Back to Basics–Sugar and Flour FREE


Disclaimer:  Photo depicts half-eaten cookie, because hey, I couldn’t resist!

Have you ever thought about the good ole days and remembered something that seemed important to you back then?

That happened to me last week.   I was reminded of the walks I used to take, the eating schedule I used to be on, and the cookies I used to love to eat–they are both flour and sugar FREE!

Then it happened!  I looked over at the counter and there, in plain sight, with brown spots all over them, were two bananas.  It was kismet.  I was fated to make a batch of those cookies I had remembered so fondly only the week before.

For all you who would warn me that I need to lose a few more pounds, so treats are probably the last thing I need, this:

These cookies are full of gluten-free old fashioned oats, with sugar-free applesauce, almond milk, and overripe bananas.  They meet every one of my eating goals and I include them in my daily meal plan, so they aren’t really “treats”.

Here is an All Recipes recipe for the cookies, which is nearly identical to the recipe I use.  The big difference with mine is a lot more cinnamon. I love them spicy!

I will warn you: If you make these cookies, be prepared for them to have a very different consistency than your normal crumbly oatmeal cookie. Without flour or sugar, these kinda resemble the mouth-feel of a rubbery mouth guard.  But hey, at approximately 52 calories in each cookie ( as opposed to 125-175 per cookie with normal oatmeal raisins), you can’t go wrong with these.

Remember what I said the other day:  EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS A TRADE OFF.

These are a good trade-off if you ask me.  Enjoy!!!

What is your favorite cookie flavor?  Can you stop at just one?




Dentists and Bagels

I hate dentists!

Well, I don’t really hate the people that practice dentistry, mind you.  I just hate the whole dental thing, what with the long drive I have to get to his office, the inconvenience involved in driving so far, the waiting, the anxiety, the pain, and then the bill.  Ouch, the bill is always so painful.

This morning: $99.00. Not too bad.

I love my dental hygienist!

Nancy is a super star in my book. She is good at what she does, good at keeping on schedule, good at bringing the dentist in if she thinks he needs to take a look in this gal’s mouth or at her chompers.  Nancy is a professional, and I appreciate her style and expertise.

Why do I blog about my dental appointment today?

Food–that’s the answer.

You see, it has been my habit in the past to get my dental work done and then reward myself with a “treat” at the donut shop down the street from my dentist’s office. I planned to do the same today.  I write about it here because the behavior is directly linked to habit for me, and you know I’m working on developing better habits so that I can do a better job of tackling my food addictions in the future.

Here’s what I have done in the past:  Left dentist office and gone to shop. Bought bagel with cream cheese and coffee, and something to take home to my guys.

Today I did this:  Left dentist office and went to shop. Bought bagel with cream cheese and coffee, but did not take anything else with me when I went.

Sounds like familiar behavior, right? Habitual.  It was, but the difference this time is that the bagel didn’t taste the way I thought it would, it was not satisfying, and the gal behind the counter burned it.

Picture of burnt bagel before cream cheese is applied (stock photo)

000bagelNot only did she burn the bagel, but the veggie cream cheese, which I only get when I go to the dentist twice a year, tasted just so/so.  The coffee was horrible, and I burned myself on it.

You might think this is all cause for major frustration, but no.

I’m happy about how things turned out this morning.

Why am I happy?

I’m happy because I am trying to do better, live better, make better choices and every time I do something that I would classify as “unhelpful” in this pursuit, I look for the redirect that will help me choose better next time.

A burnt bagel, bland cheese, and yucky coffee were my redirect today.

I’m trying to let my head do the driving these days, and not my stomach. Slowly, I am making progress.  I’m glad for the redirects along the way.  Glad, too, that the progress is slow.  Slow and steady win the race, you know!

What slow, but steady progress are you making in your life these days?  What one redirect have you experienced that made all the difference in the past?

Learning to be Patient and WAIT

We’ve got a mini schnauzer at home. His name is Mauser.


Mauser is a salt and pepper Schnauzer whose more salt than pepper.  He has a salty disposition sometimes, but we love him all the same.  When Mauser was a pup and I was taking him to obedience training, my son wanted to teach him a few tricks.  One of the most impressive to our instructor was the ability to WAIT.  He’s really good at this waiting behavior.  I wish I were half as good, as he.

I HATE waiting!


Mauser never lets himself be distracted once the treat hits the floor and the command to WAIT is issued.  His full attention remains with that liver treat until he has won the prize.  Look at that concentration!  He really, really wants that treat, but he knows he can’t have it until I say OKAY.


Isn’t that look on his face pathetic?  I think I must look that way sometimes when I’m waiting for my next treat.

So deprived.

So unhappy.

So impatient.

But I have learned that waiting is good.

Waiting builds character.

Waiting makes me stronger.

Waiting increases my desire.

Waiting teaches me that good things come to those who wait.

Here’s a happy picture of pup, taken moments after the snack was delivered.


Then again, maybe this is a picture of expectancy and cuteness that is banking on manipulation to win him another liver treat.  🙂

There is value in waiting, I know, but it doesn’t make me like the waiting exercises any better.

I hate waiting!

Are you good at waiting for your rewards?  What do you use instead of food as a reward for your own good behavior?