Learning to be Patient and WAIT

We’ve got a mini schnauzer at home. His name is Mauser.


Mauser is a salt and pepper Schnauzer whose more salt than pepper.  He has a salty disposition sometimes, but we love him all the same.  When Mauser was a pup and I was taking him to obedience training, my son wanted to teach him a few tricks.  One of the most impressive to our instructor was the ability to WAIT.  He’s really good at this waiting behavior.  I wish I were half as good, as he.

I HATE waiting!


Mauser never lets himself be distracted once the treat hits the floor and the command to WAIT is issued.  His full attention remains with that liver treat until he has won the prize.  Look at that concentration!  He really, really wants that treat, but he knows he can’t have it until I say OKAY.


Isn’t that look on his face pathetic?  I think I must look that way sometimes when I’m waiting for my next treat.

So deprived.

So unhappy.

So impatient.

But I have learned that waiting is good.

Waiting builds character.

Waiting makes me stronger.

Waiting increases my desire.

Waiting teaches me that good things come to those who wait.

Here’s a happy picture of pup, taken moments after the snack was delivered.


Then again, maybe this is a picture of expectancy and cuteness that is banking on manipulation to win him another liver treat.  🙂

There is value in waiting, I know, but it doesn’t make me like the waiting exercises any better.

I hate waiting!

Are you good at waiting for your rewards?  What do you use instead of food as a reward for your own good behavior?