Hitting a Brick Wall?

000brick wallBrowsing the internet yesterday, I found that the staff over at msn.com had shared some reasons why my weight loss might have slowed. They were writing this for me, right?

I’ve had some problems getting my weight to move lower down the scale in the past. Who hasn’t?  Anyway, I thought I’d check their insights out and then blog about them. This is my attempt to address which of their reasons for a slow-down in my weight loss I found valid, and why.

Your weight loss might be stalled if:

1. You have a wimpy breakfast. We’ve heard this one again and again, EAT YOUR WHEATIES! I eat breakfast every morning and most mornings it consists of measured amounts of grains, protein, carbs, and coffee. This is not the reason why I’m stalled in my weight loss attempts.

2. Cardio is your go-to exercise. True, but I’m not working all that hard at any exercise at this time. I ride a bike most nights for 30 plus minutes. I do no weight training. I gave up my gym membership when I hurt myself and haven’t been back since. I live in NEPA, which doesn’t help. It has been months since I was outside moving around. This could be one reason for my weight loss slow-down.

3. You only use light weights. I use no weights, other than my hefty self, which I drag around with me everywhere I go. I don’t go much of anywhere. I’m an office manager by day and a critical observer by night (read: I watch too much TV and read most nights). I’m older and less mobile than when I had toddlers running around that I had to chase, so that’s a factor, too. This could seriously be one reason why I’m not losing as quickly now.

4. You don’t eat before you work out. This one was interesting, because the story I read said that some folks avoid protein before working out and that is absolutely the wrong thing to do. The only thing much wronger, I guess, is to not eat anything before exercising (see how I made up that word I wanted to use? that was a goal for this year’s blogging: make up more words). I have noticed that when I eat protein before I exercise (approximately 30 mins before), my legs seem to endure the ride better. I’m able to stay on the bike longer, and my recovery in the knee region is quicker after the ride.

5. You only work out on your own. The article I read talked about the importance of a support group, both for exercising together, holding each other accountable, and for other weight loss needs. I concur. Doing this with a buddy or two keeps me engaged and motivated. This is not why my weight loss has slowed. I have a support group.

6. You stress yourself about the scale. Shut up, I do not! 😉 But seriously, I might have done this years ago—made that number on the cold steal thingy a god in my life—but no more. For some time now I have seen the scale as a friend who lovingly reminds me that cheese cake three weeks in a row might not be good for me. I don’t eat cheese cake three weeks in a row, and I am not shy about stepping on the scale, so this is not my problem. I monitor without fear daily, and like it that way.

7. You down diet soda. Nope, not me. I “might” drink a diet soda once a year, but I have no affinity for it. The last time I had one was at the office Christmas party, where I drank half the can then tossed the rest. Before that, I can’t remember, it’s been so long. This is not a contributor to any weight loss difficulties I have.

8. You skip dessert, but not the bread bowl. Not my problem. I do admit to eating out too often, but I rarely order dessert. And occasionally I eat from the bread bowl, although I was proud of myself for passing it up a few days ago when hubs took me out to eat. I do love my bagels, but more often than not I am pulling the stuffing out of my hoagie roll or grilled Panini, and eating only the goodies inside. Too much bread is not my problem.

These things are specific to me and might be my problem:

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Ice cream is my kryptonite. If I have a problem with food, it’s that.

I can see that I have a problem with getting enough exercise and activity in general. Like I said, I sit in an office chair all day and type, and take calls, and act as an executive secretary to my CEO, and direct the flow of my administrative staff members, so my life is pretty sedentary.

I’m not going to gym right now.

I keep putting off joining the local Tai Chi classes, though I have been asked to join numerous times.

I don’t walk outside in the ice and snow because of a fear of falling (did that last year, and took a full-grown adult male down with me, no fun!).

I also wonder if some of the meds I am on are stalling my efforts. I’m going to talk to my PCP about that next time I see him. See if we can switch some things up, maybe do an herbal, instead of a pharmaceutical for my slow thyroid. It occurs to me that might be slowing my progress.

I’ve notice that I don’t lose as quickly as I did even two years ago. Maybe age is creeping up and I need to be more ruthless with my intake.

Lately, I have seen a few pounds depart, as I have taken up my time with some DIY projects.  That has been great!

Which of the above insights most often affects your efforts to lose weight? Which one of these are you willing to work on improving, going forward?

here’s a link to the article I read.  http://www.msn.com/en-us/health/health-weightloss/8-mistakes-that-are-slowing-your-weight-loss/ss-AA2fN0P#image=1


Man, its Cold. Burr….

Winter in NEPA can be brutal. This morning, it was 7 degrees above zero at my house when I began my 40 minute commute to work. Ugh. These are the days I could do without.

My car didn’t look quite this bad, but close…000buick with ice

Problem for me is that all this cold does a number on my bones and causes everything to ache.

I haven’t slept well the last couple of nights.

I toss.

I turn.

I reposition myself on the bed.

I prop myself up with one more pillow, then I throw it off.  Poor hubs!

