What I ate and the affect it had on me

DSC_1785Thanksgiving was great!  I weighed and measured my foods, and journaled what I ate and I paid attention to calories.  I did not gain any weight during Thanksgiving.  Yay!

During December things got a lil hairy for me with the food.  I was handling sweets more, being surrounded by them at work every day, and anticipating some of my favorites during the holiday.  You know, those opportunities Christmas provides to digest a few choice yummies.

Pies I can resist.

Cakes, even more so.

Soda and salty fare is not my thing, but cookies…

I like cookies, especially when they are decorated and covered in icing.

Something interesting that I noticed this year is that my eyes like the cookies better than my belly.  Very interesting!  I see them, all pretty and such, and I want them, but when I taste them, they’re just so so. Not worth the calorie load.  I tried some, but ate few and then only the best.

I did experience some water weight during Christmas and could definitely feel the difference the sugar consumption made in my body when I got up in the morning.  My hands were the slightest bit puffy, and my joints ached.  Part of the ache is due to increased activity, bending, stooping, picking up after others (still suffering from that stuff), but a lot of it was due to the type of foods I was eating.

The good news: I did not gain weight over Christmas, not real weight, that is.  I gained 3 lbs, but it came off immediately after I switched back to my normal diet, veggie heavy with a lil meat on the side.  I’ve actually lost another 1.5 lbs in addition to the water weight as of today.  I love veggies, so its no hardship for me to eat this way.  My problem isn’t the food, its old habit, eyes that want what they don’t need, and short cuts that often have to be made during the holidays.

I biked a lot during  this holiday season; recumbent biking, that is.  It helped me to burn off some of the calories I ate.  During Christmas week, though, there were too many people inhabiting the house to have the bike in the living room. As a result, it didn’t get used much that week.  Another reason for being up a few pounds once the week was done.

End result:  I paid a price for eating differently at Christmas time this year, but it was a price I was willing to pay, and once the holiday was done, I quickly returned to my usual way of eating.  Veggie heavy, with a few carbs and meat on the side.  It works for me.

The first week of January has already come and gone.  Approximately ten more weeks of bitter to relatively cold weather here in NEPA and we’ll be sliding into spring.  Yay, I can’t wait!


Snow, Thanksgiving, and Food

As I’m writing this post, NEPA is getting pounded with our first snow storm of the season.

Woohoo!  It is gorgeous out there.

My only worry is that I’m still down in the lowlands this afternoon, and have to travel to the heights to get home.  Should be interesting.  Adding to the excitement of heavy snow and low temperatures is the fact that I’m driving a different car than last winter.  My Sweet Ride got too tired to carry the load of a full size chassis up those hills anymore, so I went looking and found a lesser ride for a honey of a price and bought her, then brought her home.  We will see how she performs on those hills as we try to get home after dark tonight.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and we have decided to spend it at home this year.  We invited my brother-in-law for dinner, but with this accumulation of snow, I doubt he’ll come.  I have actually scaled up on the amount of food I will be preparing this year, but because we are making our meal at home, I get to used my reduced calorie way of making our dishes.  That’s a good thing, because my body just cannot tolerate all the fat and sugar others include in favorites on their tables.  I’m hopeful being at home this year will help to make my body a little happier as we push ourselves up to the Thanksgiving Day table.  We will be celebrating the day and God’s incredible provision over our lives before we eat.  Praying a return of thanks for the many blessings I have received this year is easy to do.  I have been sooo blessed!

I decided not to make the cranberry sauce this year.  It is a favorite with me, but I didn’t want to use all that sugar and using sugar substitutes doesn’t appeal to me either, so I’m just going to skip it altogether. I’m the only one in the family who likes it anyway, so while I might be tempted to miss it, a little, I’ve made a conscious decision not to have it on the table.  I will use the berries I bought to make a cranberry bread that many like and enjoy, thereby sharing the bounty with others and reducing the calories and sugar load for me.

I also bought a tiny turkey–only 8lbs–so that we won’t have endless leftovers.  Just enough to make one casserole after the big day. That should work to satisfy our turkey cravings, if indeed anyone have them.

I wish you all a very blessed Thanksgiving and hope that your table is filled with as much love and encouragement, as it is with yummy foods.  Have a great one, everyone, and remember, you matter!!!




