Goals out the Window!


Last week was tough for this gal.  Mister has a case of the Shingles and he’s got them in his eye, of all places.  Shingles of the eye are nasty!  As of the writing of this update hubs is being treated for a tear in his cornea. Not good!!!!  Suffice it to say that my teeny, tiny goal list has not gotten my highest priority paid to it this week.  I have had some time to attend to the list while at work, but the rest of it just kinda went out the window.  I did not complete my task.


1  Create a Gratitude List and add to it every day this week.

2  Research 3 on-line resources for paid writing assignments and choose one to try.

3  Tackle the kitchen cupboards again, releasing more “stuff” into the world.


In a word: Abysmal!

The Good News:  I got to the meetings I had committed to attend this week, got the sleep I needed to soldier on, and took care of the mister’s many medical needs, if not in that order.  I feel “good” about the fact that I could achieve as much as I did this week considering what we’ve had to deal with, and I’m glad to report that my lover is some better today.  Our biggest goal as a couple right now is solving the problem my guy’s rather strong pain killers are causing his digestive track.

Metamucil to the rescue!

Hubby is actually using SennaGen and sugar-free chocolates to get the old pipes humming again. Those and lots and lots and LOTS of water!

I did work on a Gratitude List this week, but I did not record my thoughts every day of the week on that list.


Shingles of the eye is nothing to fool with and will cause you much concern in the healing process.

I’m just one person. I cannot do “it” all alone.

A strong immune system is a good thing, and we should do what we can to support it as we age.

Good friends send humorous cards during trying times, to lift spirits and remind you, This Too Shall Pass!

De-cluttering the cupboards a second time is a ridiculous goal when life issues present themselves. Shingles trumps cleaning every time!

Doctors who have Jersey accents and make farmer jokes in the ER are my kinda people.


1.2.3: Take care of Bob and get him well.  That is my only goal for this week and I think it qualifies for my list because it will take all my teeny, tiny concentration to get ‘er done!

What are your goals for this week?  What are you most thankful for as the holiday seasons gets underway?

Note: Thanksgiving is just 3 teeny, tiny weeks away!


End of September Goals

TGT mast head

Have you ever tried to tackle two really big projects at once?  Yeah, disaster.  Neither of them gets done well, and you walk away feeling like a cheat to either one or the other, maybe both.  That’s how I felt this week as I tried to balance three projects at one time.

  • Three Chiro appointments, each one involving some degree of pain; more after the fact.
  • Three Goals, one of which included following Chiro instructions to the letter.
  • De-cluttering my living space/life, and learning more about minimalism (also a TGT goal).

When I look over this list, just typed, I’m thinking, “Give yourself a break, Lori. You’ve hit 2 of your 3 goals with your weekly projects.  You’re doing okay.”


1 Pursue a path of recovery with the new chiropractor, doing all he asks me to do in order to help myself in the most effective and efficient way.

2  Continue to learn new methods for paring down, in order to minimize my propensity for indecision.

3  Eat as cleanly as I can, incorporating as many veggies as I can and as much water as I can into my Action Plan for the week.


I’m happy to report that I was able to achieve stellar results with both Goal No. 1 and Goal No. 2!!!  I have done everything the new doc has asked me to do regarding my back.  I have iced it through the day at the office, and I have continued to ice it at night, at home, while relaxing. This is what he asked me to do, while he does other things.  Yay, SUCCESS!!!

I have also continued to learn new methods for paring down and tackling deadly indecision.  I’ve made several decisions this past week, all of them involving de-cluttering practices and reading about minimalism, in order to have a better understanding of what I’m doing with this experiment.

I have enjoyed reading the blog a commenter suggested last week.   I started reading with Julie’s December 2014 postings, since here 2015 posts are those that deal with a simpler life, the project that has most piqued my interest this summer.


Goal No. 3 has also been on my mind this week and I have taken action to achieve it.  Last night, I made a pan of baked oatmeal, my first in a while, and all week long I have been concentrating on getting more veggies into my body.  My body, as always, has responded nicely to the veggie buffet and the whole grain additions to my diet.  Why do I ever leave this kind of eating?  Who knows?  I have also made it my goal to drink more water.  GOAL NO. 3-A WIN!!!


On my way to achieving my goals, I finished up a few projects which just happened to include sorting through the many cook books in my cupboard and donating a few of them before throwing away a bunch of loose recipe sheets I had printed off the internet.  I never used any of them and they fell out of the cupboard every time I reached for one of my regular cook books, so out they went.  I’m going to write about that more on Tuesday of next week, but for now I thought I would share a few shots of my clean space and those cook books I love so much.

