Five Minute Monday

I haven’t posted a Five Minute Monday challenge for a while, but today I have one for you.

Today, for at least five minutes, meditate on that thing about you that makes you feel powerful and capable.  Name it! Write it down. Draw a circle around it. Put an exclamation point near it. Feel it.

Now take that knowledge and skill (yes, I said “skill”), into your week and make a difference-for you, for them, and for our world!

It starts with five minutes of mindful remembrance and grows from there.

Feel free to share your gift/thoughts in the comment section below.  I want to celebrate with you!


5 Steps to Weight Loss and 1 Magic Elevator

000changeispossible-growth and change

When I first began to lose weight and get healthy, people noticed. Some were happy for me.  Others were not.  Some supported me, while others thought my methods were insane.  Some tried to sabotage my efforts.  Others watched silently, probably thinking, “give her enough time and she will gain it all back.”

To be sure, I had lost and gained back weight a hundred times before. 

To their credit, these others had no idea that my thinking was different this time. I wanted more than to lose weight.

I wanted to walk up a few stairs without stopping.

I wanted to play in the yard with my kids.

I wanted to exercise without becoming instantly discouraged.

I wanted to escape problems with GERD and reflux disease.

I wanted to stop being tired all the time.

I wanted to reclaim my life.

Before, I kept waiting for the time to be “right” to lose weight.  Now, I was done with waiting.

Before, I imagined in my head that the motivation to lose weight would come to me like a magic elevator that comes to your floor in a make-believe hotel.  I would wait and wait, and wait, and one day the elevator would stop on my floor and I would get on.  When it did, losing weight would be a breeze–as easy as riding down a few floors on that magic elevator.  As the floors rushed by, the pounds would miraculously melt off.

That was before I lost 100 lbs!

What I know now is that weight loss doesn’t come to you by magic means.

You go to it!

You make it happen! 

You help you to grow and learn, and do.

Using that dream I had about the magic elevator to make my point, imagine that a weight loss elevator has become your mode of transportation from where you are now and where you want to be.  Even if you had a magic elevator, there are still a few things you would have to do to make that elevator work for you.

5 Necessary Steps to Weight Loss Success with a Magic Elevator  

  1. Decide you want to leave your floor.
  2. Know where the elevator can be found.
  3. Push the button to call the elevator to your floor.
  4. Get on the elevator.
  5. Stay on the elevator until you reach the lobby.

Before, I thought weight loss was 99% motivation, so I waited patiently for motivation to find me.  Now I see that getting healthy, becoming strong, and growing up to be someone who is determined means setting a course for myself that brings long-lasting results and does not depend on passive waiting.

Action turns motivation into results! 

What will you choose, plan, or do today to make sure you realize your goal of getting healthy and staying that way?  In what areas do you need to grow your confidence to make your dreams a reality?

ThreeGoals-AlternativeIs it possible that another week has ticked by since my last Three Goals Thursday post? How can it be?

This past week I did well with my goals. Admittedly, they were teeny, tiny, and two of them were not really of the habit-forming variety, but rather, things I needed to accomplish and would not have if I had not set a goal to do so.

Here’s how I did.

I ate oatmeal five out of seven days this week. I was lazy one day and didn’t get my oatmeal ready in time before leaving for work.  Another day I fasted during breakfast.  I exercised for five minutes each day before doing anything else. I can feel this becoming and habit for me, and it feels good. I think I will do one or two more weeks of five minute morning routines before stretching that time to ten minutes. It feels like I need that time to get my five minute routine more firmly embedded in my schedule before I move to a longer set.

My ultimate goal with the morning exercises is to train myself to get up early and exercise first thing in the day.  I’m hoping, eventually, to do thirty minutes of exercise in that early morning hour.

I called my PCP and asked for a script for a blood draw and a new appointment time with him. I’m still waiting to get the blood work done, but I have a few more days before week’s end to achieve that goal. He asked me to make the new appointment after the blood draw, so that is on hold for now.

My three goals for this week will be:

  1.  Continue to do the oatmeal for breakfast.

2.  Continue to exercise for five minutes, first thing.

3. Practice affirming for myself that what I eat needs to be different than what others eat, by design.

I’m trying to cut back on my calorie count for each day.  I’m not ready to make a certain number of calories my goal yet, because I know that for me that would create a huge FAIL in my purpose with this experiment, which is to create winning scenarios through the setting of teeny, tiny easily achievable goals.

Why do you think setting a goal and then working to achieve it is important to an individuals personal growth? When have you seen goal setting work in dynamic ways?

Old Wounds Dealt With

000woundsI will not get so bogged down in dealing with old wounds that I forget about new growth.   –Courage to Change

I read this quote over the weekend and could not stop thinking about it.

I’ve allowed myself to get bogged down lately, dealing with the wounds I inflicted on myself during my years of food abuse.  I’ve been fixating on the scars those wounds have left on my body and my soul.  I’ve been tired.  I’ve been frustrated.  I’ve been wondering how to escape the funk, without losing my mind.  Today, I feel better and have been reminded of the source of my sanity–my God.

God found me when I was without passion, without parent, without plan, and without partner.  Since that time I have found all these and more.

God is the face of hope for me.

I try not to share too much about my faith here, because this is the place where I share about my fat, and while that involves my faith, it also involves my fellows, my food, my failings, and those changes to “the plan” I make over time.

That’s a lot to write about.

Sometimes I think its grit alone that keeps me moving forward, but it’s not.

Other times I think it’s habit, but it’s not.

What keeps me encouraged on the tough days is faith, hope, and Love, but the greatest of these is Love.

I believe with all my heart that God can restore what the locust have eaten, which is why I keep hoping, keep striving, and keep chasing the kind of change that matters most to me–that change that will eventually make me a different person.

What one change have you made that made all the difference in your life?