The Long and Short of it


I love to write!

Heck, I love to talk.

I’ve been called verbose before.  True story.

I love all things bloggy, but honestly, long posts trip me up.

I don’t have time to read; not nearly enough, so I get frustrated when one of my favorite bloggers pens an epic post.  When that happens, I almost always have to print it out and divide up the reading into bite-sized portions, especially if I’m just “poppin’ in” to read what was written during a break at work, or at lunch.

I’m selfish, I know, but during my break times I want to check in with as many bloggers as I can, and when one or two of them post a 7000 word article (yes, I’m exaggerating for affect), I regrettably have to pass by without reading it, or I only read part of it, or worst yet, I’m forced to print it to read later.  Ugh, I hate reading L.A.T.E.R.

The worst part of reading later is then I have to comment later, which makes me feel out of the loop.

Poor me, right?

This is definitely a first world problem, but still…

I want to read what you guys write (!!!), and I want to absorb it all before I comment.  You share such fascinating and helpful information, and I want to “get it” all, but here’s the thing:  I have a hard time doing that if the post is too long or it contains information that is challenging for me, a novice to those things you know well, to comprehend.

All this to say:

  1.  I love reading my fellows blogger’s stuff.
  2. I’m trying to comprehend and absorb as much of it as I can.
  3. Regrettably, my reading time is limited.
  4. I wish it weren’t!
  5. Thank you for serializing those more challenging postings!!
  6. You Rock!!!!

Do you wish you had more time to read the articles posted by your blogger friends?  How much time do you typically spend writing or reading any given post?




Likin’ Me, Likin’ You


I got a gold star from WordPress the other day. Woohoo!

Well, not exactly a gold star, but a gold circle–the next best thing.

WP says I’ve earned 1K likes on this blog since we began together.  I can’t believe they have been counting, but I do feel blessed by the number.

More importantly, I feel blessed by knowing each of You and conversing back and forth in the blog-o-sphere. 

I have learned so much from those of you who stop by and comment on what you read here, and I’ve learned a ton about me.


I blog for three reasons: I love to write, I enjoy learning, and I desire relevant feedback in life.  Your responses to what I share with you provide encouragement for me in all three areas, which makes blogging a perfect medium for me.  Moreover, your comments and your LIKES affect me.

Sometimes, they make me laugh.

Sometimes, they make me think.

Sometimes, I get emotional when I read them.

Sometimes, they spur me to action!

Whatever reaction I have to your LIKES here on WordPress, what I want you to know is that I LIKE you and I LIKE learning more about you.  Plus, I LIKE that we share this connection in life.  I LIKE it, alot.

Thank YOU for stopping by and for sharing your experiences and expertise with me; for LIKE-ing my posts, and for posting your own thoughts and experiences for me to read and LIKE.

I’m loving this blogging journey we are on, and it wouldn’t be the same without You!!! 

One Thousand is a nice round number, I think, so I’ve gladly accepted this gold circle that was offered.  Now, if only one of us could just win that power ball drawing, all would be right with the world.  😉

What one thousand things have you learned from the blog-o-sphere?  What ONE thing have you learned about yourself from blogging?

Kindle, Galaxy, or IPod?

000samsung-p7500I have one of the best cameras in the world. It’s a Nikon and I love it. It takes great pictures, but it’s heavy, bulky, and not easily transported from here to there, especially on rough terrain.

I love my laptop, when it works. Its a notebook and its probably four years old.  It doesn’t work more than half of the time, and when it does, it is sooooo slowwwwww.

I’m going to get me something that I can use for pics and for wifi access, but what should I buy?

My sister has a Samsung Galaxy that she loves. 

I have several nephews who are I Pod guys.

My DIL has a kindle, and it works fine for her.

I do not have or want a smart phone.

Which device will get me some decent pics on the run and a fast wifi hook up that I can use to blog while I’m on the road?  Which device do you prefer, and why?

Cyber Cliques

000blogginSometimes I get frustrated with the blogs I visit and the bloggers who write them.

Sometimes I feel like blogs are exclusive.

Sometimes I feel like I’m on the outside, looking in, even though I comment on what is posted.  Why don’t these bloggers comment on my comment.