Dinner last night was to be scalloped potatoes, but some of my ingredients had gone bad without me knowing.  The animals around our house on the hill love the winter time, because I throw them a ton of scraps.  They greedily eat them up.  Our fall back for supper was frozen pizza, which I almost never eat, but hubs loves.  I went salad heavy with nuts and seeds.  We had apple slices for desert.

I did 36 minutes on the bike last night, and it felt okay on the knee. I had to skip my routine for two nights this week because I went overboard on the weekend and my knee was screaming about it.  It felt better last night, and I did some exercises in the morning both days that I missed biking. Stretches and some band work to get my joints limber before heading out in this horrible chill.

Can’t wait for spring to settle in around here.  Burrr, its cold outside!

Reporting, Reluctance, and Readiness

000reporterI may have shared it here before, I report my food as a way to stay on track.  I report to a friend who is working to lose weight too.  I do this because I need accountability regarding what I eat, and I know my reporting my food helps her be more aware of her own eating. The habit fosters mindful eating for both of us. When I am reporting, I am thinking about what I eat, before I eat it. And when I report my food I don’t have to count calories–at least that’s the deal I have made with myself prior to this past week.  Now, even though I hate counting calories, I have found that I must count calories AND report my food to stay on track and keep the scale moving downward.  Boo, Hiss, Blurg!

And, Ugh!

Can I say that again?


I hate despise counting calories, but I have a few things going on with me medically that make it ubber important that I control caloric intake, plus I urgently need to finally put this food obsession behind me–or at least move it out-of-the-way so that I don’t have to think about it every minute of every day.

I also need to exercise.  I can’t walk right now (Plantar Fasciitis and temperatures near 2 degrees F in PA), but I can cycle, so I’ve bought a recumbent bike.  The bike is now sitting in my living room and each night I do between 30 and 60 minutes of cycling while I read, watch TV, or talk with my family members.  Sometimes I use free weights while I bike, for a double workout.  So far, so good, except for the fact that I have not lost any weight.

You can read about that here.

I have visited other blogs that incorporate food photos into their writing.  I think I may begin doing this, but I have to say that some sensations of hesitancy surface when I think about doing so.  Or maybe unwillingness is a better word.  It feels more revealing to me to photograph my food and share that part of me with readers of this blog.  I don’t know why.  Maybe because it means I will be forced to strip off another layer of the disease of compulsive eating I have been hiding behind for years.

But I want to recover.

I want to lose weight.

I hate counting calories, but…

I want to see the number on the scale go down.

Come on, L, get with the program!

To get past my resistance, I am making this picture-taking a part of my current intentions list.

I intend to photograph what I eat for the rest of this week, and share those pics with my friend first, then maybe here.  We’ll see how it goes.  The good news: This morning I stepped on the scale and was down 1.5 lbs.  See I thought it was water weight that was hanging me up, from the homemade soup last week. But last night I wondered if the advil I had taken for a few nights might be a culprit, too.  I didn’t take the advil last night and this morning, Voila, the scale had moved once again.  Of course, I really closely watched what I ate yesterday too, and we know that helps.

I’m experimenting right now…looking for that mix of concepts/techniques/strategies that will spell SUCCESS for me.  If you have any thoughts, share freely. I’m always open to suggestion, which is why fast food commercials worked on me for so many years.  😉

What about you?  Do you find yourself resistant to suggestions that could spell SUCCESS for your weight loss efforts?  Why or why not?

No Junk July–A HUGE Success!

Today is the last day of July 2013, and I have good news to report.  During July this year I vowed that I would make a concerted effort to remove junk from my diet.  I did not name the junk I would remove, because my junk and your junk might be two different kinds of junk, but I knew what my junk was and I knew it needed to go.  Having this initiative or challenge in place during July has reminded me every day–today, girl, you need to off load the junk. I did it.  It worked.  Here are the results and what I have learned during No Junk July, in addition to what I shared a few days ago:

1.  Challenges help me to stay focused.

2.  I am not perfect, nor can I attain perfection, but I can strive to do better.

3.  Junk weighs me down.

4.  I can do anything for one day.

5.  I can string one day’s success into two days.

6.  Fresh veggies for breakfast really do power up the day.

7.  Avoiding processed foods is not as hard as I thought it would be.

8.  I don’t have to depend on others to do what I can do for myself.

9.  Having other health and fitness bloggers out there helps provide support every day to people like me who are trying to get better.

10. Change IS possible!

The best news of all is that I lost 4 lbs during July.  After stepping on that scale at home and seeing the same numbers for seven months, that’s significant to me–well worth the effort with No Junk July!  🙂

lego weight lifter

As July turns to August I will be looking for another challenge.  If you’ve been looking for a challenge or a way to motivate yourself to get moving on your own goals, I would invite you to join me for what I am at this moment calling August Action.  During August, I will be trying new and hopefully more effective ways to move and burn calories.  I may even try swimming, an idea I have played around with for a while.

If you think of me this month, say a prayer for my success, won’t you?  If you want to join me on my August Action adventure, contact me here and I’ll add you to the list of people who are interested.  The great thing about August Action is that its a program defined by you, monitored by you, meant to encourage you, and in all ways about you and your efforts to get healthy.

I’m psyched!  Here we go…………..