Three Goals ThursdayThis week has been a crazy one for me–amazing in some ways, difficult in others. I have had a lot of pain this week, so my goal re: exercise, has been a challenge. I have done my five minutes every morning with the exception of this morning. I skipped today, hoping I would not hurt so bad if I laid off one time. I feel good about the fact that I did the exercise every other day this week.

Baby steps, right? Right!

The oatmeal for breakfast I ate five days out of seven this week, so I feel good about that, too.

The reading has not gone well. I have had hardly any time to be alone with my thoughts this week, let alone read. I will try to do better this weekend, but if the time doesn’t present itself then it doesn’t. I’m not going to let that ruin what I feel was a very productive week.

I have done so much this week that I didn’t know was on the agenda when the week began. So much! I’m thankful I could keep up with it all.

My Three Goals for this week are as follows:

1. Eat oatmeal for breakfast every morning.

2. Contact my PCP about an appointment.

3. Get blood work done before end of week.

It has been a while since I have checked in with my doctor, or had a blood draw. It’s time. I have a few issues that need to be addressed and I have procrastinated too long in getting it done. That’s why I have decided to include reaching out to the doc and doing my blood draw as my goals this week. They are not teeny, tiny goals in my opinion, but things that definitely need to be addressed.

My biggest “YES!” moment of the week came today when my sister, who was seeing a new PCP and needed that appointment/placement badly, reported to me at lunch that she felt “heard and respected” during the appointment and that she had “clicked” with this doctor she saw for the first time. I had prayed specifically that she might.  She has a new PCP as of today. Yay!!!

Prayer Changes Things!

When has faith brought positive outcomes for you or someone you loved? Do you pray for direction with regards to your food?


Three Goals Thursday

It’s Three Goals Thursday again!  If you have not read one of my TGT posts, check out the beginning of this process here.

This week’s three goals focus on enjoyment rather than structure, but if I’m creative, maybe I can accomplish both.  Here is what I’m thinking for this week…

1.  I will go for a walk in the morning each day that the skies don’t pour down rain (we are expecting lots of rain this week in NEPA).  If walking doesn’t work, I will do some yoga poses and stretches, and then ride recumbent bike indoors.  I will exercise for at least five minutes each day, but more, as the time allows and I feel invigorated.  See how I snuck some “feelings” scenarios in there?  Yep, recovery is an emotional process, too.

2.  I will play with my food.  Each day this week I will be creative with the presentation of fruits and vegetables, making our dining room table fun and colorful and attractive to eaters who need more fiber and more enjoyment in their meal times.

3.  I will continue to eat baked oatmeal for breakfast each weekday.  I will allow myself other foods on the weekend, if we are traveling, which we might be, but I will eat oatmeal if I am at home. My body loves this stuff at the beginning of the day.

That’s three and they are teeny, tiny, and doable.  Yay!

This week I will also focus on avoiding perfectionism that leads to deadly procrastination.  I will have fun with my goals and fun with my grands.  The boys will be with us all week, while mom and dad go on a short-term missions trip.

What teeny, tiny goal are you willing to set for yourself in the next 24 hours?  What activity do you prefer, but have put off doing for some time because of schedules, travel, time-management issues, or distractions?

Three Goals Thursday-Update

I wanted to sneak in here early and report on how I am doing with my three goals for this week.  They were as follows:

1. Continue to dedicate 1 hour to food planning and prep.

2. Eat baked oatmeal for breakfast every weekday.

3. Exercise for at least five minutes every MORNING this week, upon rising.

I will say that I have done fairly well this week on meeting my teeny, tiny goals.  I have eaten my oatmeal every day this week, but one. Sunday I fasted at breakfast.  My body loves this stuff. I am feeling so much lighter!

I have also exercised every day before rising. Every day.  You would think five minutes spent in self-care this way would not be hard to achieve, but it is.  Good thing these goals are teeny, tiny or I would be having HUGE problems with them. Go figure.

I have spent some time prepping and planning meals this week, but it has not been organized/dedicated/set-aside time, so I have not counted it.  This leads me to a conclusion about myself. I’m too hard on me.  Let me say that again.

I’m too hard on me.

I share that because I think its true.  I have this concept of achievement that is very specifically defined and I’m finding that when I don’t meet my expectations for how something needs to be done, I feel like I have failed. Like I said, too hard on myself.  I need to lighten up.

I need to remember that all planning is planning, and that all prep is prep.

For crying out loud, Lori, relax. This is not boot camp. 

What I am loving about setting these teeny, tiny goals and working to achieve them is this:  I am learning about me.  How I operate…what I want from me, and what I get from me.

What I can easily do, and what is hard for me.

Last night, I shared in my meeting that as I learn  more about what I enjoy doing, what I am anxious to do, to tackle, and what I am not, I am also learning how to delegate.  I am finding myself more willing to say to others, “I hate this job, would you mind doing it for me?”  Or, “This is really hard for me, but it seems easy for you, can you take over this responsibility?”:

Almost without exception, others are willing to help me out.  I have certain talents. Others have certain others.  Why break our necks working outside our gifting? Why not, instead, invite each other to team up and work together?

This is a decidedly different way of perceiving myself, than anything I have done before. 

Two enemies of goal achievement I have found lurking near by as I have tried to meet my teeny, tiny goals are these: tedium and distraction. 

