Express Yourself

000love note Sometimes, out of nowhere, I’ll get the urge to send this note to a friend or kiddo of mine:  Love you! Just sayin’…

Once in a while I will get that same message sent to me. Out of nowhere, and unsolicited, it comes.

It’s a lil thing, this act of love, but huge in scope.  It lets the receiver know they are on my mind, that they are loved, that they are thought of and that they matter. The best part of all:  no response is required.

When I send these, the ones who receive them know they don’t have to write back, don’t have to call, aren’t expected to do anything.  They know those words simply mean they are on my mind.

I wonder if the world would be a better place if everyone started this habit of sending little love notes with no strings attached to the people they care about?  I wonder the difference it would make.

Let’s test the theory today and see what the results might be.

This morning, think of someone you love but haven’t talked to in a while.  Send them “the” text or email, or write them a note or a card and slip the words inside. Everyone loves getting mail, even snail mail.  Everyone!!!

What little thing do you do with family and friends to express your warm regards for them?  When have you received a love note?



Let Them Eat Cake

I find it ironic that yesterday I posted about my sugar and flour FREE oatmeal cookies, and today I went to lunch with a friend who surprised me with a half sheet birthday cake about three weeks early.

000whole cake

What is up with that?

Of course I had to have a piece, but I kept it teeny-tiny and then took the cake back to the office to be enjoyed by the minions there. I didn’t get a picture of it until after it’d already been cut into.

My friend does such an awesome job decorating cakes, and this one she made from scratch.  We are both trying to slim down, and she knows I try to avoid the processed stuff, so the cake part of this cake is all home-made.  Yum!

000part cake

Look at that detail!  She is all flowers and lace, and pink everything. Me, not so much, but it sure does look pretty, doesn’t it?

She brought me flowers too, and a beautiful card!


I have the best friends a gal could have!!!  Just call me Lucky Lori!

When have  you been surprised by a friend, in a totally awesome way?  When have you surprised someone else, and what did that surprise include?

He passed while fireflies flitted through hedgerow fringe.

While morning glories rested.

While bees ceased their buzzing.

He passed while the bright night sky twinkled over NEPA.

While a night light painted haunting patterns on gingerbread walls.

While raccoons foraged.

He passed while cardinals slept, joined by robins, humming birds, and crows.

While a wee one danced down damp and drafty farmhouse hallways on her way to our bed.

While cows lay under sheltering trees.

While the tractor collected dew.

He passed unexpectedly.

He passed quickly.

He passed, and we are numb.

Our lives will never be the same.

He passed on to be with his beloved.

He passed on before us, but will never be without us.

Our hearts are joined in love.

Love is eternal!

He passed and we are offended.

He wasn’t here long enough.

We weren’t ready.

We weep.

We refuse sleep.

We can’t eat.

He passed.