Yo-Yo Means No-No Results

000yo yoI read a good post this week over at Fit to the Finish. Diane often writes on interesting topics, but because I’ve been stuck at the same weight-give or take 2 to 3 lbs-for nearly eight months now, I’ve paid special attention to what Diane had to say on the subject of Yo-Yo dieting.  I think I suffer from problem 1 and 2 of her five problem list.  I’m making some changes to remedy that, but for this gal, it doesn’t come easy.

It never comes easy.

Ah, well, I am sure anyone who has lost significant weight and kept it off for any length of time understands how difficult it is to get “there” and the determination it takes to stay there.  It’s worth it, though, I know.

Nothing tastes as good as recovery feels.

I’ve lost 100 lbs and kept it off for over ten years so I know from personal experience it feels great. Still, my current efforts to lose more have not provided the results I’m looking for, so I’m taking seriously Diane’s post this week.

Check out what Diane Carbonell has shared about yo-yo dieting.  You won’t be sorry you, did. I promise.

Have you ever been caught in a yo-yo spiral?  What did you do to break out of that round about scenario?

Three Goals Thursday

My three goals for this week shall be:

1.  Continue to eat oatmeal for breakfast each morning, and pay special attention to portion sizes with all foods.

2.  Perform five minutes of exercise before doing anything else in the morning.

3.  Read something positive about recovery from food addiction every day this week.

I feel like I accomplished my three goals this last week. I experienced a few slips, a couple “oops,” and one or two temptations to not follow through. That’s to be expected.  I wouldn’t be trying to develop new and better habits if I already had the behaviors my goals represent working for me on a daily basis.

What I want from this goal setting experiment is…

a.  to develop habits that will unconsciously serve me in life.

b.  to create an Action Plan that is defined and doable, thereby creating winning scenarios that I can celebrate and look back on to fuel future progress in my recovery from food addiction.

c.  to see my goal weight materialize, and be free of some of the daily medications I am currently taking.

I do not think any of these expectations are unrealistic, which is why I am dedicating myself to seeing them become realities in my life.

What are you so determine to do that you will not let anything get in your way?  What inspires you the most? 

Three Goals Thursday-Update

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

–Tony Robbins

If you’ve hung around here for any length of time you know that I’m big “into” habit formation.  I love forming new habits.  I love habit because it makes life much, much easier to live. Habits direct our behavior unconsciously, so its important that we build good ones into our daily routines.  I’m on a crusade to build some good habits in me, which is the point of my post today–sharing what I’m learning as I’m setting goals and building habits.

I’ve begun posting three goals each week, on Thursday, right here, and I wanted to provide an update related to those goals today.

My goals this week are:

1.  Eat oatmeal for breakfast every day, and eat a colorful veggie salad at my evening meal.

2.  Exercise for five minutes in the morning each day before doing anything else.

3.  Work at not letting the food others are eating affect the way I eat. 

The results I have to report…

I had one slip with No. 3 this week, but while in the midst of that slip I realized what I was doing and I quit the behavior. I stopped [the most important “take away” here], and threw the rest of the “treat” in the garbage.  This treat had the trifecta of food addict triggers in it: Fat, Sugar ,and Salt aplenty. This was definitely not food meant for me!

I also encountered temptation with no. 2 on my list this week, when I thought for a minute I might skip my morning exercise.  I’m glad to say I exercised anyway. Why? Because it was a goal, which meant it was a matter of integrity for me to follow through with what I’d said I would do. 

Side bar:  Can I say I am loving that these are teeny, tiny goals and only last seven days?  Makes them so much easier to complete and creates win/win scenarios for me to celebrate every day. 

Back to my morning exercise routine: I finished it, and not only that, but I did an additional five minutes before going to bed last night.

Woot, woot. I’m excited to see how these habits are fueling good behaviors.

No. 1 posed a problem for me this week, too.  I say problem, but really, I chose to not eat oatmeal for breakfast one day this week.  It was Monday, I was weak and a bagel sandwich was calling my name. 

Important to me:  The fact that I made a conscious decision to get the bagel sandwich, and that I realized what I was doing and did not feel shame or guilt in eating. That’s huge.  Plus, I only eat half of these sandwiches anyway, since I commute with someone who eats the other half when we stop for breakfast on our way into work.  This time I ate less than half, mostly because it wasn’t that good tasting and I missed my oatmeal. 

Yay!  Taste buds are a changin’.  I have noticed this before.

