Deliciously Tragic

Last night’s dinner fit the category of deliciously tragic to a tee.  It was a divergence from my usual unprocessed fare.  My sister-in-law has had a bone spur removed from her heel and is now doing 6-weeks of bed rest to complete the healing process.  Last night was my turn to take a dinner in to her, at home, and my son, who was going along with us to delivery the meal to his aunt and uncle requested I make Provolone Chicken as the main dish for the meal.  We used to eat PC all the time.  It had become a comfort food staple for us prior to my diabetes diagnosis, but has since been taken off the list of acceptable foods and for good reason.

Provolone Chicken, the way I make it, includes canned cream of soup, chili peppers, provolone cheese, and white bread, boxed dressing.  It is high is sodium, high in calories and high on my list of no-nos at this time, but last night was an exception.  I could eat this old favorite one time without paying the price for my crime, right?


Immediately after finishing this tasty dish the coughing began.  I was astonished.  For years I had coughed after every meal, as had my family members.  Last night I remembered that it had been months since I’d coughed post-meal.

Welcome back, GERD, I am not at all happy to see you.

After the coughing, came the heartburn, something else I have not had to deal with since taking our eating unprocessed.  Ugh.  By the time I got home I felt like I had a ten pound brick in my stomach.  Sleep did not come quickly and most definitely was fitful.  I ended up climbing out of bed at 2:00 am and taking a antacid for relief, something else I have not done in months.

What was I thinking eating that stuff?

The good news about last night’s supper is two-fold. First, it did include unprocessed, whole foods. We enjoyed roasted veggies and fresh fruits, apples and oranges, with our meal.  We also had a serving of Farro, which never disappoints.

The second saving grace about last night’s meal is that it created a teachable moment for me.  Today, I am back to real, whole, raw and unprocessed foods.  Well, at least for the most part.  I did drink milk someone else processed today, and I ate some bread someone else baked, but it was full of nutrient-rich calories and not excessive salt, fat and gunk.

Lesson learned. Now I forge ahead to healthier horizons.

Do you ever go back to your first love and later regret it?  What food would you label your trouble food? 

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