Desert Meditations


Funny how little shifts in the universe upset otherwise stable worlds…

A man in his sixties makes an off-handed remark about wanting to retire some day and dozens of lives shift left two degrees.

A leaf blowing across an abandoned parking lot is snagged, caught by a post jutting up from the asphalt floor below; an adventure into promise shifts ever so slightly right.

A goal-setter looking to improve her odds embarks on a ambitious plan to lose 10 pounds at the same sad time her neighbor walks up the front steps of the brown stone, a pan of ziti in her arms.

He-squirrel, running frantically to catch up with his next sexual partner meets fate at the hands of a passing car, while she runs free to romp and mate again.


Shifting sands, all.
Pitfalls in disguise.

Buckets of sand shifting, shifting, shifting.
Always shifting.

Another shimmering mirage takes form.