Cozumel 2018

We recently went to Cozumel for the weekend.  Actually, we were there four days.  It was my first time flying, our first time outside of the US, except for long-ago ventures to Toronto, Canada.

My favorite part of the trip: The people.

My biggest disappointment: That we didn’t have 10 more days available to us!

That last picture is of my hubs refusing to leave.  We had a great time and would definitely go again.


Vacation Pictures

Our first stop on our way to New Hampshire was this roadside attraction.


I think this must have once been a ski resort, but regardless of what it once was it is now a great view of what’s to come as you enter into New Hampshire.  The trees were just beginning to turn when we neared this spot. Too bad we weren’t a week or two later in our travels.  By next week, I bet this view will be ablaze with color.

This site had a gift shop attached to it, and look what I found inside…


Ha!  I loved it and had to take a picture to share with you all once I had a chance to post something to the blog.

Always up to some hyjinx, this one!


He insisted I take a picture of him in this wayyyyy oversized Adirondack chair.  We saw these several places throughout New Hampshire.  Kinda like the moose statues in Vermont and the horses in Rochester, I guess.

We arrived at The Margate Resort in Laconia, NH just before sunset.


We took it all in, then played for a while on the beach, giddy as two kids to finally have arrived at one of our all-time favorite spots!



dsc_1030My pedicure took a beating in that sandy surf, but I didn’t care.

Soon, golden beams of sunlight kissed the day good-bye and ushered in the night along Lake Winnipesaukee.


It was grand!!!

When was the last time you had sand between your toes?  Does your inner kid come out while on vacation?



Vacation is over


Okay, so I may not be this happy to be back from vacation, but it is good to revisit my old routines at the office.


We Love, Love, LOVE New Hampshire!!! I think I could retire there some day.  We stayed in the Laconia area, close to Meredith, and is this ever God’s country! The Inn at Mills Falls in spectacular looking, but we’ve never stayed there.  I’ll be sharing more about the resorts where we did stay in subsequent posts, but suffice it to say I could percolate around this area all summer long and well into the fall and never tire of it were money no issue.

We are not in love with Bar Harbor, Maine, but Acadia National Park was awesome!

Route 4 across Vermont on the way to Lake George has got to be my all-time favorite driving route.  Talk about scenic!  Amazing! Especially in the Killington, VT area.

We are also in love with the small town charm of Woodstock, Vermont. Gotta stay there some weekend soon!

I think my minimalism lifestyle is beginning to kick in big time–I was really struck by the commercial aspect of Lake George this time around. I never saw that before, though it was obviously there.  This time around, I introduced mister to Bolton’s Landing, where there is a free public park and sand beach. I had found this gem of a park when traveling back from Lake Placid on that vacation with my mom and sister.  I was tired from driving that day, and there it was–this little community park located along the roadside.  I stopped, got out of the car, and walked the park and dock that day alone and vowed I would bring hubs with me next time I was here.  It’s a nice area, but a ways outside of LG…smallish, quieter, and best of all removed from the maddening crowds.  I’m not sure I would like to stay in the hotels in Bolton Landing, but I will be spending more time at the park there when we are in the area again.  Mister loved it too and wants to come back next time we are in Lake George.

Pictures from the back of my camera will be posted later this week. For now, I wanted to check in and say I’m pretty content to be back in the saddle again.

When was the last time you visited New England? Where is your favorite vacation spot?


Bringing Balance Back

I’m away from the office and on the road with the Mr today. We changed our vacation plans for this weekend, but that doesn’t mean we can’t eek out some alone time over the next four days.

Part of my new goal list this week includes efforts to bring back the balance to my life. How am I doing that? By finding time to pursue activities and relationships that bring me joy.  This guy does!!!!


Where are you finding joy these days?  What are you doing this weekend?

Time Away

In 9 days, six hours, and 22 minutes mister and me leave for our weekend get-away at Lake George. Can you tell I’m excited to hit the open road? He is more excited than me, I think.  My excitement comes from thoughts of going somewhere with him, but far away from everyone else.  We love the area around Lake George!



I guess I best only speak for myself about what my plan is for the Memorial Day weekend. Here’s what I’m hoping to do:

Sleep in late in the morning.

