Working my way DOWN

Today is Tuesday, after the visit, and I’m working my way down.

Down the scale, after gaining a few pounds.

Down from the emotional high of seeing family.

Hugs are great, but when we have to go home…such regrets at having to leave.  I wish we lived closer.

I didn’t sleep well while away.

Hubs snoring.  Shifting positions all night.  Grinding his teeth.

That orange tabby, yowling!  Can’t they hear her?  Sooo loud!

Long, soulful yowls…loud. Loud enough to wake the dead.

This is why we no longer keep Siamese, but this one is not Siamese.

Still, the yowl is the same.  Mind numbing at 5:30 am.

We are now home, but the sleep deprivation continues.

Last night, I prayed:

“Lord, please, help me not to hurt.

Help me to find a position in this bed that will eliminate the pressure points.

Help me sleep.”

Soon, I was curled up in a ball, sleeping in a weird position, snoring.

Finally!  Blissful sleep.

The whole world looks different through restful eyes.

Now, if I can just get my food straightened out, I will be happy.

Working on it.

Anyone else have problems getting enough sleep?