Fashion Hides Flab

It’s true, what they say about fashion. Accessories count. Look at these two comparison pictures, taken on the same day, about 5 minutes apart, and in the same location.


Sorry for the resolution/quality of these photos.  I am not a photography nor an artist, but this works to make my point.

Which image of me do you think looks better?

On the right, I have my hair down and no vest, and I look a little bit slumpy, frumpy, and chubby.  I am a bit chubby, but tons lighter than when I began this journey.  On the left, with my hair up and my vest on, I definitely look thinner, right? Taller, too, right? Even slimmer in my legs, right?


It’s amazing to me that the addition of a simple vest could make that much overall difference in how I look in this picture.

I will definitely be playing around with accessories in the future.  If fashion can disguise that much of me, I need to give it more of my attention.