Great devotional over at The Seeds 4 Life today, and the place were I got my inspiration for this post. Check it out here.

Walter Cronkrite.  A handsome man doing an honorable job!

Walter Cronkite at News Desk

Promotional portrait of American broadcast journalist Walter Cronkite, mid 1950s.

I mean, come on…look at that penetrating stare.  Can you even imagine what is going on behind those eyes?

I love the name Walter, or Walt.  My grandfather’s name.  It old-fashioned, sturdy, firm.  He was a renaissance man, my grand-dad. A jack-of-all-trades.  Master of some–mostly pinochle and motor boating.

He was out-spoken and loved to argue.

Oh, that man loved to argue, but he was principled, loving, smart, hard-working, and in his hay-day and career years at IBM, resembled this image of Mr. Cronkite. What a guy, I miss him!

If the world had more men like Walt and Walt, we’d be a whole lot better off.

Who are you missing today?  What trade are you a Cracker Jack at?