On Flying Right

As I go through this life, I try to fly right.

It’s easy to fly wrong, but flying right, that’s a bit tougher.  Still, building a right flying habit is worth the effort.

I’ve had a bit of a struggle with pride in my life. Not a lot, but a little, and I won’t pretend that I haven’t wrestled with kindness, too.

The good news: I get lots of opportunities to practice these “flying” habits!!!

Oh, heck, Tim McGraw says it way better than me, so this…

When have you found it hard to be humble and kind with yourself?  Conversely, when has it been easy to go easy on others?


Why such thin skins?

000thin skinCan you please tell me why everyone is so thin-skinned these days?

Every statement if picked apart.

Every declaration digested.

Every opinion put under the microscope…

…and everybody has hurt feelings!


I think we all need to toughen up a lil bit.

Just a lil bit!

Well, everyone but me…  😉

When have you dealt with someone who was notoriously thin-skinned?  Do you think people are too easily offended these days?


The Long and Short of it


I love to write!

Heck, I love to talk.

I’ve been called verbose before.  True story.

I love all things bloggy, but honestly, long posts trip me up.

I don’t have time to read; not nearly enough, so I get frustrated when one of my favorite bloggers pens an epic post.  When that happens, I almost always have to print it out and divide up the reading into bite-sized portions, especially if I’m just “poppin’ in” to read what was written during a break at work, or at lunch.

I’m selfish, I know, but during my break times I want to check in with as many bloggers as I can, and when one or two of them post a 7000 word article (yes, I’m exaggerating for affect), I regrettably have to pass by without reading it, or I only read part of it, or worst yet, I’m forced to print it to read later.  Ugh, I hate reading L.A.T.E.R.

The worst part of reading later is then I have to comment later, which makes me feel out of the loop.

Poor me, right?

This is definitely a first world problem, but still…

I want to read what you guys write (!!!), and I want to absorb it all before I comment.  You share such fascinating and helpful information, and I want to “get it” all, but here’s the thing:  I have a hard time doing that if the post is too long or it contains information that is challenging for me, a novice to those things you know well, to comprehend.

All this to say:

  1.  I love reading my fellows blogger’s stuff.
  2. I’m trying to comprehend and absorb as much of it as I can.
  3. Regrettably, my reading time is limited.
  4. I wish it weren’t!
  5. Thank you for serializing those more challenging postings!!
  6. You Rock!!!!

Do you wish you had more time to read the articles posted by your blogger friends?  How much time do you typically spend writing or reading any given post?




Do the Difficult First!

000mark twainif-its-your-job-to-eat-a-frog-its-best-to-do-it-first-thing-in-the-morning-mark-twain

A long time ago, when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, I put off unpleasant tasks until last-minute.  I stalled and stalled, and stalled, until I could stall no more, then I grudgingly did that thing I had been dreading doing.

Today, all that has changed! Somewhere along recovery road I learned that its best to eat my big frogs early in the day, in order to get their nasty taste out of my mouth as soon as possible.

That’s why I always schedule dentist and doctor appointments for first thing in the morning; 8:00am or earlier, if I can get ’em.

It’s also why I circle back around quickly to apologize for a slip of the tongue or a word too harshly spoken.

I can’t afford to wait, and if you’re eating a croaker, neither can you.

I think Mark had it right–when dealing with the big frogs of life, eat early and eat quickly.  Around noon time on a sunny day all bets are off that they might in any way taste palatable!

Lesson Learned:  Dry or sweaty frog meat is horrible, so embrace life with gusto and get the smelly stuff out of the way early in the day.

Are you more reactive or proactive in life?  When has waiting to deal with the frogs in your life caused you problems?




It isn’t Braggadocio


This morning I had this niggling thought pushing at the serenity in my head.  Oh, no, its that inner critic again!  He has so much to say about what I think, what I say, and how I write.  Ugh. He is an annoying character, for sure.

What my inner critic was fretting about this time was whether or not my Three Goals Thursday post this wee had ventured into the area of braggadocio.  He insisted I think about it and draw a rational conclusion.

He is such an annoying character!

I did think about it though, because I can rarely shut him up until I do, and I did wonder if he was right, which confused me. He loves it when I’m confused.

What I decided in the end is that I know that achieving three goals I have set for myself each week is exciting for me.  It is encouraging, to me.  It is building confidence in me, and it is encouraging others to give goal setting a try.

If congratulating myself on a job well done is a form of hubris, then call me proud.  I don’t happen to think it is.

I believe I shared here about that talk I recently did with a MOPS ground in NEPA. I was asked to speak on confidence and how women can not only exist in this life, but flourish in the process of existing.  One of those I counseled with before giving the talk shared that, for them, confidence is built by planning to do good things in this world and then following through with that plan.  For this forty-something fella, speaking affirmations to oneself in the mirror was a usless attempt to feel confident in one’s self.  For him, the proof of confident was displayed through doing.

I loved what he had to say on the subject and agreed with him. It feels good to do something good in this world, and especially when that good is done to others.

All this to say that I hope my posts of late haven’t come across to my readers as braggadocio, but rather, as a growing confidence in my abilities to do good in this world, first in my life, and then in the lives of others.  As I share my three goals and my successes or failures with them each week, I am sharing as honestly as I know how one method for getting moving on the good things in life.

I’m sharing one way to stop procrastinating and start moving.

Please don’t mistake my confidence for braggadocio. I assure you I am smiling as I post about my goal setting and successes, and never smirking in the process.

I’d love to hear from some of you, how you’re smiling through life and accomplishing your goals.  If you have something to share, do good to this gal over here in the corner and share freely about it in the comments below.  Together, we can turn down the volume on the inner critics that keep us from doing good in this world.  Together, we can get better.

Change IS possible for as long as we have breath in our lungs.  Let’s get started with the good stuff today!

Do you have an inner critic that constantly complains about the things you say, feel, or do? How do you shut him or her down, and get on with the task of putting good things out there in the wide world around you?

Happiness, Joy, Balance…What??!

Last night I sat in a room with a bunch of women who “get” me.  They listen when I speak and they understand what I say. That can’t be said of everyone in the world, but with these ladies fear of sharing quickly drops away. I know I can trust them, and I know they will support me, no matter what.

Do you have friends like that in your life?  I hope you do.

Something that I shared at the end of our time last night has remained with me overnight. I thought of it this morning, when I woke.  I thought about it again on the way to work. I thought about it when I opened my computer and began my day job.  I was thinking of it again a few minutes ago…

Maybe when I left last night, the good stuff was just beginning to seep out of me, and I couldn’t finish what I’d begun. I was out of time.  Maybe that’s why I’m still thinking about it today, I don’t know.

I’m concerned that I don’t know the meaning of balance in my life. 

000wired differently

I wonder some days if I know how to be “happy.”

I know how to be intense.

I can “do” introspection.

I’ve learned loyalty to my skill set.

I’m good at critique, real good at it, but am I equally as “good” at experiencing joy or happiness, or finding balance between the hard and the easy of life? :/

I seem to spend myself on the hard.

When I look at the imaginary pie chart of activities in my head, it looks like I spend a disproportionate amount of time problem solving, as compared to embracing or creating joyful memories.

How do I flip the equation?

Maybe we all get in ruts along the way to here, and I’ve gotten in one that will take some work to get out of, I don’t know.  I just know that my default setting seems to me to be  something other than joy.

Can you relate?

Have you had to “teach yourself” to be more lighthearted, or are you naturally someone who levitates to the joyful side of life?  When have you wished you were wired differently?