First World Problems

Under the heading “Are You Kidding Me?!”, this:

Textaphrenia: A disease found in teens, in which they have heard or felt a new text message vibration when there is no message.

It’s a real thing, people. Look it up!  Ugh!

Here is an example of real trouble:


Giorgos Moutafis/Reuters

When have you been tempted to lament first world problems?  Couldn’t textaphrenia be cured by simply shutting one’s cell phone off?


I need a Joy Loan!

000great-joy-quotes-7Recently, I was introduced to Marie Kondo’s method for bringing joy into life by sending “stuff” out the door.  Kondo suggests that when you clean and de-clutter, you ask yourself this simple question with every item you touch: Does this bring me joy?  If whatever you are holding in your hand when you ask the question does not bring you joy, you throw it to the side and begin creating a pile of “stuff” that can be donated to Good Will or The Salvation Army, or some other worthy organization after your purge.

I tried Marie Kondo’s method recently, and I have to say this gal is onto something!  Following Kondo’s suggestion, I filled two plastic bags with gently used items, including one never-been-worn-red-killer sweater. Once I was done sorting my clothes, I quickly sent them to the Salvation Army for recycling.

It felt good to get all that stuff out of my dresser and closet, and into someone else’s hands.

It brought me JOY!

This coming weekend I’m hosting an event that is making me anxious.  I’m always anxious to one degree or another whenever I’m in any way asked to play the hostess, but this is an all-family event that depends on the weather for success, along with the mingling of several families, the planning of some entertainment for the kiddos, and coordinating food dishes and grilling options for the chow.

This shindig has many moving parts, so my anxiety levels are rising with each passing day.

Usually my habit for dealing with stress brought on by this kinda project would be to micro-manage the heck out of it, pulling other “willing participants” into the crazy, self-imposed vortex of darkness and gloom that would eventually brighten and become our family picnic.  Sounds like fun right? Something you’d want to get involved in, right?


In fact, hubs has been threatening for weeks now to leave early on picnic day and go fishing until after everyone has gone home. No chance of that. I intend to hide his truck keys the night before so he can’t slip away unnoticed.  I might also have to hide all of his shoes. Then again, Huck Finn went fishing without shoes, so maybe I need to re-think that part of the plan.

Anyway, this morning the question of whether or not this event and the way I was going about it brought me joy popped into my head.  The quick and definite answer was, no. Emphatically, No!  Something needs to change for me to get from hesitant (my current state of being surrounding this event), to joy.

As of this posting I have not figured out what that “something” might be, but I think I’m on the right path.  Maybe you have an idea??  If so, please say so in the comments below.

Right now, I’m looking for a JOY-loan. Can you help me out?

What makes your family events and all the details that go into organizing them joyful?  Are you ever hesitant when it comes to hosting events at your house?

Me & My Baggy Pants!

Attention Ladies:  If you want to feel good about yourself all day, wear baggy pants!


I’m smiling as I pen this post, because this morning I did something silly.  Thinking I had grabbed the right slacks for my day job, I actually put on slacks I had pulled from the dresser last week when sorting through clothes looking for an old shirt to do a dirty job.

These slacks are two sizes too big!

You might think, “Well, how in the world did she not notice they were two sizes too big when she pulled those slacks on this morning?”  Good question!

The reason I didn’t recognize that my slacks were too big this morning is because I’ve returned to my habit of eating only veggies for lunch each day.  Because of this return to what worked for me in the past I have lost a couple pounds, making my slacks fit more loosely than in recent days. When I put these slacks on this morning, I did notice they were loose, but I attributed the fact that I didn’t have to suck-in-my-breath-to-get-them-on to better eating habits and losing weight again.

Ha!  The jokes on me!

The worst part of this silly mistake is that these pants are really, really saggy and baggy and I have to wear them all day long. Ugh!  They feel ridiculous on me, and I’m sure they look ridiculous, too.

Oh, well, like the Mr says, “There’s no point in being dumb if you don’t show it once in a while.”  I’m not sure where he got that rather self effacing concept from, but the thought kinda fits his Mrs today.  I do look a lil dumb in these slacks.

Maybe its time to cull through the old clothes again, and at the very least box up some of these bigger sizes and store them away.  I hold onto them for comparison, but maybe its time to give up on that. Maybe.

What crazy thing did you do in your recent past that made you feel foolish?  Do you hold onto clothes that are too big for you? Why?

Friday Funday


We have a dog and a cat at home. The cat is an outside/inside cat, meaning she hunts all night and sleeps on my bed all da, the recliner, the couch, or my bike seat all day, preparing, presumably, for the time when she can hunt again.  Recently, she’d been looking pretty haggard and then, yep, you guessed it–she yorked all over my chair.

Bad cat.  Bad, bad cat!

It’s bad enough dealing with all the shedding fur this time of year, but this, THIS is an insult to my good nature.

Enough!  Out she goes.  No more Mr Nice Guy for her, and I don’t care a wit if it hurts her psyche or not.  I have my softhearted limits, you know.

Do you have a pet?  Dog, cat, or lama? 

Dawn of the Email Trekker

000customsAfter today, I think I could publish a guide on how to lose your mind while trekking through the shadowlands of the US Customs system.

‘Nuff said.

They have probably red-flagged me now.

Hey, it’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you!  😉

Have you ever dealt with international shipments of goods?  Was the number of emails that flew back and forth between you and freight brokers on that occasion more of less than a ga-zillion?