgment.  It makes you narrow minded.  It causes you and me to fixate on the end that we’ve chiseled out for ourselves in our creative minds.  It makes acceptance of other possibilities hard to envision, and of course that means disaster.  It’s incredibly hard to shift gears when you have a hard goal in mind, and even harder when you crave the closure of an “Ahhh” moment.

True story:  I got pregnant for my second child because of a constant lack of an “Ahhh” moment during the work day.  Obviously, that wasn’t the only reason, but it didn’t hurt that I hated that job!  It didn’t help, either, that my “office” was in a building with no windows and I was employed there during the NEPA winter months, so no sunshine for this girl for four months!  Mr was very happy that I quit that job, and I am too as I look on the face of a man I raised who I am very proud to call son.  All this to say, be careful about setting goals that reinforce closure over habit.  Those kind of goals kill brain cells.

My estimation, not Charles Duhigg’s, mind you.

LAST WEEK’S GOALS       (About time, right?!)

  • Exercise for 15 minutes every day this week, and eat my oatmeal every day.


  • Get blood labs done!

DONE, and the results were better than I ever could have anticipated. 5.7 A1C without diabetic meds.  Yay!!!

  • Do an inventory of my pantry this week and throw out anything that is expired or not regularly used by our family.

Oops! Note done.  I missed this goal while I was playing with the wee ones and celebrating Easter.  No problem. I will just set this as a goal for this coming weel.


  • Continue on with exercise and oatmeal every day.
  • Inventory pantry and throw out expired products.
  • Finish reading Smarter, Faster, Better and write a review.

Easy peasy!  These should be small enough for a WIN this week.  Keep me honest, though, and check back to see if I did what I said I would.

What goals did you set for yourself this week? Did you achieve them?




Blood Labs Done-Results!

Blood test

Remember how I had made it a goal of mine to have my blood draw done THREE WEEKS IN A ROW?

Yeah, I remember!

It was embarrassing, not being able to meet that goal three weeks running.  When I put the goal on my Thursday list this last time I said to myself, “Enough!  This is getting done!!!”

I like exclamation points!!!!!

I also like being able to report I’ve met all my goals!!!!!

Best of all, I like the results I got back from my most recent blood testing:

Cholesterol 148

HDL: 48

LDL: 82

Trigs: 91

Glucose: 97

A1C: 5.7

These results are such a relief to me, and proof positive that eating right and exercising, even the tiniest bit (15-30 minutes each day), can make a big difference in your numbers.

The best feeling of all is that feeling I got when I did something I did not want to do because it was beneficial for me to do it.

No, wait, I lie.

The best feeling was seeing an A1c number within a normal range without diabetic meds!!!!! 

My BUN number on the report showed a tad bit elevated, so I’m trying to figure out what I need to do to tweak my diet and get that number down next time.  Any suggestions, send ’em over.  That number could have been a result of dehydration, since I was about 13 hours out from my most recent meal and drinking, but I’m not banking on that.  In the weeks to follow I will be cutting more protein out of my diet.  I’m hoping the nuts I’m eating is not contributing to this number, because I love my nuts, but I know there is a lot of work I could do to cut out animal proteins in my diet.  I’ll start there and see how it goes.

So glad to have crushed this goal this week!  Now, onward and upward to those other two. I’ve got to report in three short days. I want to do better with my teeny, tiny goals this week!!!!!

What goals have  you set for yourself this week?  How’s it going?