Stroll on the sandy shore, wild winds blowing through locks both golden and grey.

Take a ton of pictures.

Shop at the outlets.

Write, write, and write.

Snuggle with mister.

Go exploring.

Sit on the porch at the hotel.

Get an ice cream cone at famous Martha’s.

Visit an antique shop.

Fool around.

Make merry.

Be irresponsible for a full ten minutes.

Eat a bagel with coffee at Spots, in Glen Falls.

Kayak, if the weather cooperates; dream of kayaking, if not.

Get my toes wet in the surf.

Maybe travel to Brattleboro, Vermont on a day trip.

What will you  be doing on Memorial Day this year?  What would you do if money were no issue?

Kindle, Galaxy, or IPod?

000samsung-p7500I have one of the best cameras in the world. It’s a Nikon and I love it. It takes great pictures, but it’s heavy, bulky, and not easily transported from here to there, especially on rough terrain.

I love my laptop, when it works. Its a notebook and its probably four years old.  It doesn’t work more than half of the time, and when it does, it is sooooo slowwwwww.

I’m going to get me something that I can use for pics and for wifi access, but what should I buy?

My sister has a Samsung Galaxy that she loves. 

I have several nephews who are I Pod guys.

My DIL has a kindle, and it works fine for her.

I do not have or want a smart phone.

Which device will get me some decent pics on the run and a fast wifi hook up that I can use to blog while I’m on the road?  Which device do you prefer, and why?

I’m Baaaack

Ten days ago I started my most recent great adventure.  Today, I’m back in the chair where I perform my day job.  Frankly, I’m wishing I was out there; in the Adirondacks, at the park with the kiddos, enjoying the last of the summer wines and living large in this big, beautiful world.

I’m not.

I’m here.

At my desk.

Contented, but also longing for more. 

Can you be both contented and longing?  Somehow in my head, it works for me.

I had a great time away last week, and when that was done hubs and I spent the weekend with a couple of cute guys who are under 4 ft tall.  They are hilarious, full of vim and vigor, and ready to switch gears at a moment’s notice.  The pace those boys set for us was vastly different from that I experienced on my journey north with the ladies.  The boys are all “let’s do that!” and “can we go over there?” and “where is Jingle Bells?”  She’s our outside house cat.

Yes, we are the contrarians of NEPA!

I thought I might share with you a couple pictures of the places I went and the things I saw while absent from the desk and chair last week.

This “beauty” was growing along the shore of Schroon Lake when we visited there.

DSC_0078The spiral on that bud was amazing. I don’t usually take pictures of flowers, but this one I wanted to capture.  Here it is in full bloom:

DSC_0079Pretty, hunh?  The red veins reaching out from the center of that flowere look like blood, don’t they?  Striking!  Schroon Lake was a sleepy place last week, which suited us just fine.  We loved that we could drive alongside the lake’s edge without having to fight traffic. Doing that reminded me of my childhood, when we would drive up to Seneca Lake with my gramps.  I always enjoyed riding along as he drove, the water at our side.

DSC_0095Look at this:

DSC_0071Amazing, hunh?  I think I could kayak here all afternoon.  Gotta get that on my bucket list for next year.

DSC_0072Do you like the water? 

I like to look at water and take pictures of lakes and oceans, and I like to kayak on small lake and ponds, but I don’t like motor boating.  I blame my gramps for that. He always drove too fast when I was in his boat. His lake of choice, Seneca Lake, is big and can be choppy, but the worst experience I ever had in a boat was when we went on the St. Lawrence River while staying in Canada.  Ugh. Sitting in that boat and staring down into those deep and dark waters for what seemed like hours freaked me out.  As a tween, I was terrified of falling into them and getting wrapped up in the vegetation that grew there.

I had an active imagination then, as I do now.

Since we were in the Adirondacks, of course we saw this on the mini golf course we passed by as we headed out of the area.

DSC_0085We enjoyed our visit to Schroon Lake, and were impressed with all the waterways that at available in New York State.  So. Much. Water! Who knew?!DSC_0075Do you like the water?  What thrills, spills, or chills have you experienced while visiting your favorite lake?