The Importance of Staying Positive

Every morning as we slip out of bed and slide our feet into our warm, fluffy slippers, we have a choice: Will we face the circumstances and people in our lives with grumbling and negativity, or will we face them with gratitude? –Whispers of Joy

Diseases desperate grown by desperate appliances are relieved, or not at all. –William Shakespeare

It is my contention that most difficult situations are made worse when we grumble.

Negativity solves nothing!

Oh, but it is soooo easy to be negative.  In order to counter that ease, I call upon desperate measures.  Measures that require conscious awareness and purpose of thought:  patience, serenity, solitude, concentration, and a bit of imagination.

Staying positive is a struggle when the journey is long and the way seems all up hill (or uphill both ways, we’ve all heard those stories, right?).  So what can I do to get the process underway?

How can I turn a negative mindset to a positive purpose? What are those desperate appliances that can be employed when tackling dis-ease?

000hikersA hiking analogy might help:

I can, think about how the hills on my journey are building those calf muscles of mine, and what gorgeous gams I’ll have at the end of my climb.

I can, glory in the green canopy all around me, the path under foot, the moss on the trees, the rocks; those incredible rocks–their shapes, their colors, their solid testimony through the centuries–they are immovable. I can declare that I will not be shaken!

I can, breath in the fresh air my trek up the mountainside provides, and I can finally break free of the mundane.  I am doing something, while others sit on the couch and veg out. That’s worth celebrating!

Today, I can quiet the nay-saying inside and allow myself the chance to be an instrument of peace to the people around me.

Life is hard enough without constant reminders that it is hard.

Besides, I serve a great Power–the God of possibilities and wonder, of strength and purpose; of love and life. Sitting on the summit, I realize, it’s all good!

I speak that goodness into the world and I recover a lil more.

I hear the Wisdom of the ages say, “Encourage one another!!!”

How have you turned the difficulties of your life into opportunities for change?  How have you harnessed your negativity and made it work for you, instead of against you?