Seeking a Healthy Weight


I’ve recently signed up for membership in the Global Healthy Weight Registry at Cornell University, the ivy league school that sits a short distance from my back yard.

The registry seeks to track the ways and means by which people who weigh in at a normal range for body weight (and have all their lives), can help the rest of us adapt their behaviors, and by so doing get better together.

Woohoo!  I’m excited about joining this project.

I’m also thinking about signing up the Mr for the study.  He was skinny–skinny when I met him. I mean count his ribs both front and back skinny. After he married and his new bride started baking, cooking, and arranging meals for him he gained about 20 lbs, but that’s it, and he has maintained that weight for more years than I’d like to count.

I have noticed some differences in the way Mr and me eat.  He fasts more often then me. His portions are smaller than mine. He doesn’t resolve worry, or fear, or anger with food.  He doesn’t eat when he’s happy either, he laughs and jokes around with his friends, the way normal eaters do. He’s more active, more joyful, and more in touch with his true self than I am.  He balances me out many days.  I wish I were more like him. In some ways I am–because I’ve watched, learned and adapted his ways to some extent.

I need to do more.

A big “thank you” goes out to Dr. J at for writing about the Cornell project again (I take it he wrote the post earlier and brought it out of the archives for me to read).  Well, maybe not just for me to read, but you know what I mean.  Check out his post and if you’re interested, join the registry, like I did.  I expect good things to come of it in the future.

It’s always nice to get in on the ground floor with exceptionally bright people, and for a good cause.  Always!

How do you mimic the behaviors of others you deem healthier than you?  What one change have you made over the years that has brought long-lasting benefits to you?