Insult Answered

“Go! Move stealthily through the city, marking everyone who was embarrassed on behalf of the King today. Every soul not insulted and apologetic for the way the King was handled, let him meet his fate.”

The being did as he was directed, and when he was done he returned to the Master.

“Have they been so marked? Young and old? Male and female? Street walker and CEO? Drunkard and sober companion? Have they been marked with my insignia, as was commanded?”

“They have,” the being replied.

“Was the number great?” the king asked.

“No. It was small,” said the being, “just as you predicted.”  Even still, those marked were blessed for they were saved from what was to come.

The skies turned inky black as his minions headed out, the ground beneath their feet rumbling.  Before the slaughter began, animals throughout the city shrieked. Plants of the field withered and dropped their heads of grain or bloom to the ground below, afraid to look upon the destruction about to occur. An eerie shimmer was cast across the horizon, as women everywhere began to bawl. Some cried tears of sorrow, others of repentance, but it was too late. The offense had been committed, and the decision made. No turning back.

No turning back, and so it was done.

The beings, for they were many now, found every sniveling liar, every wanton thief, every rapist and beater of women, and all those who victimized others and marginalized the poor. They found every hidden scoundrel and prideful miscreant and every mouth that prophesied falsely, and they silenced them all.  The purge diminished the population within the boundary walls by two-thirds.

In the aftermath, bodies lay strewn along rose-covered pathways. The fragrance of peonies could not cancel out the stench of blood pools filling the streets. Those who were dying suffered intensely now, but many more had already been dispatched to the world beyond this realm.

His anger subsided, the beings put away their swords and scabbards. They lay down hammers and scythes. They sang a mournful song as they went along, for brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, families had perished today. Deservedly dead as they were the beings mourned them, for they’d been kinsmen. To their chagrin the king’s men felt a sympathy they knew was not deserved. No one spoke a word of it.

Deservedly, they’d died. That was the narrative, and no one dared say otherwise.


Shingles in NEPA


As you might have guessed, this post is not about roofing materials.


This post is about one sad, retired, fellow who was stricken over the weekend, and is now sitting in his recliner with a patch of oozing blisters covering his forehead and moving down the side of his face.

Hubs has shingles!

Dratted things!






He has them in his eye!!!  Poor hubs!

If you’re the praying type, say a few for the mister.  If you have any advice on how to make the pain less intense, share freely.  If you have your own sad tale to tell about life as a shingles sufferer, I’m all ears.


The doctor who diagnosed hubs said that sometimes the virus that gave us chicken pox as a kid returns to us as shingles in our later years, just because.  Often, however, an outbreak can be traced to some particular stress event which occurs and drains the immune system, making us easy targets for shingles.  When mister and me sat in his office and heard him say that, I thought, “Well, that’s not the case with us.” I couldn’t think of anything that had happened recently that would be described as a stress event.

It wasn’t until later that I remembered these facts:

Mister’s older brother lost his wife to complications of T2D and persistent smoking with heart disease about three weeks ago.

Mister has been spending copious amounts of time helping big brother cope with his grief, which has not been easy.

Other confusing and taxing family “issues” have cropped up/come to light and had to be dealt with, following my sister-in-law’s death.  This often happens after a family member passes.  The family dynamic is disrupted, and everyone has to shift and readjust.  Sometimes it is a messy, messy process.

Not long ago my lover boy was dealing with a drawn out bout with a secondary infection caused by a tick bite, wherein 30 days of powerful antibiotics were administered orally in an effort to stave off lyme’s disease.

It all adds up! 

I wonder if the tick bite episode had anything to do with weakening my husband’s normally vibrant immune system?  I don’t know…can’t be sure, but I wonder.


Today, I’m stopping after work to get the shingles vaccine.  My doc says its crucial I have it, as I, too, suffer with T2D.  Mine is controlled by diet at this time, but as T2D is considered an auto-immune problem, I’m at risk for catching shingles.  Especially as I act as care-giver for hubs.

I hate this!


We’re doing what we must to stay on top of this newly developing worry.  Shingles in the eye is not a good thing.  Shingles, period, is no fun.  We are hoping the meds bring this outbreak under control soon.

