Nothing’s Different, but…


I felt connected to this quote by Charles de Lint when I saw it while searching for something else on line.

I, at first, found it sad. Sad, because in my world things are so often not different.  Life is mundanity, even for jet setters, but surely for cowgirls in NEPA.

Here in the north country we go to bed pretty much the same way every night. Then, when the alarm clock sounds, we get up the same way as we did previously.

We make our coffee.

We get dressed.

We talk to people. They talk back at us.

We shuffle along, doing lil tasks until they are done, or at least done to our satisfaction.

We  put routines in place, then we follow them.  Much of every day is the same.  It’s not different, because we aren’t different.  We are habitual creatures, and changing those habits we have developed over time is hard, but every once in a while something changes.

Someone challenges us.

A project comes along that requires more than our certain abilities.

God’s finger points over there, and we wonder, will he make a way for us to get there?

This past weekend my friend lost his barn to fire.  Not just his barn, though, but all the cattle and livestock inside.  Eleven cows ready to birth calves any day were lost in that fire.  Many calves already born went up in the blaze, too.  Dozens of piglets died, along with momma hogs, and rabbits and chickens, and the family dog.  How sad is it that the family pet was killed in this tragic blaze?  My heart cried for his four-year-old daughter who lost her puppy.

Bales of feed, hay, both round and square, were a powerful accelerant for the fire.  Two silos full of silage also burned, acting like giant chimneys for the raging barn and it’s inhabitants.

We are thankful that the house did not catch fire, though the roof will likely need to be replaced, the tiles having been singed by lumps of hay that took flight and lighted on the roof.

Yesterday, the sun came up once more.  The wind continued to blow.  Coffee perked, and men and women, celebrity or no, put their pants on the same way: one leg at a time.

Everything is the same, but everything is different for my friend.  Everything is the same, but change has shaped a new horizon for him. Literally, the horizon from his back door is changed forever.

Will my friend recover from this loss?  He will, but it has forever changed him.  His faith is strong and insurance heals some wounds, but that blaze, that night, it will forever be a part of his memory and it will no doubt ignite some fears.

Sadness is a certainty!

When did everything change for you?  What shape did that change take, and how did you handle it?





3 Things, but not 3 Goals

Ashton Kutcher had some things to say at the 2013 Teen Choice awards that I wish every young person could hear.  Heck, I wish I had heard him when I was young, and that I’d had the sense to take it all in and let these principles guide my life a lil more early on.

Instead of writing about what he said, I thought I’d share the video today.

I’ll be back with an update on my goals and three new ones for next week later today.  Until then, enjoy this video and learning about the three things Ashton recommends for living large.