Monday Thoughts


What, what, what, project can I tackle today?  Hmmmmm…


Welcome to 5-Minute Mondays, the initiative that tackles those jobs we’ve been putting off and gets them DONE!

Here’s the rules for 5-Minute Mondays.

1  Pick a job you want to do, but still haven’t started.

2  Decide what your jumping off point will be.

3  Set a stop watch or kitchen timer for 5 Minutes.

4  Go!  Get ‘er done.

Remember: We can do anything if we know we only have to do it for five minutes!

Be creative.

Make it fun!

Most importantly…

Get ‘er done!

When you’re finished, share with us what your 5-Minute Monday project turned out to be in the comments section below.  Now, go.  Do.

I believe in you!

My five minute project today is going to be to flush out the coffee pot at work. I put off doing this because I have to stand there and monitor the process the whole time.  This is not a “walk-away and come back to it later” kinda thing, but I can do anything when I know I only have to do it for five minutes.  So can you!

What will your 5-Minute Monday look like today?  Where will you begin?



My Five Minute Monday Poem

Remember folks, this ain’t literature, it’s my 5-Minute Monday poem and stress-reliever, so take it as such. 😉

So. Much. Fun!


It’s Monday.

Fun Day!

My week can begin.

It’s Monday,

not Sunday.

I’m ’bout to dig in.

The week is before me,

potential galore.

A plethora of choices,

a passel or more.

I could mop the kitchen.

I could trim the shrubs.

I could bake some cookies

His feet, I could rub.

It wouldn’t take long to change out burnt-out bulbs,

or maybe…

just maybe…

Oh, could I?  Yes, please!

Get out in the sunlight and stroll in the woods?

I would, if I could, and I can.

“It’s all good!”

Ready, Set, Go…


I almost forgot!

Today’s the day we start and finish our 5-Minute Monday exercise/project/treat/opportunity.

5-Minute Mondays are all about blocking off FIVE MINUTES at the beginning of our week and using that time to do one of the following:

Treat Yo-self!

Finish up a belated project.

Get started on a new project.

Dream, meditate, walk, sing, write.

Do anything that your heart leads you to do, (but not evil things). 

Maybe you’ll grab a quick bit of intimacy with your love this morning.

Maybe you’ll make a call and ask a friend to meet you later for drinks.

Maybe you’d like to kick back and read something inspirational for five minutes.

Or perhaps you want to begin cleaning out that closet, going through your sock drawer, or putting the dishes away.

You might write a note you’ve been putting off.

How about scheduling that appointment?

Have you been waiting to try that easy, peasy recipe for baked oatmeal?  Now is the time!

Whatever it is you want to do, begin this morning with FIVE MINUTES of dedicated zeal.  Nasty procrastination can be pushed back.  It only takes FIVE minutes to do it.

When you’re done, share your 5-Minute Monday outcome in the comments below.  Encourage us all with your proactive determination to get ‘er done!

You can do This!  You will do THIS!  It’s only FIVE MINUTES out of your day.  Take it and be glad.  I’m rooting for you!!!

I’m going to write some poetry during my five minutes today. I’ll share what I produce later.  Love this challenge, it gets me going first thing each week.

Be Intentional!

What crazy, hazy, but fun project have you been putting off for too long now?  What will you do with your five minutes today? 


Hi all!  It’s Monday again.

Did you have a good weekend?

Mine was “full, full, full,” as Eloise’s nanny would say!  I’m glad, glad, glad to be back at the office, and so glad to be celebrating Monday with my own special 5 Minute project.

You remember how this challenge goes, right?

5 Minute Monday is about doing something you’ve been putting off in order to drive back ugly procrastination.  We can do anything, if we only have to do it for 5 minutes, right? Let me repeat that…

WE can do ANYTHING if we ONLY have to do it for 5 Minutes!!!!!

On 5 Minute Mondays you only have to do “it” for 5 minutes.  So what will your “it” be today?

Will you sort the laundry for 5 minutes?

Or maybe you’ll clean out your pantry for 5 minutes?

How about meal planning for 5 minutes?

Maybe 5 minutes cleaning the range top is on your short list. 

Or could be you’d like to read an Op Ed piece on Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton, or a host of others vying for the job of POTUS in November?  It’s 5 Minute Monday–go ahead, have at it!

Recent 5 Minute Monday projects have included…

Cleaning out the HEPA filters in air purifiers.

Catching up on blogging assignments.

Sending appreciation notes to co-workers.

Even playing with the dog or cat for five minutes (or more!). 

What will your 5 Minute Monday challenge be?

Today, I will be spending my 5 minutes at the water cooler, going over the weekend’s happenings with my co-workers.  This is valuable networking stuff I rarely do, but that benefits all involved.  It’s good to laugh together with the people you work with, especially when the work you do is serious most of the time. Today, I will play at the water cooler for FIVE WHOLE MINUTES.  Yipee!

I’ll stop by later to let ya know how it goes.

What will you do for 5 minutes today that you have not done in a long, long time.  What could you do for 5 minutes today that would bring 10 minutes worth of joy to your life?