I’m hoping to get back to normal soon!!

Have you had shingles or the chicken pox?  When they say you are contagious with shingles, does that mean you can infect others with shingles, or with the chicken pox (I still haven’t figured that one out)?

Goals: Addressing the Pain

I’m posting my goal’s chart from last week here today.  I’ve decided to not set any new goals for this coming week beyond getting through the week as best I can. I’m in too much pain today to think about what I want to strive for in the next seven days.

Maybe tomorrow I will have goals to share. Maybe not.

I try to keep things positive here, on my blog, but ugh, I hurt this week.  Not sure why this week, but it may be my reluctance to keep taking pain killers. This has got to stop!

I called a chiro that is local to me, in network for me and my insurance, and is accepting new patients.  I will see him for the first time on Monday.  We’ll see what his recommendation is after viewing the MRI results I got over a year ago, and maybe taking some new x-rays.

I kept thinking this was going to get better. It has not!


000goal list 2HOW I DID!

As you can see, I hit all my goals for this week. Some, just barely, but I hit them.  I also began that gratitude list talked about in this notes on this chart.

In other news:  The request I made at the chiro’s office was for help from the dietician, too.  I’m looking forward to working with someone to help me feel better and eat better in the near, near future.

That’s about it for now.  Lori out!

Do you keep a gratitude list?  What are you most grateful for today?


Morning Migraine



No fun.

Definitely hurty!

I exercised anyway.

I kept it low key.

I took aspirin when the blurr began.

I went back to bed for about 20 minutes.  I shut my eyes.

I got strong coffee on the way to work.

I’m here, but not here, if you know what I mean.

Head still hurting, but functional.

I love the power of habit.

Let me say that again: I LOVE the POWER of HABIT!

I woke up at 5am this morning and craved exercise.  Who is this woman living in my skin?  Where did the ole, lazy, uninterested-in-any-exercise-at-all Lori go?  How long will she be away, cuz I’m hoping for a substantial hiatus for her.

Migraine, and yet success!  It feels good!!!!

Bring it on, Friday. Bring it on!!!!

Do you ever suffer from migraine pain?  How do you deal with it?

Is 8 Minutes Too Much?

Today is Monday and the first day of my week, so I’m back at it. 

Back to the good eats.

Back at the exercise.

Back at the ouchies!

I’m not sure what’s going on at our house, but yikes, everyone around me in aching these days.

I stretched, pulled, and otherwise manipulated myself into hurtful territory on Friday when I dismissed pain upon exercising and decided to power through. “Maybe this will limber me up,” thought I.  “Maybe this is pain that leads to reduced inflammation in my hip joint,” I imagined.

“Maybe this will feel better after I’m done.” Fat chance!

To my credit, that last statement was not as weird a hypothesis/conclusion as one might think.  Doing five minutes of exercise in the morning has been really good for me, and I HAVE felt better, more limber, and more loose in my joints because of it.

The old thinking says if a little is good, than more will be better, right?  Not where pain is involved!000painI should have listened.

I should have stopped.

I should have gone on to the next move, and left that hip thing alone.

I should have, but I didn’t. I kept moving in that weird way until I hurt myself.

You’ve heard misery loves company, right? 

It’s been proved true at my house lately.  What I mean by that is that I’m not suffering alone these days.

Hubs was helping a friend with a “few” cinder blocks and wrenched his neck.

The cat that was dropped off at our house a year and a half ago is getting skinnier by the day and the vet doesn’t know why.

Our pupper is itching all over with no sign of fleas and while wearing a new flea collar.  We are trying him on a new dog food and hoping that brings some relief. In the  meantime, he is driving me crazy!!!

Even more important, my sister is back in the hospital this afternoon with her own mystery pain.  Yikes, we are keeping this one in prayer.

What is going on?

I was not able to exercise for 8 minutes over the weekend.  At some points during Saturday and Sunday I was not able to get outta the Barcalounger unaided. So stiff. So sore. So slow moving was I, that hubs had to lend a hand.  And him, with the wrenched neck.  We were a sight, but I am nothing if not determined…

I got up this morning, did my 8 minutes (albeit slowly and with deliberation), and then set off for work.  I also took my baked oatmeal to the office with me, after having paid particular attention to portion sizes.

