Jenny Mustard


Do you know Jenny Mustard?  She’s so much fun! I love watching her videos about minimalism on YouTube.

I don’t know Jenny personally, of course, and my life is nothing like hers but somehow I sense she has a good heart in that healthy body she’s currently walking around Germany.  She hails from Sweden.

Jenny is a vegan, as is her husband, David.  I’d like to head in the vegan direction, but I have a long way to go before I can say I’m meat and dairy-free.  I am working on being more natural and homemade, and whole foods in my kitchen, though.

I made homemade no knead artisan bread this week, and it was sooo, sooo yummy!  Nothing like the wonder bread that I am forced to buy when shopping my regular super markets in NEPA.  I’m planning a whole grain version of the no knead bread this weekend.  I hate to knead yeast breads, and I love the holes that fill the chewy slices when no kneading is done before the baking begins.  Really chewy and wonderful!!

Today, I decided to share one of Jenny’s vlogs here, so that you can know her too.

Again, I love her heart!  Enjoy!!


How much is too much?

How much wheat is too much wheat? That’s the question I’m asking myself today.

As you know if you’ve check out the WHAT I’M READING tab on my blog, I’m reading The China Study and Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease. Both great books, and both recommend high fiber, low fat, plant-based eating, which includes lots of wheat.

Since I have changed my diet, I have been eating more vegetables than ever before in my life. I love it, and I am getting good results, but I’m wondering about all the wheat. HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH? Campbell and Esselstyn recommend lots and lots, but insist that it not be slathered with butters, cheeses, or similarly animal protein-based products, and no oil may be used in its preparation. That’s okay, I use nut butters and honey as a spread, but again, what about the wheat? When is it too much?

Are any of you eating high fiber diets at this point?  Are you avoiding animal proteins, in favor of plant-based proteins?  How much wheat is too much, in your opinion?