My Top Five Favorite Sights at the Zoo

Friday night we hurried out of town on our way to Rochacha.  We were on a mission to get to the big city before two sleepy boys headed up to bed.  We made it in time. Yay!  Their parents hadn’t told them we were coming, so it was a big surprise when we walked in the door.

Hugs all around!

Saturday we headed out to the Seneca Park Zoo.

000spzooThe boys had been before, but we never had.  The weather was beautiful that day, sunshiny with a breeze, but not at all cold.

It was perfect weather for a zoo visit!

The only problem was, when we left the house we weren’t planning on going to the zoo, so we had no sunscreen with us,and only three of us had hoodies.  We needed a hat, so our first stop was to the Gift Shop to get goop and a head covering.  That done, we set off to see the zoo.

I was impressed by how much the wee ones knew about the place.  Apparently, they’d been there a time or two, who knew? We decided to let them be our tour guides.  It was an amazing time.

I saw lots of things that impressed me at the Seneca Park Zoo, but the most impressive was something I heard: The lion’s roar!!!!

I once saw a documentary, where they explained the lion’s roar; how loud he is, and how far the sound of his roar travels. Did you know a male lion’s roar can be heard by another lion for a distance of FIVE miles?  It’s true, and I will tell you what, as we stood at one end of the zoo and heard this powerful creature roar, it was like it was happening right next to us.  It was loud!  Very loud, and the most impressive thing I heard that day.

I wish we could have seen the lion when he roared. I bet it was spectacular.


No. 1 The Lion’s roar!

No. 2 The Wolves!  The were amazing, and way more active than I expected.  Their feet were huge and thickly padded. The sad thing about the wolves is that they really, really, really seemed to want to run.  M said their captivity was akin to us being locked in our shower stall for the rest of our lives.  I would not like that.  I don’t imagine they like being captives either, but it was sure awesome to see how powerful and impressive they are.

No. 3  The African Poisonous Frogs.  I don’t know if I have that name right, or not. These guys didn’t look all that terrifying, but they were vibrantly colored.  Impressive!

000purple frogNo. 4  The Tigers.  Again, powerful beasts with huge paws. When I commented on the fact that I was hesitant about standing too close to the tiger enclosure, my son told me that twice he has seen the male cat spray visitors to the zoo who stood too close for his comfort. Eeewww, can you imagine having that all over you for the rest of the afternoon?  No way. I am glad I stood a good ways back from the tigers!

No. 5  The Canteen.  I won’t lie, I was happy to see the canteen at the end of the zoo grounds. I had not eaten breakfast that morning, and it was going on 2:30 when we came upon this food stand.  I was feeling pretty peaked by that time.  I was HUNGRY!!!  I thought we were going to have to walk to the other end of the park to grab a snack, but nope. Yay!  One of the wee ones had been talking about a popsicle for a long time by the time we got to that end of the park. He was famished, too, but we made him drink some milk and eat a lil fruit salad before he had his ice cream.  Plus, we all shared a Rochester red, with mustard. It was sooo good!

We had a wonderful time at the Seneca Park Zoo, and spent some time together chilling out on Sunday, before heading back to NEPA.  If you’re planning on being in the Rochester area this summer, I would recommend SPZ to you.  Prices vary all the time, but the day we went adult tickets were $10 per person.  Not to shabby!

What did you do this last weekend?  What is your favorite thing at the zoo?