I hear it works, if you work it.  I’m trying.

What’s working for you these days?  What never works, so you have abandoned it completely? 

does sleep deprivation affect weight loss?

You have all heard my whining about the stress I felt in August. If you want to punish yourself more today, you can go back and give it another looksy, but really, why would you? Let’s just move on.

What I wanted to write about today in sleep deprivation and how it might or might not affect weight loss. I have not read much on this piece of the weight loss equation, so I’m really here today to ask questions of you. Do you think that lack of sleep–full, restful sleep–is a deterrent to affective weight loss?


I have been having lots of trouble getting enough sleep lately. I’m not sure why. In my twenties I was an insomniac, and throughout my life I have had trouble either getting to sleep, or staying asleep. I need complete quiet and darkness to fall asleep, and the softest sound is able to wake me. You can imagine how well I slept during the years when I had babies and small children to tend. NOT! But it seems like I still struggle today to get enough sleep, and I think this may be part and parcel of why I am having increased problems losing weight, along with the lack of exercise.

I’m doing better on the exercise front, by the way. Yesterday, I was able to take two small walks, with only a lil bit of pain in the arch of my foot. I prayed and pressed through it. There seem to be no adverse after affects today from what was done yesterday, so I’m happy about that. Maybe the feet are healed enough that I can walk a little more. I hope so, and I will keep trying, but back to the sleep thing.

I’m anxious to know, does a lack of sleep affect your ability to lose weight? Have you noticed this in your experience? Do you know of a story or article I could read about this subject? Please share freely.

One thing I want to note before I close off this post: for the last two nights I have taken an Advil before bed and slept really well. This morning I woke up feeling rested for the first time in weeks. I’ve tried to reduce my consumption of pain killers, to help my kidneys and liver, poor things. But is it the pain that is keeping me awake and tossing and turning all night? What do I do to stop that, and get my sleep, if I’m not going to take pain killers?

I’m at a loss to know what to do.

I feel like I need good sleep to function properly, and that I am awake many times each night, changing position, because of pain.

Any solution? Again, share freely.


Progress Slowed

Heading back to the office after a weekend of pain is a good thing.  Sitting upright in my chair keeps me mindful of my posture, and believe it or not, I hurt less when I’m sitting upright.

I’m struggling with lower back pain again, and this time it has brought its ugly cousin, hip pain, along for the party in my body. I don’t know if it is the result of a change in the weather and temperatures that is bringing on this renewed pain, but I’m not liking it. It’s slowed my progress considerably. 

Being in constant pain means I’m constantly tense. I catch myself clinching my jaw a lot these days. I also find myself having to consciously release the tension in my shoulders several times a day. I don’t know how to stop myself from reacting to this pain with stress, but I do have a script from my doctor for a muscle relaxer/pain-killer and a referral for physical therapy, so I’m going to give that a try.

When I hurt like this, I want to do nothing but lay around. Problem is, laying around hurts.  Standing for any period of time hurts too, but in a different way.  Back pain is the worst!  It makes it difficult to do anything, let alone cook good meals and grocery shop.  

This weekend, I shopped in spurts.  I was in town several times for differing reasons, so instead of getting all those groceries in one clump and having to haul all those bags to the trunk of my car by myself, I shopped a little here and a little there.  It seemed to work.  I made soup for supper and a cornbread recipe I found in the Everyday Happy Herbivore cookbook, that uses pumpkin and fresh sage in the batter.  I told my hubs that I think I might never use another cornbread recipe again, this one is so luscious.   

I picked soup for supper because we haven’t had it in a while and the season changing and the weather growing colder seemed to suggest it was a good choice.  I was astonished at how small a serving I was able to eat.  My stomach must be shrinking somewhat.  It was good to put the warm broth and rich and flavorful cornbread in my body.  I felt like I was eating a healing meal last night, and that felt really good to me.

After supper I tried one of those muscle relaxers and I was so glad I did.  I got more sleep last night than I have in a week’s worth of nights. 

What do you cook when you’re having one of those stressful, painful days?  Do you ever shop for food in spurts?  Are you a fan of home-made soups, and if so, what is your favorite?