No Junk July

food wrappers

A few weeks ago I read the blog of a gal who was trying to make her way through No Junk June.  I’m not sure if No Junk June was her idea or if it is a national push toward eating right and escaping the scourge of fast food during the month of June, but it sure sounded good to me. Since I was half way through June when I came upon this gal’s blog, I decided I couldn’t take up the challenge in June, but July might be a good time to try something different.  I’d been moving closer and closer to a whole food plan for months, but still had a few niggling habits with soft serve ice cream I needed to work out.

For some reason, ice cream and summertime are inseparable in my mind.

Anyway, I am two days into No Junk July and feeling pretty good, but I’m not sure how great I’m doing.  I had a sub for lunch today.  Grilled Chicken on Whole Wheat.  It was loaded with veggies, and the chicken was real, but what about the bread?

I have to decide if I’m going to classify a roll made by others as fast food.  Today, I say NO, it is not fast food. Tomorrow I may change my mind.  Here’s the thing though, I don’t bake bread, so unless I eat bread that someone else has made, I can’t eat any bread while I’m eating my way through No Junk July.  I can’t see that working for me, so for now bread stays on the list of wholesome foods to eat, and not junk.

I will limit how much bread I buy and consume during July, but I will not forfeit bread eating all together.

I eat very little fast food at this stage in my healthy development.  I do have the occasional soft serve (see earlier admission of this guilty pleasure), and I had been drinking coffee with artificial sweeteners.  Until yesterday–that’s when I classified artificial sweeteners as fast food for this month and decided I will not be partaking.

Oh, boy, can I do this?

I will definitely be seeking out different brands of coffee to consume during July, so that I can curb the bitter and increase the smooth taste I want in my brew.  Without cream and sugar, coffee is a whole ‘nother beast, so wish me well as I make the switch from light to dark, and robust to smooth.

No Junk July means I will have to tweak my Saturday morning “me time”.  Usually on a Saturday, I escape the day-to-day grind of making a living and crawl off to a dark corner somewhere to be alone and read, write, and get ready for a class I facilitate on Sundays.  Not having my creamy sweet coffee to escape with will be hard.

Maybe I should side step the coffee all together and go all tea for July. We’ll see.

Wish me well as I begin this July adventure, free of the junk.  I’m hoping to report that all went well by month’s end. I will be continuing to follow all my regular bloggers and find encouragement from them while I’m trying this.  So glad to be doing this with their help.  Together, we get better!

Too Busy to Eat Right

woman eating sub    I could just scream today!

Its been a processed day all day long–Day Two of work without end, amen…busy schedules galore…and an over abundance of input from people who can’t do it themselves, but want others to get it done regardless and NOW.

Do you ever feel like you’re chasing your own tail?  I have felt that way for two days, and with no relief in sight.

Busyness is no excuse for abandoning healthy eating habits, I know that, but on days like this I can’t seem to find the energy or time to eat the right way.

I haven’t eaten terrible foods today, but I have eaten calorie-dense foods.

I haven’t eaten foods swimming in sauces or syrups today, but I have eaten foods that were shaped, stirred, flipped, fried and packaged at commercial food manufacturing plants.


It’s discouraging.

Back in the day, I would have let this go on for months, maybe years.  Thankfully, now, I have this inner voice encouraging me to walk away from the junk and once more pick up those foods that constitute God’s bounty.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, or so they say.

I believe it.

My first stop after work today–the green grocer aisle at my local grocery store.  I am starving for something of substance.

Good food is good fuel, I know that, so my prayer tonight is that I can find some good fuel and happily “Fill ‘er up!”

What Do I Know?

I was recently asked by another blogger to write a guest blog about how I lost my weight (what’s gone so far, anyway). I said I would think about it, and maybe put some notes together.

Honestly, I feel like even though I’ve been on this weight loss adventure for years and have lost almost 90 lbs, I still don’t know enough about diet and exercise to help anyone else. Those 90 lbs have come off SLOWLY.  The changes I’ve made have given me a vitality and newness of life, it’s true, but is that worth hollerin’ about?  When I look at the health and fitness horizon and see how far I have to go, I think what on earth do I have to share with anyone else?

Maybe that’s just a cop-out, but that’s how I feel.

Here (on this blog), I feel like I get to hide from the public-which is kind of queer-because this is a public blog. But it’s not family public, or next-door-neighbor public, or the-person-down-the-pew public.  You know what I mean?

Over the next few days I need to decide what I want to share, if anything. Anonymity is precious, but is it time to step out and talk about my experience now?

Maybe the better question is, will it help anyone to hear what I’ve done, and do now, to grab the brass ring that is health?

I have a lot to ponder and a decision to make. Looking for insight and the right words to share, if any. Trusting they will come, if this is meant to be.