Here is what the cupboard now looks like, decidedly less cluttered after the culling.


And here is a shot of those cookbooks I love and use all the time.


That Better Homes and Gardens, yeah, I have had that a long time…

Look at that cover. Well worn! Tattered and Stained! Yuck!


I need to clean this baby.  It has been splattered on for decades without a good shower.  Look at these graphics and design/fashion suggestions from the book. Ha!  Certainly not today’s everything white minimalistic look.


Look at that copyright date.


Just keepin’ it real, folks.  I have used this cook book again and again, and really, all the time. I have a new BHAG cook book, but it’s not the same.  Many of the old recipes aren’t there.


Last grimy picture, of my gram’s Chocolate Mayo Cake handwritten on an index card years ago—always a crowd pleaser and it contains no milk, so works perfectly for my nephew, who is allergic. Also, a typed and printed sheet for School Boy Jumbles, a sugar cookie recipe—the BEST soft sugar cookie recipe in the world!!  No competition here!  Hands down, the B.E.S.T.  I don’t eat many of these nowadays, but once in a while, when the occasion warrants and there will be plenty of folks around to gobble these up, I do make them. They are out of this world delicious!  Really good comfort food!


I’m going to keep my goals the same for yet another week.  Why mess with success, right?  Plus, these teeny, tiny goals are accomplishing great things at my house.  I’ll go with them another week and see where it leads.

What goals have you set for yourself this week?  Did you make sure to make them teeny, tiny and write them down?




Long day, busy day. THURSday, and time to report!

Honestly, I feel like I did just okay with my goals this week.  I ate my oatmeal five days this week, but one day it was eaten for lunch, instead of breakfast.  One other day I ate a bagel and yesterday I had that stop at Dunkin Donuts that I talked about here.  I had an apple for lunch yesterday after treating myself with a pumpkin spice munchkin, and then made homemade soups for supper.  Yum, was that good!

Temperatures have been a bit milder in our neck of the woods lately and it feels wonderful!

I put the sign I made (the one with the googly eyes),on my table this week, and that helped me be mindful of my portion sizes at dinner time, my roughest time of the day.  I also ordered off-menu once, when we joined family for a birthday celebration at a restaurant of his choosing, so that was good action outside my comfort zone.

Although I have not lost a lot of weight with the addition of three goals to my weekly schedule, I have noticed that my pants fit looser, which has been a nice surprise.  I attribute that to my morning ritual of exercise which I have been 100% faithful to in the past few weeks.

Yay, I am beginning to develop some good habits!

After exercising this week I noticed my muscles were sore.  That’s because I walked after work two nights, and one of those outings included a trek of two blocks up what is an impossibly steep hill in the town where I have my office.  I swear, this cities planners were part goat, looking at how the town was designed.  I guess I should say that the course I took wasn’t “impossibly steep.”  After all, I did make it to the top.  But it was STEEP!! I thought my shins would be screaming after that workout, but if affected me in my thighs.  Go figure.  My knees also hurt-a lot-the next day.

God provided a look into the breadth of my recovery that was pretty amazing this week.  I was walking with some friends and family, one of them much younger than I, and found it was them who were getting out of breath and asking to stop and rest, not me.  I also went to the movies with some friends, again, younger than me, who decided to take the steps up three flights to the theater and expected me to follow them up.  I kept pace with them, no problem.


As I walked up those stairs I thought, “Five years ago, I never would have attempted this. It would have been too embarrassing. I would have had to sit down at the top, if I made it to the top.  Look at me go! And I’m not winded, either. Yay!”

I rejoiced heartily over this lil reflection of what was, but is no more. Thank you, Papa, for that insight!

My Three Goals for this week:

1. I will exercise for seven minutes each morning, before doing anything else.

2. I will eat a veggie wrap for breakfast five out of seven days this week, trying to keep my calorie count under 300 for that time of day.  I think I need to make this shift in order to get in enough veggies during the day. We’ll see how it goes, because this will take more prep time in the morning. I may be setting myself up for failure with this goal. I’m afraid it is not teeny, tiny enough.  :/

3. I will publicly acknowledge three people on social media or my blog this week, thanking them for the contribution they have made to my continuing recovery.

I really am truly grateful to all my readers and those of you who comment here.  Your contributions have added greatly to my health and continuing motivations to do better with each passing day. You guys keep me honest, and that’s no lil thing. Thank you!

What goal will you set for yourself this week?  How do you know when you’re being too hard on yourself, and not rejoicing in your successes often enough?