A Couple Things…

dog walking

It seems like forever since I wrote about my weight and fitness efforts, and don’t you know it, the date of my last post proves that it has been almost forever!  Apparently, I’m no good at being consistent with this discipline.  I need to do better.

The Stretch Receptor Works
I obtained the book Unprocessed a few weeks ago, and in it Chef AJ talks about stretch receptors. I’m not sure if mine went MIA a couple of decades ago, or if I was born without such a thing, but whatever the case I have not felt like I a stretch receptor for years before today. Today, I sat at my desk with a bowl of home-made beef stew and a plate of grapes in front of me and felt full before it was all gone. AMAZING! I actually felt full before I had finished eating. Will wonders never cease?  I’ve been praying about my food obsessions for a while now.  God is good.

I also been reading another book that has done me some good lately, in addition to Unprocessed.

Compulsive Overeater
I am a compulsive overeater and I’ve known that for a while. I’m also a sugar addict, so you can guess how hard it is to say NO to food of any kind, but sugar in particular.  It’s difficult for me to stop eating when warm, hearty, tasty food is sitting right in front of me. It’s HARD. One technique I learned about eating from Compulsive Overeater is to leave one bite of food on my plate at the end of every meal. I’d used this strategy before, but was never able to get completely free of sugar doing so. Today, I admit that even if I could be completely clean of sugar, it wouldn’t last for long. I have a sweet tooth and it gives me fits. I am learning, however, that I can control the type, amount, and frequency of sugar that I eat, and thereby escape the power it holds over me to some extent.

I refuse to live in a sugar-less dungeon all my life, but neither do I want to be snorting the stuff every day. Hopefully, by using this method of leaving something behind, I will find some balance between slavery and bliss.

Stressful Food Events
This weekend there is a couple’s event being sponsored at my church.  A candlelight supper will be followed by a movie aimed at romance in marriage, or at least that’s what I am expecting.  My hub wants to go. I have mixed feelings.  I feel like there are two aspects to this event that can set me up for failure in life.  First, eating with other people in a romantic setting feels weird and forced to me.  I have learned how dangerous it can be for folks like me to set the stage of life with food.  To do so gives it too much power in my life.

I like to keep food in its place: at home, on the kitchen table.  I’m self-conscious about eating in candlelight. I am definitely not a romantic.

The second uncomfortable component attached to this event comes from the fact that I did not sign up for the project, but instead had tickets given to me by a friend whose cousin died, keeping her from attending.  Actually, my husband was given the tickets by her husband, who is obviously not going to go without his romantic partner by his side. Do men ever enjoy this type of event, really?  I think my guy just hates to say NO to anyone, so he gets roped into this kinda thing from time to time.

Again, eating by candlelight with other people in the room feels weird and forced to me–these are the type of occasions when food can take me down.  I’m not sure what we will decide to do about this event. 

Frustrations with the Scale
I have plateaued and it’s really beginning to bug me.  I have lost and gained the same three pounds over and over again for at least two months, maybe three.  I was excited about spring coming, and now believe I have a case of Plantar fasciitis.  Fun!  My heel hurts so much that I am afraid I cannot walk this spring.  I’m trying to do whatever I can to get this injury healed before the snow abates. I want to walk, but if the heel doesn’t heal, I don’t see how I can.

So frustrating!

Clean Eating Continues
I’m continuing my search for more ways to eat clean and live a healthy lifestyle. I can’t stop or I know my blood sugar levels will rise once more.  I have to stay the course, but with so many distractions, it’s hard.  I’m looking for a good book to read on the topic, and would encourage feedback from anyone reading this post.

What do you do to lose weight, when you can’t do what you want to do? What are your plans for outdoors exercise this spring?  Which exercises seem most nature to you?