Sometimes I wonder…

Sometimes I feel like I should stop visiting these sites.

Sometimes I wish I could find suitable replacements.

When I find a blogger who actually responds to his or her blogging audience, individually, I’m thrilled.  !!!!

Note: The above thrilling exclamation points!

I come to cyber spaced BlogVille seeking community.

I think it’s a shame when bloggers work hard for a while to gain a following, then ignore new readers.

Mean Girls!!!

I guess I would say I don’t mind it so much if the blogger treats everyone in like manner.  I notice, though, when they don’t.

When have you felt like a blog you frequented was turning cliquish?  What do you do to make sure that doesn’t happen when you post to your blog?

000blog anniversaryToday is the third anniversary of this blog. Woohoo!

I have learned so much in the time that I have been doing this.

So. Much.

Thank you, all, for any part you are playing and have played in my recovery and efforts to get well and stay well one day at a time.  Your “likes” “follows” and “comments” have meant more to me than you will ever know.

The information you have provided to me: Priceless.

The consideration you have given me while sharing your experience, strength, and hope with me has kept me going on this journey to health and wellness.

Any success I have had is due, in part, to you.  Your gift is my joy.

YOU ROCK–there’s just no other way to say it!

Thank you, Thank you, a million times Thank YOU!

Happy Anniversary

This week, I posted my 100th musing about health and fitness.  Woo hoo!

000100thanniversarylogoThese past one hundred posts have been filled with my joys and my struggles, my ups and my downs, my victories and my fails, and real facts about how I’m working to get healthy and fit before it’s too late.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what I’m doing over here at WordPress.  It’s been fun!  I’m hoping to continue blogging about my progress in the future, and I’m hoping to hear from you, of course.  If you have any tricks or tips to share, please do.  If you know of any ways I can improve upon what I’m presently doing, chime in.  If you think adding something to what I am doing now will work for me and make me healthier, please share your wisdom.  I’m open to hear it.

Incredibly, last night I realized that I only have 5 lbs to lose before I will hit the 100 lbs lost mile marker.  Seriously, how did this happen?  I’m amazed and scared at the same time.

100 posts.

100 lbs.

One is done.

The other goal is still out there to be achieved.

Will I do it?  Stick around to see.

My August Action initiative is going great!  I’m moving more than I have in months, and the scale is finally going down, down, down.

Thanks for continuing to read my blog and recover alongside me.  Every day I’m learning to a greater degree that Food is Fuel, God is love, and…

Change Is Possible!

Food and Fawns

Reading too many food blogs in one week can make you batty.  At least it can for this gal. This is especially true when they are all talking about the same thing. That happens sometimes, but I still have to say KUDOS to all the food bloggers out there blogging about the ways and means by which they are getting healthier, letting go of bad habits, and getting on with their life without excess food.

You guys ROCK!

It’s encouraging for this girl to know that there are people out there flying planes, trekking through NYC, attending street fairs along the pacific coast, and biking up and down the Atlantic coast, while at the same time working their plan and watching their weight.  Reading about their exploits fires up my imagination and it makes me hungry to get out there too, and try some of my own meandering through streets and hillsides as of yet unknown. I can’t wait to get off “the boot” and once again enjoy a stroll through my own hillside trails.

It’s beautiful in Pennsylvania this time of year.  Everything is green and lush and the lawn needs mowing every week, sometimes more often.  The birds are humming and there are baby animals everywhere.  We sat and enjoyed a session of play between twin fawns the other night, from our porch swing. They chased each other and frolicked for a good half hour.  Precious to watch.


I can’t wait to get out there in the green PA hills to do my own frolicking.  The foot does feel better, markedly better, so I am hopeful that healing is on the way.  In the meantime, I continue to make myself aware of what I’m eating, how much I’m eating, and when I’m eating.  I still need some help with portion control, and I could use a personal chef, but that’s probably not in the cards.  Instead, I will keep reading, keep wearing “the boot”, keeping praying for recovery, and keep getting on the scales every day.

My battle cry this afternoon:  Never Surrender… Never Say Die!