I’m trying to figure out a way to control these two. For now, I just plow through with what I have committed to do for me, knowing that habits form over time and through repetition.

Just keep going, just keep going… 

That’s the advice I give myself when I’m tempted to delay or I get too distracted to keep my word to myself.  I will continue to focus on staying the course, until such time as I have this all figured out.

How do you deal with the tedious nature of repetitive action?  What one thing would you say makes habit-forming simpler?

Note: I will be on vacation July 8-17, so posts may be sporadic over the next few days and perhaps non-existent. Know I am working on my goals and will be back to share my successes once vaca is done.  Wish me luck while away, and if it is your habit, say a prayer for me. Thanks! L

Three Goals Thursday

Is it really Thursday again, so soon? Really? Where did the week go?

Before I log my three goals for next week, I want to talk about those goals I achieved this week. I had a goal to bake egg muffins without grain and I did that. Yay! They were good–like lil mini quiches. Yum!

I also had a goal to try a morning shake one day this week. I did not meet this goal, but I will be trying again in the future, maybe next week, to make a morning shake. I’m just not sure how much fruit to include in it, so I’ve gotten a lil stymied with the recipe part of it and lost track of the goal.

I made a goal last week to exercise with a friend on Tuesday night. That exercise actually happened last night, after a rather extensive dental appointment (Yikes),and included walking a trail in the full sun, so I counted that as my other exercise that would make me sweat. LOL Exercise with a friend is always better, don’t you think? Even better when your jaw is numb. 😉

My third goal was to take part in some form of food prep and planning, for one hour this week. I reached this goal, if I include the meal prep I did prior to fixing our evening meals. I shall. All told, it was a pretty good week and I feel good about the goals I had and the progress I made creating some win scenarios.

It feels good to win! Yay!

One other thing I did this week that brought gang-busting results was switch up my breakfast. I had been eating half a bagel sandwich and was not seeing my weight move down at all. I switched to baked oatmeal, something that has helped a lot in the past, and wonder of wonders, it worked again. Why don’t I learn these lessons about my body? Scratch that. I am learning these lessons about my body. I will take up the oatmeal regiment once more. My body is going to be so very happy!

Three Goals for this week:

1. Continue to dedicate 1 hour to food planning and prep this week. I really want to develop a habit for this sort of behavior, so you may see this one on my goal list for a while.

2. Eat baked oatmeal for breakfast every weekday this week. It’s amazing how much my body prefers this to a bagel. Amazing!

3. Exercise for at least five minutes every MORNING this week, upon rising. Do it first, so you can forget about it after that, Lori. This will be in addition to my Tuesday walk with a friend and my bike rides on the recumbent bike I share with Dr. J. (note: we have the same bike, he and I, but they are located on different ends of the east coast. Hee, hee).

I have found that I’m waking up at 5:20 or 5:30 every morning these days and at first it was consternating to me. This morning, though, I thought, why not get up when I wake up and use that extra time to do something physical? I think it might be a good change for me, the lay-about who hits her alarm button six times before dragging herself out of bed each morning. I’m the only one who does that, right? 😉

What are your teeny, tiny goals for this week? Are you creating win scenarios that are helping you achieve those goals? If not, why not?

Three Goals Thursday Update

Over the weekend I made egg muffins without any grain in them.  This was one of my goals for this week, and I have done it.  I ate one of these mini omelets with a green salad for lunch today.  Breakfast was baked oatmeal with walnuts and blueberries, with a splash of milk on the side. One goal down!

I also worked on food planning and prep on Friday of last week and again on Sunday.  I have spent 35 minutes planning my food for this week so far.  I have another 25 to log. It wasn’t so awful hard, I just make it that way in my mind.

My third goal for this week is to walk with a friend tomorrow, after work, and to do one other exercise that makes me sweat.  I have been riding the bike, but I don’t sweat all that much when I do that. Maybe dancing would do it.  I’m also excited about the chance to borrow a bike and ride at a nearby park.  My SIL says the park loans bikes to visitors to the park. We’ll see how that turns out.  I don’t have a helmet, but she says they are provided too, along with wet wipes to rub them down before using them. I’m not sure I can do that–germ freak here–but I’ll let ya know how it goes.

I still have to make a morning shake one day this week, so best get to that.

The morning egg muffin was good, even though I ate it at lunch. I felt full and satisfied. Oh, and I had 4 cherries for part of my lunch plan.  All very good for me.

Tonight’s dinner is salmon with a spicy rub and green salad.  I’m not a fish girl. We do beef in NEPA, but I’m feeling adventurous these days and the salmon was on sale. I’ll let ya know how it goes…

Three Goals Update

000food_combining_chartSo, last night, at the eleventh hour, I got that food chart on the wall.  No, it was not this chart, but rather the chart my friend gave me…one she used when losing her excess baggage.

I did it. I did it!


One more brick in my win scenarios wall.

Now, on to this week’s challenges…

1.  Making morning egg muffins and shakes to carry to work.

2.  Spending 1 hour on food planning and prepping.

3.  My plan to walk with a friend on Tuesday evening, and do one other exercise I’m not currently doing that makes me sweat.

Remember: My goal is to finish these goals before Thursday of next week, July 2nd.  Think I can do it?

Say a prayer. Whee, here I go!