I also want to report that I skipped no. 1 on Tuesday, choosing consciously to fast for breakfast that day because I knew I would be going out for lunch with a friend.  Instead of loading up with oatmeal in the morning, I waited and enjoyed a greek salad and water at 11:30am.  It was very tasty, and I didn’t feel like I was putting more in my body than it needed.

It’s an amazing feeling to say NO to a meal and not feel bad about it. 

Tomorrow I set three new goals for a new week, and I’m excited to see what they will be.  Staying positive has helped me achieve my goals this week. On my mirror at home I have the three goals posted alongside a note to self that reads:  You’re gonna feel GREAT!!! 

Its kinda amusing how that lil note has helped me stay focused on positive outcomes, instead of the work I’ve put into forming new habits.  I’m seeing winning scenarios developing all over the place.

Do you ever experience a feeling of guilt when you make food substitutions?  What habit have you developed over time that works really, really well for you?

Mistakes, Just Mistakes

I talked with a friend this weekend who I felt was being far to critical of her behavior.  She was isolating because she felt so badly about how she had behaved.  She hadn’t done anything that any of us don’t do from time to time, but somehow, somewhere along the way, she learned to be extra hard on herself.  I can identify.  Here is what came to me as I recalled what we had talked about together.

In the cradle,

On the knee,

We learn.


Everybody makes them, so why are you so hard on yourself?
Why so punishing?



Not machinations or maligning.


Why are you so angry?
Why so unforgiving?

Forgive you.

Forgive them.

Fix you.

Let them fix them.

Take time.
Pamper yourself.

Balance will return if you court Her.


Embrace joy!


Try, try again.

Meatless Monday–White Beans and Cabbage Heaven

000super naturalI love cabbage. I love beans.  I love onions sauteed just so, and I love garlic, diced and added at the end.  Oh, and I so love, love parmesan cheese–just a wee bit–sprinkled liberally over all.  Wait, can you add a wee bit of cheese while sprinkling liberally?  Hmm, I’ll have to think on that one.  In the meantime, try this awesome recipe, White Beans and Cabbage, shared from the Steamy Kitchen website and taken from the pages of Heidi Swanson’s cook book, Super Natural Every Day.


I make this recipe all the time, and last week I made it twice. It is super easy and super fast…takes about the same time as it takes me to wash any fruit we are having for dinner and set the table.  Okay, so there is a lil bit of prep time to the dish before cooking begins, but I’m used to that. When you live life as a Flexitarian, you do lots of food prep.  Veggies and raw fruit don’t wash, peel, and slice themselves, but I have found the process of getting dinner ready to be very therapeutic, especially when the food I’m setting before my family or guests is what I know to be fresh, tasty, and so nutritionally charged as to keep their bodies in tip, top shape for at least the next day or two, if not longer.

I try to pull them into healthy eating scenarios whenever I can, cuz I love them!

I own Heidi’s cook book and would recommend it to anyone.  There is some delicious grub on the pages of this volume.  I purchased the paperback copy, so pretty inexpensive, and it was worth every penny just for this dish (the cover art recipe for her book).

Note: I omit the potatoes from this recipe,and sometimes I add a lil turkey sausage, when I have it.  You don’t need it though, I promise.  So scrumptious, I’m salivating as I type this!

What is your favorite veggie packed meal?  How much animal protein do you eat in a week?

Habit Helps

Got up this morning.

Crawled outta bed.

Did six minutes of exercise, first thing. My joints popped the whole time. What a symphony I performed.  In the past all that popping would have been a reason to stop.  I just kept going, marveling at the human body and how joints attract air and let it go when you say to.  My six was one minute more than my teeny, tiny goal this week required.


Ate my planned breakfast, instead of following the crowd into bagel land.  Rejoicing over all the calories I saved without that sausage patty, butter, and cheese.

Integrity, matters.

Consistency, too.

I need to be a friend to myself and a friend to my goals.

Prayer Changes Things!

What teeny, tiny difference can you make in the world today by being true to your goals, consistent in your actions, and prayerful in all ways?  What teeny, tiny goal are you going after this week?


Challenge: An objection or query as to the truth of something, often with an implicit demand for proof.

DSC_0886Question:  Will a challenge to myself to perform certain rote tasks without losing my sense of humor or perspective prove successful?

Answer: It will, if I want it to badly enough.

Change is possible! 

Be that spark that lights a fire of positive action in your life. Do it today!!