Getting Results


RESULT NO. 1 No cancer!!! Woohoo, that is the report from the biopsy done after my recent foot surgery. It was with great relief that I exhaled yesterday when I received the news. The moles on the bottom of my feet we removed December 6th, and I was hoping that would be the end of the mole matter for good, but looks like that won’t be the case. I haven’t seen the pathology report myself yet, so I hesitate to share the exact nature of the cells that were growing inside my foot with you, but suffice it to say that the expert opinion of the experts, and you will remember that I have seen and receive many an opinion, is that there is a good likelihood that more moles will appear in the future, and when they do, they too will need to be excised.


What I am praying is that these moles,now deceased, were merely stragglers lost while away from home and were unable to send a beacon signal to tell others of their ilk how to find my foot (I watch too much nerd TV, I know). But seriously, I am hoping against hope that these were isolated incidents of moley-ness, and that they will not be repeated. For now, all is well on the sole-full frontier, with incisions healing nicely.

RESULT NO. 2 Five Pounds LOST! Yay! Hopefully, never to be found again by this gal. To date (since the week before Thanksgiving), I have lost five pounds.  I have been on a personal crusade to not only not gain weight during the holidays, but to lose as much of the excess fat as I can! So far, so good. During this campaign against holiday bingeing I am learning what it means to feel hungry, feel full, abstain from eating after supper, and report what I am eating every day. I hate counting calories, so I am still not willing to do that, but I am reporting my food to a food sponsor/friend. For some reason, that is enough at this point.

RESULT NO. 3 Vitamin B12 has finally reached therapeutic levels!  Yay! I love my vitamin B 12 capsule in the winter months more than ever. Along with Vitamin D, they boost my immune system and serve to keep me comfortable and feeling confident. I have found that when I don’t take my B12s, I have all kinds of weird emotional junk to deal with, and I don’t like it. I get disgusted with people more often. I get frustrated with chaos addicts to the point of wanting to strangle them, and I feel like I doubt myself more often too. With my B12s I don’t seem to experience so many ups and downs, emotionally. Weird, hunh? I don’t know if B12 is supposed to provide emotional support this way or not, but for me it does. Sooo, I am back on my Bs and feeling much better.

I don’t know about you, but I love being able to see results come of my efforts. I’ve been working hard the past few weeks to see the number on the scale go down and it has. Yay!  I’ve worked hard to not be defensive with friends who can be described as nothing BUT drama queens.  Again, yay!  I have prayed and hoped that the biopsy test results, as well as my upcoming surgery would go well and that I wouldn’t be down and out for long–I have seen both come out the way I hoped.  God is good!  I’m thankful for the way the last few weeks have unfolded before me. Thankful that I have a strong faith to lean on in difficult times. Thankful for a program that is working to help me get better.  By the way:  My blood sugar level on the morning of my surgery was 88–pretty darn good, I think.

Bamm, that’s how reversal of chronic debilitating disease is done.  Thank you’s go out to all those who have helped me once again this year to focus on getting better.  I so appreciate the helping hands and warm hearts I have found in the health and wellness bloggers community.  I don’t want to name names, because I know I would forget someone in the process, so I will just say a general I LOVE YOU GUYS to all those who keep blogging, keep sharing, keep being vulnerable and honest and real, for my benefit.  You guys are saving my life one day at a time, and that’s no joke.  I appreciate you!

One final word and I’ll be done:  If you are sick, if you need to lose weight, if you are morbidly obese and you happened upon this blog somehow today, reach out for help. There is plenty of it to be had out here.  Listening, asking questions, and communicating what I am going through has helped me immensely to deal with my chronic health issues and to lose weight.  There is help out here, and it can change your life.

Remember:  Food is fuel, God is love, and CHANGE IS POSSIBLE, as much for me as it is for you.

Top Ten Things to Remember During the Holidays

With the holidays quickly approaching, I’m trying to remember a few things about food and how important it is to stay on task with my eating.

1. Don’t drink your calories.

2. Don’t live in fear of food.

3. Trust God.  Remember to be thankful.  Say grace before eating.

4. Focus. On. Family.

5. It’s just a holiday–not a campaign to abolish starvaton across the globe. Children of other nationalities will be just fine it you don’t eat it all.

6. It’s just food-it has no power you don’t willingly hand over to it.

7. There are ways to reverse engineer great recipes so they aren’t heavy laden with fat and sugar. Explore and enjoy!

8. Sweat is your best friend…move, whenever possible.

9. Spread the love, not the cream cheese.

10. Greek Yogurt loves muscle, and muscle loves greek yogurt.