5 Minute Monday


Hey, oh! It’s Monday already, can you believe it?

That was some horrendous storm we got over the weekend, wasn’t it?  We didn’t do too badly here in NEPA, but I hear other areas got pounded.  Yikes!

Give us a shout out from those other areas hit, if you have electric.  Where do you live, and how much snow did you get?

Since I’m betting many of you are sick of the bad weather by now, I’m posting a warm winter photo here this morning.  This picture was taken by a friend on her way to work last week. I tweaked it a little with Be Funky’ s help and now, here it is, in all it’s glory. That’s morning sunlight filtering down from the heaven’s in this shot.  Gorgeous!!!


Today we have the opportunity to schedule a lil ole 5 minute exercise in joy, happiness, balance, determination, and loyalty to ourselves.  Are you in?  Let’s begin.


Your challenge this morning, of sometime today, or even this evening is to spend FIVE minutes doing something you’ve been putting off.

It could be a dirty job, though I don’t recommend it.

It could be a sweet job, like getting started on that Valentine’s Day card you planned to design.

It could be writing one of two love notes that you will later strategically place somewhere where you love will find it and be surprised.

I love that idea.  I gotta do that!!!

Whatever it is you’ve wanted to do, or whatever the spirit of serendipity challenges you to do today, go with it.  Be creative.  Be focused.  Be engaged.  Just for FIVE minutes!


Once you’ve done that thing you plan to do for FIVE Minutes, log back on here and share the love.  I love, love, LOVE hearing about your FIVE Minute excursions and I know others do too.


I think I’m going to take a cue from our list for today and write a note to one or two of my co-workers, expressing gratitude for all the help they give me each week. I work with some amahzing people. It’s time they knew how truly amahzing they really are–at least from my perspective.


Go out there and dazzle the world with your FIVE Minutes.


What will you do with your five minutes today?


5 Minute Monday


This morning I’m rolling out my latest challenge: 5 Minute Monday.

What is 5 Minute Monday?

Just this…

5 Minute Monday is my chance and yours to do something we have been putting off, avoiding, or thinking about starting before procrastination got in the way.  It’s our chance to follow through on projects that in the past have gotten sidetracked.  It’s a chance to begin again, start over, or just plain begin.

It’s a lil five minute investment that could lead to big returns.

Don’t believe me?

Let me share with you something my friend did last week. She’s been joining me in my TGT challenges, and last week one of her teeny, tiny goals was to walk 5 minutes every day.  She’s just getting started on her renewed walking program, but she is finding that a million things happen in her day that threaten to keep her from walking for 5 minutes.

I can relate.

Our world is full of distractions that can easily pull us away from what we said we would do if we are not terribly determined.  My friend is retired, so you would think she’d have plenty of time during the day to get in her 5 minute walking goal, but she doesn’t.  Instead, she has people pulling at her from all sides, knowing she doesn’t work any more and wanting her to do something for them.  In reality, their work.  She has a hard time saying no to them, especially when the work she’s asked to do involves grandbabies.

Again, I can relate.  🙂

On this day, it was nearly the end of the day when my friend remembered she had to go grocery shopping still, and she had not yet done her 5 minutes of walking. What was she to do?  It was dark out, she was pooped, and she still had to walk the aisles at the grocery store and get all her staples for the week.

Her solution:  She asked her husband to drop her at the front door and then park the car while she walked around the perimeter of the store for 5 minutes before shopping for grocery. Score!

Here is a case of my friend wanting to be true to a promise made to herself, but having to do so in a creative way.  She was thinking on her feet, and it all worked out. Woohoo!  Best of all, it only took 5 minutes to complete my friend’s workout and stay true to herself.  Her solution to a time management problem made me think, and during meditation (one of my goals this week), I was reminded how she solved her problem. I thought, “maybe I can solve my problems the same way.”

The idea for 5 Minute Mondays was born!

I’ve been thinking all weekend about what I would choose to do today for my 5 glorious minutes, free of nasty procrastination. There are so many possibilities and because my super power is indecision you can imagine I had a tough time nailing down just one 5-minute project to address.

I decided that today I’m going to spend 5 minutes reading literature that came with my new sugar meter.  I’ve had the new meter a while, but haven’t used it yet. Why? Because of dirty rotten, nasty, and disagreeable procrastination.  Today that changes!  Today I address this new meter and the info that will help me use it with a greater sense of confidence.

It’s only 5 minutes, right?  I can do that.

I can’t wait to hear what you’ve decided to do with your 5 minutes today.  Please leave a comment below and loop me in.  I’m excited to see how 5 lil minutes can change our day or week.  Let’s give it a test run today.

What will your 5 Minute Monday challenge be? 

Flexing My Five Minute Muscle

I spent five minutes this morning sorting through my bookcase and throwing away anything not relevant to my life right now.

Man, it felt good!

Flexing my 5 minute muscle in preparation for Mondays new challenge.

Join me for FIVE MINUTES on Monday, Jan 18th!

We’re going to get so much done, one 5 minute project at a time.

What have you been putting off and need to tackle?  Can you do it in five minutes?