BGG continued

This weekend, I got a chance to do more work on BGG (Big Green Girl).  BGG, as you will remember, is the chair I’m reupholstering.  You may remember when I first introduced BGG to the blog.  If not, you can read about that here.

BGG in her previous ignominious state, before we began our work on her.


Before getting this gal dressed in her new duds, we gotta get her out of her old clothes (cue stripper music).




Gross, dirty, dirty work.



Filthy stuff, should probably have been done outside.  :/


When I was done ripping the seat off this grand dame, I started on her back, stripping her of all that seaweed she had been hiding under. Back panel came off HARD.  Lots of nails. Had to really hammered away at her.

I definitely burned some calories on this part of the demolition project, for sure.

What was surprising was the fabric I found underneath the green velvet.  It was even more hideous than the velvety outer skin she wore.


Are you ready for the big unveiling?




This brocade was so faded and so smelly, it makes one wonder why they left it on when they redid the chair?  And it had holes cut out of it, around the arms.  Maybe to better fit the new pieces?  I dunno, but it smells terrible.

Here is a shot of the back at this stage of the redo:


See what I mean about the fade?  The difference in color can be seen at the top of the back panel. I’m not crazy about the original hue, but the faded color is even worse.

Yuck. Plain. Pink. Formal. Old fashioned.

We will be taking care of that!

That piece of burlap strapping on the left side–I suspect that is going to make it necessary for us to redo that whole panel with new strapping.  Otherwise, we could have left that part of the chair alone.  Oh, well.  At least the chair will smell new through and through once we are done.

My mom is helping me to restore this beauty.  The next step is to re-glue the joints. BGG is taking our work in stride.  She sits in silence as I work on her, but oh, the dreams we dream, of the places we will go when she’s dressed right and proper.  I’ll share pictures of the fabric I bought for the redo later this week or next.  Stay tuned and see how BGG is transformed through this process.  I’m excited to see how it all turns out myself.  Can’t wait!

What is the ugliest piece of furniture in your home right now?  What makes it ugly to you?  Where did you get it, and how long have you had it?