Goals out the Window!


Last week was tough for this gal.  Mister has a case of the Shingles and he’s got them in his eye, of all places.  Shingles of the eye are nasty!  As of the writing of this update hubs is being treated for a tear in his cornea. Not good!!!!  Suffice it to say that my teeny, tiny goal list has not gotten my highest priority paid to it this week.  I have had some time to attend to the list while at work, but the rest of it just kinda went out the window.  I did not complete my task.


1  Create a Gratitude List and add to it every day this week.

2  Research 3 on-line resources for paid writing assignments and choose one to try.

3  Tackle the kitchen cupboards again, releasing more “stuff” into the world.


In a word: Abysmal!

The Good News:  I got to the meetings I had committed to attend this week, got the sleep I needed to soldier on, and took care of the mister’s many medical needs, if not in that order.  I feel “good” about the fact that I could achieve as much as I did this week considering what we’ve had to deal with, and I’m glad to report that my lover is some better today.  Our biggest goal as a couple right now is solving the problem my guy’s rather strong pain killers are causing his digestive track.

Metamucil to the rescue!

Hubby is actually using SennaGen and sugar-free chocolates to get the old pipes humming again. Those and lots and lots and LOTS of water!

I did work on a Gratitude List this week, but I did not record my thoughts every day of the week on that list.


Shingles of the eye is nothing to fool with and will cause you much concern in the healing process.

I’m just one person. I cannot do “it” all alone.

A strong immune system is a good thing, and we should do what we can to support it as we age.

Good friends send humorous cards during trying times, to lift spirits and remind you, This Too Shall Pass!

De-cluttering the cupboards a second time is a ridiculous goal when life issues present themselves. Shingles trumps cleaning every time!

Doctors who have Jersey accents and make farmer jokes in the ER are my kinda people.


1.2.3: Take care of Bob and get him well.  That is my only goal for this week and I think it qualifies for my list because it will take all my teeny, tiny concentration to get ‘er done!

What are your goals for this week?  What are you most thankful for as the holiday seasons gets underway?

Note: Thanksgiving is just 3 teeny, tiny weeks away!


Shingles in NEPA


As you might have guessed, this post is not about roofing materials.


This post is about one sad, retired, fellow who was stricken over the weekend, and is now sitting in his recliner with a patch of oozing blisters covering his forehead and moving down the side of his face.

Hubs has shingles!

Dratted things!






He has them in his eye!!!  Poor hubs!

If you’re the praying type, say a few for the mister.  If you have any advice on how to make the pain less intense, share freely.  If you have your own sad tale to tell about life as a shingles sufferer, I’m all ears.


The doctor who diagnosed hubs said that sometimes the virus that gave us chicken pox as a kid returns to us as shingles in our later years, just because.  Often, however, an outbreak can be traced to some particular stress event which occurs and drains the immune system, making us easy targets for shingles.  When mister and me sat in his office and heard him say that, I thought, “Well, that’s not the case with us.” I couldn’t think of anything that had happened recently that would be described as a stress event.

It wasn’t until later that I remembered these facts:

Mister’s older brother lost his wife to complications of T2D and persistent smoking with heart disease about three weeks ago.

Mister has been spending copious amounts of time helping big brother cope with his grief, which has not been easy.

Other confusing and taxing family “issues” have cropped up/come to light and had to be dealt with, following my sister-in-law’s death.  This often happens after a family member passes.  The family dynamic is disrupted, and everyone has to shift and readjust.  Sometimes it is a messy, messy process.

Not long ago my lover boy was dealing with a drawn out bout with a secondary infection caused by a tick bite, wherein 30 days of powerful antibiotics were administered orally in an effort to stave off lyme’s disease.

It all adds up! 

I wonder if the tick bite episode had anything to do with weakening my husband’s normally vibrant immune system?  I don’t know…can’t be sure, but I wonder.


Today, I’m stopping after work to get the shingles vaccine.  My doc says its crucial I have it, as I, too, suffer with T2D.  Mine is controlled by diet at this time, but as T2D is considered an auto-immune problem, I’m at risk for catching shingles.  Especially as I act as care-giver for hubs.

I hate this!


We’re doing what we must to stay on top of this newly developing worry.  Shingles in the eye is not a good thing.  Shingles, period, is no fun.  We are hoping the meds bring this outbreak under control soon.

I’m hoping to get back to normal soon!!

Have you had shingles or the chicken pox?  When they say you are contagious with shingles, does that mean you can infect others with shingles, or with the chicken pox (I still haven’t figured that one out)?